Saturday, October 24, 2015

Freedom Of Expression And Freedom of Speech

Media men are in General biased, ill- motivated. Some of them are really good. Reporters and journalists are not only reporting a news like news . They sit on the chair of judge, jury and executionist. They carry out trial of a person on TV media in their biased style  . They portray usually only one side of a accident and put entire blame mostly on the head of innocent and exonerate real culprit. They do not hesitate even in showing which are normally concealed in overall interest of a civilised society. They do not project and glorify the person who try to sprinkle water to extinguish fire and stop quarrel. They will try to project only who can disturb peace.

Bad reporters like Rajdeep Sardesai or Rahul Kunwar or Arnab are in the name of press freedom humiliating persons they like . They know the art of twisting the matter as they like, they may misinterpret a word or a sentence as they like, they may paint an accident as a act acted under conspiracy, they may undresss and throw ink on face of anyone they like but if someone criticise a reporter it is termed as attack on freedom.

If a leader dare criticise a reporter they will kill such leader through their bullets and missiles, and the most painful is that they take the audience for granted. They know that people will like them only if they humiliate a top leader. This is their culture.

Day will come when people will teach them lesson because rulers are afraid of being tagged as Talibani by such mean minded reporters who form a devious gang to attack on such rulers. Even nuclear bomb will prove to be less damager and destructive as gang of such reporters can damage the fabric of communal harmony and destroy the country emotionally ,socially, internationally and financially and in all parameters of destruction.

I do not advocate that there should be restriction on freedom of expression or freedom of speech. Constitution has granted freedom to all of us. I understand it well that free press is the Atma and lifeline of Indian democracy. Free press have the power to make our government strong and stop misuse of power by a ruler. Still we have to follow certain duties towards our fellow citizen, our rules and laws, our society, our social harmony, our love for peace and tranquillity and unity, integrity , safety and security of our beloved great country.

It is the duty of reporter to report all news in an unbiased way. Still they are duty bound to present the matter in such a way which may not provoke violence or instigate a group to fight against other group.

If media men become totally free and do the task of humiliating leaders only, they will spoil India. In a country of 125 crore population , if a few Ravana like persons commit evil work , that should not be equated with culture of a group or the other. But reporters are Rajdeep always try to make a mountain of a mole hill to become famous without caring the ill effects it causes to social harmony and tarnishes the image of our nation in international forum.

Pakistan cannot damage our strong country even by nuclear bomb to the extent as some of medias and social sites are damaging India, Indian culture and mentality Indian citizens by serving only dirty materials on their platform. It is very dangerous and Indian government has to take proper care to stop misuse of freedom or media men and social sites themselves have to formulate self restraining framework for sharing news with common men or TV or social sites.

When media men show on their TV an act of killing of a person by another person, they do not say that an Indian has been killed by another Indian. They give it a caste and communal colour so that the riot spreads to every corner of the country . It is thy who are helping to widen the distance of two communities . They never try to repeat the stories of those acts which bring two caste and communities together. This culture is dangerous. Press has to learn the ill affects of such journalism and stop it voluntarily or government has to take appropriate step to curb it. I stress on social sites which has become a strong platform to spread virus of poison

Freedom does not mean to disclose defence secrets to enemy country and freedom does not mean only to portray negative picture of society and put blame on government for all small incidents and weaken India's power of bargaining and dealing with foreign countries on international forums. Freedom does not mean only blackening with ink the long cherished culture of our country . Freedom does not mean that a person will dance naked on road or serve porno materials on social sites . Freedom does not mean that a person will sing a song loudly to disturb his neighbour.. Freedom does not mean to throw all kachara on road or in others house..

Let us think over it to save our culture, our colleagues and our country.

Below is the blog written by Rajdeep Serdesai to wish Happy Durga Puja to all

The pseudo-patriots are at it again. Having behaved disgracefully after the  Dadri murder -- witness the statements made by leaders that either played down the incident or deliberately stoked hatred -- they have now found their voice again. The killing of a Bajrang Dal activist in Moodbidri in Karnataka has sparked off the charge of 'selective outrage' once again: why hasn't the media covered Moodbidri with the same intensity as Dadri we are asked.

Well, I'll tell you why. In the first instance, any killing is condemnable. But when we seek to compare two instances without even bothering to examine the political context, we are entering dangerous territory. Prashant Poojary was a Bajrang Dal activist in Moodbidri. The Bajrang Dal has self-admittedly used violence as a weapon against minorities (don't believe me, meet Babu Bajrangi in Gujarat or listen to him in a Tehelka expose). Poojary has been allegedly involved in cases of intimidation and violence in the region. He was fighting the 'beef Mafia' as part of the anti cow slaughter agitation. He didn't deserve to die under any circumstance but there is a political context to his death as there would be in Bengal when Trinamool workers clash with CPI M. He was part of a 'political war' between the Bajrang Dal and minority group outfits, some of them with criminal links. Can his killing be compared to Mohammed Akhlaq, an innocent householder whose only 'crime' was that he was the victim of a 'rumour' that he had stored beef and belonged to a particular religion. Naturally, the outrage over a hate crime   will be and must be greater in his case (I will concede that Dadri is closer to most 'national' TV studios, and if it had happened at a distant spot, it might have attracted lesser attention)

Read full Blog here

I submit below an article cum letter written to RajdeepSerdesai and  presented on facebook titled as "But Rajdeep Sardesai you are wrong. Again"

Dear Rajdeep Sardesai
Before I come to your latest blog, I want to talk about your Facebook post from 14th October 2015. One of the issues you raised there was your problem with “labels“. You said: “it is so easy to label someone with a differing opinion” and that you “resent the use of labels“. Yet, your latest blog starts with the words “The pseudo-patriots“. Isn’t this a “label“, on “someone who has a differing opinion“?
I, on the other hand, have no issues with labels and hence I call you a two-faced hypocrite.
Coming to today’s post, you have chosen a convenient straw-man of pitting Dadri against Moodbidri. Like a one-on-one encounter where one event has to win, and the other must suffer an ignominious defeat. In your highly bi-polar world, only one can exist and the other must perish. Unfortunately, the point was never that and it never will be.

What the ordinary man on the street is saying repeatedly (and why you had to write your apologetic and defensive blog) is: “Yes Dadri was an extremely heinous incident. We all condemn it. Now can we hear at least a part condemnation for Moodbidri?“. No-one is saying Moodbidri is the counterpart of Dadri in all “chhatees gun“, It is you who has purposely made the debate so, for your own convenience.

While Dadri was in the media spotlight right from day one, Moodbidri was relegated to regional media and in the back-pages of national media. It came into national media’s focus almost 10 days after the event, that too after consistent pressure from social media. This is the problem. The role of the media is to report news in an impartial manner. A business news outlet would, for example, report news about an Ambani and also news about a Wipro. The intensity and the focus would be proportionate to the respective news but yes, they would certainly report it. But no, our “secular” mainstream media finds zero value in reporting all news proportionately.

Instead self-appointed “thekedaars” of secular and liberal values like you, go on to play judge, jury and executioner all rolled into one. Sitting in your plush offices, you like to decide which news item was a ‘political war‘ and which news item was threatening the “Idea of India”. Which is why you have given elaborate justifications for ignoring Moodbidri and also the “context” of the murder of Prashant Poojary, as if to say, since this is the context, the murder is not important.

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Thursday, October 22, 2015

Power OF Expression

Standard of politics is moving from bad to worse. Some People who use to abuse Manmohan Singh are now blaming Modi too. Some abuse Lalu and some to Nitish. Some Like Kejriwal and Mamta like persons and some dislike them, Some Like Karunanidhi and Some to Anna, Some abused Rajiv Gandhi ,some to VP Singh and some Indira Gandhi too. But people are unable to say who is best among last all PMs of India or who appears better among PM who has been watched , assessed and experienced by reader. Politicians have polluted the atmosphere of this country by using bad language against each other. Most of them use the power of talent and power of expression in abusing and accusing others.

Without any biased approach one has to say who is better and who will be better keeping in view, Lalu, Mulayam, Rahul and all other probable candidates. After all the country cannot remain without a leader and cannot have a leader who is liked by all. There are protagonists and antagonists of all leaders. We have to learn to respect a leader who is chosen through electoral process as best among all available options. We have right to criticise and it is also true that Even Gandhiji, Nehru, Ambedkar, Patel like persons had followers and had antagonists too. Anna Hazare And JP had many fans and many disliked him too.

If we go on abusing all , we will be guilty of not only tarnishing the image of our Nation in world forums but also guilty of weakening the country and stalling the process of development.. Parliament and State Assemblies are made to discuss and debate important matters , make rules and laws and give country a direction of safety and growth. But unfortunately the same is used for mudslinging against each other. There may be differences in opinion and approaches, but there should not be personal attacks only to weaken a person, a party or a group. It is not good either to become a blind Yesman or to become a blind condemner of a leader. It is always good to become a balanced critic with positive goal in mind.

Writers of the past , like Munsi Prem Chand, Harivans Rai Bacchan , Mahadevi Verma, Rabindra Nath Tagore,Salman Rushdie,Khuswant Singh, Bankim Chand etc used to change the direction and mood of the country by power of their pen. Writers have power to guide leaders and citizen of the country. Write ups of popular writers become material to be taught in schools and colleges. Writers have the capacity to motivate people of India by a small poem or a song or small article. There used to be debate in schools and colleges on topic called as 'which is more powerful , pen or sword'.

In modern era writers have perhaps lost their power of expression because writers who were awarded for their so called effective writing are now trying to become effective not by dint of their writing but by returning the award they got from rulers. It appears writers also have become victim of wave of dirty politics flowing in the country. It is hoped that valued writers of country will change the ugly language of greedy and bad politicians through their write ups, songs, essay and articles.

Unfortunately some of writers and intelligent people of our loved country take credit even in misinterpreting the statement of politicians wilfully to malign the image as per whims. Entire perspective is changed to suit the analyst. Comparison of human skill or an incident with animal is the tradition of the Hindi Language. Clever are compared with fox, sharp eyes are compared with eagle, simplicity is compared with cow and so on. Writers and speakers in all walks of life use to explain their ideas with illustrations related to animals. In modern era , even such comparison and illustrations are projected wilfully snd strtegically as attack on some caste or community.

Journalist and media men in general are master in changing the meaning of any statement as per their whims and fancies. In a country vast like India , it is very easy for media men specially those attached to TV media to malign a popular leader or to project an evil person as most popular. To add fuel to fire, social sites are also being used to malign the image of a person rightly or wrongly.

It is now purely upto reader , skill , maturity and capacity of reader and viewer to assess a person honestly or not. Media men has become more powerful than writers and politicians. It is they who collects stools and rotten materials from abdomen of a leaders and start pouring them as rain all over the country and continue to do so until entire country is full of bad smell and start stinking to create irritation and evoking sharp and violent reaction . it is they who paint even a good statement with bad colours.  

In olden days, scavengers used to collect night soil from every home and used to throw in a deserted and isolated place away from town. Now these Media men collect stinking materials and carry on their head to sprinkle the same from air so that it reaches every nook and corner. They have the art of adding bad smell even in good and healthy sttuf.
Incident of Dadri or Greater Noida or incident of UP or Bihar , rape of Damini or killling of Ayushi , statement of Owessi or Sakchi Maharaj become viral in no time and continue for days, weeks, and months whereas good words uttered by valued leaders of the country vanishes in minutes of reporting. There used to exst Ram and Ravana, Arjun and Duryodhan in all eras.

I hope media men, journalists, reporters , writers and critics of the country will help leaders of this country in making a good India and stop maligning its image .God bless them all. They have the power to give a good direction to political class of our country and if they like they can win the war launched by anti-national elements through their power of pen , their power of presenting the facts on TV and in print media. Let us hope for the best. Let us celebrate Durga Puja and Diwali as victory over evil forces.

Danendra Jain
23rd October 2015

Sunday, October 18, 2015

An Appeal To Regulate TV Media And Social Sites, (Read comment box too)

Mostly Hindu and Muslim love each other and majority of them prefer to live in peaceful and cordial atmosphere. But a few insane persons try to disturb peace and media men try to use these insane persons to disturb peace and tranquillity, may be to earn higher revenue . Media men do not see good news which may promote love and peace , which may being closer two communities and which may send the message of mutual respect.

Whoever spit poison must be punished. But I want to stress is that media men try to ignite fire by using a few mischievous elements, whosoever he or she may be .

There are about 700 MPs and hardly 5 percent of them are bad. Media project only 5 percent and totally ignore rest 95 percent who are jewel for the country. ( Read my comments on responses of some readers submitted below in comment box ). Many MPs have done excellent job in their area and who speak good for society . Media has got no time to give them coverage. But if a person speak bad , they will repeat his story 24 hours and for many days. Media is certainly habituated to spread the virus of poison and poison only.

In every family of 20 persons you will find one is notorious. Good parents always good points of good person, sooner or later... bad also turn good, it is possible. But if parent glorifying or focusing only on bad persons there is all possibility that ratio of bad will increase slowly.

Let police take action against all bad Indians. Yes it is true that if police do not perform or are under pressure of some miscreants. Media should take up the matter with proper authority. If there is a wound or injury on a portion of hand, doctor has to cure that only. Doctor cannot say that all persons of that colour are bad for society. But doctor is also ill motivated that particular Doctor should be booked to task ,not entire community of doctors should be blamed.

Every human being has stool concealed below his abdomen and may evil materials in his body . Person cleans the body every morning and frequently .But when the person comes out , he does not discuss stool or he is not accused of having stool concealed in his body. He comes out well decorated, well dressed and hiding all hidable organs .People are worshipped for good points. But media will collect only stool of all persons and pour it like rain all over the country using powerful TV media. This create a stinking smell in every nook and corner all over the country which is undesirable and should be avoided as far as possible to keep environment neat and clean

In greed of higher TRP and in greed of getting greater popularity of TV channel , journalists are striking at emotions of people and playing with their emotions to earn higher revenue .In this way , these journalist may become fame for some time but ultimately people will stop trusting them and abusing entire Press which is not good. It will not be an exaggeration to say that  some of TV media do not hesitate even in broadcasting secrets of the country and leaking secrets of the country, they leave no stone to divide the nation on ground of caste and community.

There are on the contrary many  events when a Muslim saves the lives of hundreds of Hindus and a Hindu saves the life of several Muslims. Can Media do not give major portion of their precious time on TV on such news which may help in strengthening unity of two groups?

Hundreds of such events take place in our vast country when people help their fellows without any discrimination. Why media remain silent on such adorable events?  People in general want to leave in peace and love each other. Hardly 1 in 1000 person crate nuisance , if that is ignored and isolated, country will grow like anything.

Why do journalists  not repeatedly telecast those news and events which may motivate people to love other people and where lesson of patriotism is spread?

I do not understand why there is so much hue and cry on what a person eats. Let it be a choice of a person. But who will stop TV media who are organising one after other debates on their TV attended by selected hard core persons who is habituated to spit poison. Modi and many leaders has several times requested all Indians to focus on growth and try to live together in peace and harmony. Media does not listen such wordings. They listen only those hard sentences which can provoke discussion and aggravate fight against each other.

Normally civilised persons try to mediate and pacify two quarrelling persons by various tactics to restore peace and love.. But media is great media in our country. No one has courage to criticise Media men , otherwise journalist will term them Talibani and humiliate him to their best.

 It is true that  eatables or meat should not be kept in open and shown to all. Even many of meat eaters and children of meat eaters do not want to see cutting of animals because it may harm them, their mental peace and sometimes child become mentally sick. Even doctors and medical sciences do not approve cutting of animals in public places.

All religions on earth teaches love and peace. But a few sane and mad minded persons misinterpret religion to serve their selfish goal. Media men are always in search of insane persons who can help in making them popular and gain cheap popularity.

At the cost of repetition I would like to say that it is now very much necessary to have some strict code of conduct for media men , social networking sites and politicians. Otherwise India will grow weakness gradually. There are political monsters who have to be booked to task for using ugly language, provocative and divisive languages. There are religious fundamentalists , extremists and terrorist in every society, we have to isolate them or weed them out or mend their behaviour by imparting training in proper way.

There are many on Facebook who submit false news , ugly photos, and provocative materials which not only misguide children and adults but may also disturb communal harmony at any time. Similarly WhatsApp has become an easy tool to spread rumours without any sense of responsibility, accountability or fear of punishment.

Unfortunately these social networking tools have become tools to disturb society and the country , whereas they have the potential to be used to literate masses and to be used as most quick communication tool. India is facing great danger now not from arms and ammunition or  nuclear weapon but more from social sites which has become a place to distribute only fake and dirty materials.

How long such misuse of freedom will be tolerated and upto what extent ?

Time has come that people of all communities , all political parties and all social organisation sit together to decide suitable course of action to stop misuse of power of freedom of expression and misuse of press freedom by paid or biased journalists.

Last but not the least, I make an earnest appeal to Prime Minister, Head of ruling party and heads of all other political parties to select their party spokesman who are well versed in not only presentation of information but also who does not use hard language which may hurt the sentiments of other group , other party or other caste or community. If elected representatives do not behave nicely and in civilised way, this sends a wrong message to common men.

I specially request our Prime Minister Modiji to discipline MPs of his party who are using hard language against fellow Indians. It is the prime duty of ruling party first to crate an example of public conduct  for other parties who sit on opposition benches.

Similarly it will be very wise and praise worthy if some of hard core journalists come forward to have self imposed code of conduct to safeguard India's culture of love and mutual respect ,  social harmony and save India's unity and integrity. India will become strong and achieve growth only by following certain rules of co-existence  and mutual cooperation  only. Process of mud-slinging against each other will take us back  and make world laugh at us.

Danendra Jain 18th October 2015

Sunday, October 4, 2015

What Is Your Opinion?

The Dadri incident is an accidental event or an act of some mischievous politician or that of an anti-social element or more precisely and correctly an act of a criminal. There is no doubt in it that we get hurt when a life is killed or injured. But instead of stopping the crime and punishing the real criminal, politicians are playing dirty politics. And it is most unfortunate that fourth pillar of democracy , the press and specially TV channels oriented media men are trying their best to divide the society by projecting each such event in most provoking way.

It is media who add fuel to fire to each such event, it may be a killing or a rape or a murder. In a country of 125 crore population, some barbaric incident use to take place, but media men paint the event with colour of caste and community, it is they who work as agent of some party and try to malign other party. In their dirty game of increasing their TRP media men are weakening country and disturbing communal and caste harmony.

Common men become victim of such dirty game of media as well as that of ambitious fundamentalists , so called politicians. All politicians are not bad , only a few are pure fundamentalist always trying to ignite fire between two groups. Normal citizen are silent spectator of such abnormal incidents or accidents, they do not bother such event but undoubtedly due to such acts and due to ugly role of media and dirty politicians , precious time of all is lost in useless talks, useless debates on TV . People lose their life and property due to avoidable and useless dangas or riots or communal disturbances created by purely criminals and those who do not have love and peace in their mind. None of communities is benefitted by such ugly acts. Only mad men can like such events.

Even in developed countries like USA or UK ,such barbaric killings take place. Media in their countries do not paint it with colour of races or religion. Lacs of people die every year in want of proper health care facilities in our country , in road accidents, in train accidents, fire incidents, lack of food or food poisoning, in natural calamities , due to various incurable diseases and so on. Last week , about 1100 pilgrims were killed in Saudi Haz Stampede. Hundreds of students are killed every year by consuming poisonous mid day meal. Hundreds of people die ever day by consuming spurious wine. And so on..

If we develop proper and adequate health facilities, safe and secure traffic arrangement, secure infrastructure, honest police system , effective judiciary , we can reduce death to a great extent which are caused by weak system. We can save huge money spent in avoidable riots, debates and political infighting by simply focusing on value of life of all animals and all human beings.

It is in India only where media men make mountain of a mole hill. A person is killed means an Indian is killed. But media will say ,a dalit is killed, a Muslim is killed, a backward is killed and so on and try to provoke the sentiments of people. They will not report a person of upper caste is killed by a dalit, or a Hindu is killed by Muslim because such news cannot help them in boosting their TRP.

There are on the contrary many such events when a Muslim saves the lives of hundreds of Hindus and a Hindu saves the life of several Muslims. Can Media do not give major portion of their precious time on TV on such news which may help in strengthening unity of two groups? Hundreds of such events take place in our vast country when people help their fellows without any discrimination. Why media remain silent on such adorable events?

Why do they not repeatedly telecast those news and events which may motivate people to love other people and where lesson of patriotism is spread?

I do not understand why there is so much hue and cry on what a person eats. Let it be a choice of a person. But the eatables or meat should not be kept in open and shown to all. Even many of meat eaters and children of meat eaters do not want to see cutting of animals because it may harm them, their mental peace and sometimes child become mentally sick. Even doctors and medical sciences do not approve cutting of animals in public places. All religions on earth teaches love and peace. But a few sane and mad minded persons misinterpret religion to serve their selfish goal.

One is free to choose his food, his religion ,his place of work, his life style but he should not try to disturb others by his acts. Someone try to listen songs but if he plays the music at high sound in train or in public place, it may cause problems to others. In a society one has to learn to love others and give respect to emotions of others. A person is free to move on road but he is not free to violate traffic rules. One is free to worship God of his or her choice but he or she has got no right to show disrespect to God of others.

The most pertinent point is that , Can a person who hurts other live in mental peace? Never. ......only persons who give love to others enjoy peaceful and sound sleep. If every one start loving others , there will be real heaven on earth itself. No need to go elsewhere for getting love of God, it is here we can get if love other human being and animals

Kejriwal or Sadhwi Prachi or Togaria or Owassi or Lalu Yadav like politicians go to Dadri to enhance their vote bank and ask why Modi is not going there. You may imagine the fate of a PM or CM or the country if PM or CM starts visiting each spot where a killing tales place or a girl is raped or some mishappening takes place. Cases of inhuman killings or raping a girl is not new in India or elsewhere in the world, it has taken place in every state, every country during each government and in each country and in each era, each year, each century. . We have read in history books how and why several great men were killed and crucified.

Even a person like Gandhi had opponents and was killed by a fanatic. It is bitter truth that a person who think for all humanity become a target of some anti social or some miscreants. We have to learn to treat crime as crime , pure crime. We have to crate effective police system, effective judiciary and effective administrative set up which deal with criminals without any discrimination and which can function without interference of any politicians. We have to learn to punish media men too who are igniting fire , who are adding fuel to fire , who are trying to divide society , who are projecting only negative picture of society . We have to prepare a code of conduct for media men too. A country can no longer tolerate and should not tolerate biased and provocative attitude of media men in the name of press freedom or in the name of right to expression granted by Constitution.

Let police work against all culprits independently . If left un-interfered, police will catch the real culprit in Dadri. But if they are under pressure of any government or any politician, they will catch hundreds of innocents to prove that they are doing their job. This is why lacs of innocents are languishing in jails for years and decades and real culprits remain free and unpunished.

Unfortunately arresting by policemen due to such political pressure is the reason that lacs of innocents are spoiling their valuable life in jail without even proper and timely trial. In India wherever and whenever targets are assigned, authorities try to achieve the same by hook or by crook and compromise with quality and truth.

It happens in all departments, banks or police or other sector. Crime records are not properly maintained, even FIRs are not registered in police to prove that there is peace in the area and to prove fraudulently that there is no crime in an area or in a state. Position of law and order in any area or a state or in the country is assessed and ascertained by fraudulently and fabricated statistics , not only in police but in all departments.

India need to punish even police or judges or officers or media men who act based on bribery or under influence of some powerful person. In USA police act fast and without fear of government interference and hence there is compliance of all laws in true spirit. But in India it is not so. In our beloved country crime doing people do not have any fear of law whereas innocents are afraid of even entering into a police station. Innocent fear police whereas criminals play hand in glove with policemen . Politicians protect criminals but remain silent when a true person is executed or tried in media.

India, Pakistan say some 1,100 killed in Saudi hajj disaster-

Sikhs Serve Langar Inside Jama Masjid in Ludhiana to Celebrate Langar Week

Read full news how Sikh organised Langar in Jama Masjid

I submit below a good story which also teaches us lesson

एक सज्जन बनारस पहुँचे। स्टेशन पर उतरे ही थे
कि एक लड़का दौड़ता आता।
‘‘मामाजी ! मामाजी !’’—लड़के ने लपक कर
चरण छूए।
वे पहचाने नहीं। बोले—‘‘तुम कौन ?’’
‘‘मैं मुन्ना। आप पहचाने नहीं मुझे ?’’
‘‘मुन्ना ?’’ वे सोचने लगे।...
‘‘हाँ, मुन्ना। भूल गये आप मामाजी ! खैर, कोई बात
नहीं, इतने साल भी तो हो गये।’’
‘‘तुम यहां कैसे ?’’
‘‘मैं आजकल यहीं हूँ।’’
मामाजी अपने भांजे के साथ बनारस घूमने लगे। चलो, कोई
साथ तो मिला। कभी इस मंदिर, कभी उस
मंदिर। फिर पहुँचे गंगाघाट। सोचा, नहा लें।
‘‘मुन्ना, नहा लें ?’’
‘‘जरूर नहाइए मामाजी ! बनारस आये हैं और नहाएंगे
नहीं, यह कैसे हो सकता है ?’’
मामाजी ने गंगा में डुबकी लगाई। हर-हर
बाहर निकले तो सामान गायब, कपड़े गायब ! लड़का...मुन्ना
भी गायब !
‘‘मुन्ना...ए मुन्ना !’’
मगर मुन्ना वहां हो तो मिले। वे तौलिया लपेट कर खड़े हैं।
‘‘क्यों भाई साहब, आपने मुन्ना को देखा है ?’’
‘‘कौन मुन्ना ?’’
‘‘वही जिसके हम मामा हैं।’’
‘‘मैं समझा नहीं।’’
‘‘अरे, हम जिसके मामा हैं वो मुन्ना।’’
वे तौलिया लपेटे यहां से वहां दौड़ते रहे। मुन्ना नहीं
भारतीय नागरिक और भारतीय वोटर के नाते
हमारी यही स्थिति है मित्रो ! चुनाव के
मौसम में कोई आता है और हमारे चरणों में गिर जाता है। मुझे
नहीं पहचाना मैं चुनाव का उम्मीदवार।
होनेवाला एम.पी.,एम.एल.ए। मुझे नहीं पहचाना ?
आप प्रजातंत्र की गंगा में डुबकी लगाते
हैं। बाहर निकलने पर आप देखते हैं कि वह शख्स जो कल
आपके चरण छूता था, आपका वोट लेकर गायब हो गया। वोटों
की पूरी पेटी लेकर भाग गया।
समस्याओं के घाट पर हम तौलिया लपेटे खड़े हैं। सबसे पूछ रहे
हैं—क्यों साहब, वह कहीं आपको नज़र आया ?
अरे वही, जिसके हम वोटर हैं। वही,
जिसके हम मामा हैं।
पांच साल इसी तरह तौलिया लपेटे, घाट पर खड़े
बीत जाते हैं।
इसलिए दोस्तों सोच समझ के वोट करे नहीं तो NOTA तो है ही।।

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kejriwal Questions Modi's Foreign Tours

Delhi's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi's US visit and said there was a need to first make India strong before expecting investment from abroad. He further says that there is a need to ponder , assess and ascertain what the country has achieved from his foreign visits so far. He does not understand the value of foreign trips, does not understand the necessity of attending international bodies and does not understand the need of foreign investment. He dos not understand that India is obliged to abide by  UNO dictates and follow international rules and code of conduct to remain in international family of countries. 

Mr. Kejriwal perhaps does not understand the importance of efforts made by Mr. Modi in mobilising support from other Nations of the world in gaining the prestigious seat in UN security council. It may be his strategy to defeat Modi in domestic politics or to malign the reputation of Mr. Modi which is gradually gaining momentum all over the world. He may be jealous of Modi getting accepted and given warm welcome in all countries he visits . Kejriwal may be afraid of Modi's popularity going up and up.  But his comments against Modi on foreign   trips will definitely not  liked by any person who understand the value of foreign visits and who are aware of value added by Mr. Modi in status of our country.

I considered Mr. Kejriwal as a real patriot and had many expectation from him in cleaning the politics and administration from corrupt people and will give India a valued based politics . I do not know whether Mr. Kejriwal  is so innocent and unaware of what achievement our country has got through foreign trips made by Mr. Narendra Modi , the Prime Minister of India during last 15 months. But I am sure that he is indulged in most dirty type of politics. He is focused on his self interest , his goal to become national leader and his plan to dethrone Mr. Modi from post of PM. He is wondering in dreamland if he has an Utopian Idea of becoming national leader in his mind. He is in infant stage of politics but he pretends as if he is master of all politicians.

Voters of the country understand the ground reality and will give Kejriwal  a jerk if he does not mend his behaviour and does not control his comment against most popular PM Mr. Modi. Kejriwal may compete with Pappu of Congress Party but he is too small a baby to compete with person like Modi.

I do not question his efforts to malign Mr. Modi, the Prime Minister of India and to malign the image of our country in international forums, because it is his freedom and may be termed his democratic right. But I would like to ask learned Kejriwal why did he visit to USA in the year 2014 and why did he frequently visited other states during last two years. I would like of ask him why did he make a long tour of Gujarat . I like to ask why did he went to contest election in Varanasi in UP.

I like to ask why being CM of Delhi , he visits Punjab, Haryana , Bihar and other states. I like to ask why does he invite businessmen of other states to set up industries in Delhi. I like to ask why does he being CM of Delhi meets Nitish Kumar CM of Bihar. I like to ask why has called a meeting of five CMs , CM of Tripura, CM of Bihar and so on. What purpose he is likely to serve for people of Delhi by such interactions with politicians and business men of other states and how much money he has wasted in such tours and meetings. He should say why youth of Delhi are going to other states and abroad for higher studies and for better job and what he has done during last one year or what he is planning to do to stop it and to make Delhi self-sufficient.

Followers of Aam Admi Party AAP say Mr. Modi is going abroad with begging bowl in hand. Here also I would like to state that Mr. Modi is making foreign tours for increasing Foreign Direct investment FDI in India and for growth in India. But why members of AAP were moving with begging bowls in hand to various states and abroad when their party took birth or when they were attached with India Against Corruption and Team India.  Mr. Kejriwal and his supporters were and are seeking donation for empowering their political party as against Mr. Modi for empowering the country. This is the difference between the two .

And last but not the least what purpose he being a Chief Minister of Delhi is going to serve for people of Delhi by criticising and ridiculing Prime Minister of India . Why Mr. Kejriwal does not focus on needs and necessities of  people of  Delhi like CMs of other states ?             Mr. Kejriwal has been elected CM of Delhi and rejected all over the country. Yet he , not as a layman leader but as CM is trying to jump to other states frequently  and also trying to interfere in the functioning of PM of India , Why?  He ridicules foreign trips of Modi made to increase FDI and to promote Make in India plan . He should introspect and say why does he depend on Central government for financial support.

Mr. Kejriwal questioned the honesty and integrity of all politicians before he was elected as CM of Delhi. Now after getting elected as CM of Delhi he is supposed to clean the politics and administrative functions of Delhi Government . He is supposed to question his ministers, his MLAs and his followers why are they getting trapped in various criminal activities. He is talking of Jan Lokpal since long, but he has not got success in trapping his own men through internal Lokpal . His own men are getting arrested in various criminal acts and scams but he failed to nip in the bud as he promised during his role with India Against Corruption and his role with Team Anna. 

Kejriwal ask Modi to first make India strong and not go for begging FDI . Why does he depend on central fund for development of Delhi and why does he not plan to become self-sufficient in all respect. May God bless Kejriwal with knowledge and wisdom. I however BJP stalwarts and media men  not to give value to child-like behavior of Kejriwal.

AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal to address Columbia University students during New York visit-Indian Express

Due to Kejriwal's busy schedule in view of the Delhi Assembly elections, he is making a short visit to the US.

Read full news of Kejriwal's Visit to USA

Kejriwal on a 3-week 6-states tour from Wednesday-Hindustan Times 04.03.2014 Hindustan Times

Starting Wednesday, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convenor Arvind Kejriwal is set to undertake an almost three-week long six-week tour ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.
These states include, not necessarily in the chronological order, Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka and Punjab. His tour starts on Wednesday with a visit to Gujarat. The Kejriwal-led party has already declared 70 candidates from 16 states, including these states.

The Election Commission is set to announce dates for Lok Sabha election on Wednesday.
Whether or not Kejriwal himself contests the Parliamentary polls, the party has already declared that the polls will be fought under his leadership. Also, the various state units have been demanding for quite some time the tour of respective states by the party’s most identifiable and popular face.

“After four days in Gujarat, culminating with the rally on March 8, Kejriwal will travel to Mathura on March 9. He will be there in Goa on 11,” party sources said.
The next lap includes three days – March 13, 14 and 15 – in Maharashtra’s Mumbai and Thane, followed by a day long tour on March 16 in Karnataka’s Bengaluru. “Apart from meeting local party office bearers and volunteers, Kejriwal will be holding road shows and addressing rallies,” the source added.

Kejriwal and other top party leaders had undertaken a three-day road show drawing large crowds in neighbouring Uttar Pradesh with a rally at Kanpur on March 2. While announcing the names, the party has maintained that 5Cs – criminality, corruption, cast-related violence, community-related violence and character – and the ‘winability’ of the candidate are important.

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Mr. Kejriwal should avoid wasting time as other rivals of Mr. Modi are wasting time in maligning image of Mr. Modi. Congress Party has become almost non-existent only because it has started focusing on Modi's image. Country has greater expectation from Mr. Kejriwal who is product of India's movement against corruption of Previous UPA government which reduced strength of Congress Party from 400 to 40 in Parliament.

If Kejriwal perform well he can increase his strength from four to four hundred slowly and gradually , but not overnight .Kejriwal should not behave like Lalu or Pappu , Mulayam or Mayawati because he has promised Indians to give a entirely different politics. He did not promise to be like BJP or Congress Party but promised to give a value based politics . Kejriwal should avoid politics based on caste or community, region or religion as other politicians are said to be doing .He should keep Entire India in his view before making any comment against a valued person and dignitary like Prime Minister of India.  

                                               Last but not the least, Arvind Kejriwal suggests Mr.Modi not to think about 'Make in India' and first focus on 'Make India'. Why not the same path is followed by him which Mr Kejriwal preaches Modi?. Mr.Kejriwal should also not think about 'Make India' but focus on 'Makes Delhi'. Mr Kejriwal should stop visiting other states if he likes so, but should not preach Mr. Modi to stop foreign visit.

To read full article , click here

LET ME EDUCATE YOU Arvind Kejriwal
Here are a few facts about China you should know:

1. China has grown since 1990, when its economy was the same size as ours, in three spurts

2. The first spurt between 1990-97 was funded almost entirely by expatriate Chinese investing in China. These were expatriates from China's prosperous littoral. Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Phillipinnes, Taiwan. They bo
...ught infra bonds and invested in state sponsored and guaranteed industries which were used to fund Chinese infrastructure and secondary industries. China grew to twice our economic size in nominal dollar terms.

3. The second spurt of growth was between 1998-2005 and was again funded by continued expat money, supplemented by home savings mobilization and for the first time, huge FDI investments by US and European MNCs. China grew to 2.5x our economic size and overtook Britain and France.

4. The third spurt was between 2006-2012 & shrugged off the global crash by funding its growth with primarily MNC investment. It did not even have to touch its massive Forex reserve at the time and used principally FDI and FII money looking for safer shores to fuel, unfortunately and inevitably, a bit of a bubble in stocks, over supply of real estate & an unprecedented bull run in commodities. Its economy in nominal dollars became 4.0x India's and it overtook Germany and Japan to become the second largest global economy.

So where, my dear Kejriwal, do you see //China made itself strong on its own and then sought investments abroad// in this story?

Stop spewing rubbish about stuff you do not know.

Stick to what you know best. Conning the impatient and gullible public of Delhi.
By Shamik Moitra

Sunday, September 27, 2015

An Appeal To Mr. Arvind Kejriwal

I do not like the opinion of Mr Arvind Kejriwal CM of Delhi who has ridiculed foreign visit of Mr. Modi and tried to make a sarcastic comment on his appeal for Make In India. It is definitely true that PM has to focus on India and Indians first. It is just like a parent who focus on their family and it is but natural .

But can a family survive without taking help of society and without taking care of society and other families ?

It is an old saying and bitter truth that Man is a social animal and hence cannot dream of leading an isolated life confined in its birthplace or a small corner. One has to move from corner to corner to know the world, to help others and to seek help from others . Similarly India has to deal with foreign countries as foreigners are dealing with India. India has to export and import goods ,willingly or unwillingly as other nations depend on import and export from India. India has to respect foreign treaties and international standards of mutual respect . India has to help other nation and seek help of other countries for the betterment of Indians and Indian industries.

Not only this , for a developing country like India, it is the not the choice for India but a necessity for India to visit foreign countries to sell our goods and to buy goods for Indians. India has to have good relations with foreign countries not by choice but by necessity because India is still a poor country and making effort for growth and development. India has to depend on foreign investment to create more and more job opportunities and for growth in GDP.

If India cannot set up enough industries and create enough job opportunities for Indian youth here in India , Indian youth will be constrained to go abroad in search of better job opportunities. It is known to all financial and political experts that India has not enough fund, enough capability, enough knowledge and enough resources to set more and more Industries and hence it has to invite foreign investors in India to set up more and more industries here on Indian land. Foreign Direct Investment will not only create new job opportunities for Indian youth in India itself but also make the quality goods available here in India and reduce our dependency on imports. A child may be born talented, but still he has to depend on parent, friends, teachers, quality schools and collages and many other specialists to develop his personality. A child cannot say that he has to remain confined in four wall of his house.

If Indian government will not care for youth of our country due to some reason or the other, Indian talent will go abroad as they are going since long. Kejriwal should therefore appreciate Modi that he has got better success than his predecessors in mobilising investment for India. Kejriwal and his party should praise Mr. Modi for forcing developed countries as well as other smaller countries to support the effort of India to get membership of security council.

As regards foreign investment and make in India concept promoted by Mr. Modi, Mr Kejriwal should at least learn the lesson from China. Major chunk of good produced in China are sold in world market . Even developed countries like USA are getting various goods produced in China and thus indirectly helping China to grow by leaps and bounds.
Arvind Kejriwal has to come out of his narrow thinking. He is CM of Delhi and for betterment of Delhi and Delhites, he too has to seek help of neighbouring states and invite industrialists from other states to create more and more jobs in Delhi. He has to seek the help of contractors, builders and various other service providers of other states to create better infrastructure in Delhi. He has to create more and more educational institutes for Delhi youths so that they may not need to go to southern states or abroad for better study or for better job . It is unfortunate that Kejriwal instead of focusing good for Delhi and Delhites spends more of his time in ridiculing the good efforts made by Mr. Narendra Modi.

Mr. Modi may be belonging to his rival political party but he represents entire country, 125 crore people of India whereas Mr. Kejriwal represents only one crore of Delhites. Kejriwal is made leader of one crore of people and Mr. Modi is elected leader of 125 crore of people by the same democratic process by which Kejriwal is elected. As such to serve his self interest , if Kejriwal ridicules Indian PM Mr. Modi and his appeal for increasing foreign investment in India or for his appeal for Make in India, it will not be appreciated by well wisher of the country.

I condemn such attitude of Kejriwal and I had never thought that Mr. Kejriwal will be so much mean minded for power and position. India expects a lot from person like Kejriwal and he should cooperate with central government. Please do not treat Indian PM as PM of Pakistan .India is a vast country comprising of many states and Delhi is only one of them . And Delhi is a Union Territory and hence Mr. Kejriwal has to work in cohesion with and in in tune with Central Government for getting better results.

Mr. Kejriwal should avoid wasting time as other rivals of Mr. Modi are wasting time in maligning image of Mr. Modi. Congress Party has become almost non-existent only because it has started focusing on Modi's image. Country has greater expectation from Mr. Kejriwal who is product of India's movement against corruption of Previous UPA government which reduced strength of Congress Party from 400 to 40 in Parliament.

If Kejriwal perform well he can increase his strength from four to four hundred slowly and gradually , but not overnight .Kejriwal should not behave like Lalu or Pappu , Mulayam or Mayawati because he has promised Indians to give a entirely different politics. He did not promise to be like BJP or Congress Party but promised to give a value based politics . Kejriwal should avoid politics based on caste or community, region or religion as other politicians are said to be doing .He should keep Entire India in his view before making any comment against a valued person and dignitary like Prime Minister of India.                                                   Last but not the least, Arvind Kejriwal suggests Mr.Modi not to think about 'Make in India' and first focus on 'Make India'. Why not the same path is followed by him which Mr Kejriwal preaches Modi?. Mr.Kejriwal should also not think about 'Make India' but focus on 'Makes Delhi'. Mr Kejriwal should stop visiting other states if he likes so, but should not preach Mr. Modi to stop foreign visit.

Arvind Kejriwal Takes a Dig at PM Modi's 'Make in India' Campaign-NDTV 27.09.2015

New Delhi:  Stressing on the need to 'Making India' first, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 'Make in India' initiative, which is a new national program designed to make India into a global manufacturing hub.

PM Modi is currently on a five day visit to the US where his focus has been on bringing in investments for the 'Make in India' and 'Digital India' campaigns during his meetings with various delegations of entrepreneurs and industrialists.

In a series of tweets, the chief minister said, "People are our best asset. Invest in them and world will follow us. Pro-people power policy of AAP government is a step towards Make India. All doubts on power front have evaporated in front of honest governance."

Earlier on September 20, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi had also criticised the Make in India campaign of the National Democratic Alliance government at the Centre.

Mr Gandhi had said, "It is not Make in India, it is Take in (From) India... "There's no place for labourers and farmers in his Make in India. Only his (PM Modi's) selected friends will benefit from it."

Friday, September 25, 2015

Ye Kaisa Competition Hai Bank Me?

It seems ridiculous to me when RBI or Government of India or any other economist or writer or any banker talk of competition in banking industry. What type of competition after all it is? In the recent past ,Reserve Bank of India and Government of India have given license to many business men for opening of new banks, differentiated banks or payment banks, or opened Mahila Bank or Mudra Bank and claiming that these banks will create competition among banks.

About 100 year old public sector banks or you may say that four decades old nationalised banks are said to be competing with new generation private banks , banks which took birth about two decades ago. Giant PS banks with old infrastructure, with mind set of secured government job and with responsibility of shouldering the task of social welfare agenda of government are competing with private banks run by perfectly new generation technology, by youth crazy of jobs and afraid of loosing jobs and run with absolutely profit motto without taking care of any social objective. What type of competition it is, God knows.

There are 28 public banks and they are competing with each other. One PSB is taking over business of other PSB giving interest concession or by giving relaxation in service charges. One PSB sacrifices interest or processing charge to snatch credit business from other PSB and offer higher interest rate on deposits to snatch deposit business from other bank. Is it called competition?

One PSB losses and another PSB gains. Such types of competition is like hand of a person is competing with other hand, one leg is competing with other leg , ears of the same persons are competing eyes of the same person. You may imagine .the fate of a body when different parts of the body competes with each other, act against each other and work in conflict with each other. Or you may say that there is no harmony among different parts of the same body. Perhaps government is forcing such competition on various public sector banks and causing loss ultimately to people of India, to taxpayers and to investors in different PS banks. Number of weak banks has been increasing year after year and talk of merger and consolidation to hide weakness of banks is going on for last three decades and more. Government has to infuse thousands of crores of rupees to these banks to survive and to compete with private banks . Not only this, PSBs have already sacrificed lacs of crores of rupees in writing off of bad loans or in compromising with bad borrowers. This is the cost of competition for PSBs have to bear and still their shares are not choice of investors. In other words, one may that Private banks are allowed to spoil the future of PSBs in the name of so called competition..

Secondly, Different PSBs are competing with private banks like Axis Bank, HDBC bank or ICICI bank as if normal trains are competing with Metro rail. Normal and old chain of trains are to carry an number of passenger running from village to village causing discomfort to all whereas Metros are meant and designed to serve passengers of big towns and confined to big cities only. Fare of normal trains cannot be increased  keeping in view  the pain of poor people even though quality of service get eroded and deteriorate day by day.

Further Private banks are set up purely to earn profit whereas PSBs are made to serve social agenda and national agenda of the country. Competition imposed on PSBs  is like competition between government hospitals and private nursing homes. Private nursing homes charges are extraordinarily higher  and theyvhsve option to choose patients and charge as per their whims whereas charges of government hospitals cannot go up and cannot be discriminatory keeping in view the possible protest from common men and from politicians of opposition group. Competition is like that between private schools and private colleges for higher educations on the one hand who charges lacs of rupees as tuition fee per year from student with government run schools and colleges on the other hand which cannot increase tuition fee to that extent. Similar is the quality of teachers in government schools and that of Doctors appointed in government hospitals. On the other hand Doctors appointed in private nursing homes or teachers in private colleges are of high quality and have scope to earn much higher income compared to their counterparts in public hospitals and public schools. Appointment , promotions and transfer in public banks takes place based on flattery and bribery whereas that in private banks based purely on merit and quality of performance and potential of  the worker.

Obviously if PSBs with different supporting hands and infrastructure are forced to compete with entirely a different set of supporting staff and infrastructure , it will cause much damage to former only . Private banks will not take any such step or undertake any project for lending which may cause loss to them in future whereas officials working in PSBs can cause all losses to their bank only to achieve the target or to please their bosses or to please their political masters. There is heaven and hell difference between the two sets of bank and between two set of workers. As such the idea of competition is totally unjustified, deceptive and suicidal .

During last few months , RBI has given license for opening of new private banks like Bundhan Bank or IDFC bank , given license for opening of payment bank or for opening of banks to deal in small and micro finance . RBI says that these new banks will further increase competition among banks. Such competition is like a Adult or matured person is said to compete with a newly born baby. Or more clearly you may say that a passenger train is forced to compete with Rajdhani train and inviting accidents and losses to passengers. To make it crystal clear, such type of competition is likev asking a boy admitted in extremely poorly maintained village level school to compete with a boy admitted in high standard costly private school.

I am unable to understand what type of competition these newly born banks will create or generate for old generation public banks. But one thing is certain  to me that these newly born private banks, payment banks or small finance banks will grab quality business of old PSBs and cause erosion in business volume and cause loss to existing banks. PSBs will have to pay a lot and face huge damage in competing with these new generation banks and obviously such losses  accumulated together will lastly come on the shoulder of Government of India and that on people of India only.

It is true that as number of new banks increases, customers will get new option of banks and they may get better option of services in some towns and cities Rich customers who can afford paying higher service charges may shift to best serving private banks or new generation banks. But there is no doubt that old set of PSBs will gradually grow in weakness and turn from bad to worst , become non-performer or less performer and will slowly be thrown in waste box by new generation youth .WE have seen how Regional Rural Banks during last two three decades have been growing weakness and gradually they are merged with parent bank. We have seen how various cooperative banks are sitting on bomb of bad debts and facing chances of closure. Similarly few PSBs have become too weak to survive and government is contemplating to merge them with stronger PSBs. Government is unable to change the wine , but they are changing bottle frequently . But it is sure that Government cannot increase the sale of wine by changing bottles only. One stock of old bottles will go in the back racks and new set of new bottle may be keep in front rack . Ultimately it is the quality and cohesive policy which work for long period.

Until contents changes, sale of bottle cannot increase. New generation banks which have fresh and quality materials to serve in their banks will grow and old banks which are constrained to stick to old contents and old tools cannot dream of increasing their sale.

To conclude , I may say that entire talk of competition in bank is farce, ridiculous, deceptive and harmful too. And last but not the least, I am unable to understand what purpose is going to be served by such mismatching and ill-conceived competition. It is absolutely unimaginable that PSBs will be getting good outcome and better results in competing with private banks. As a matter of fact , even various branches of the same Public bank cannot dream of competing with other branch of the same bank. This is because each branch has got some locational advantages and disadvantages. A branch situated in remote village cannot dream of competing with a branch situated in a town or in metro city. Not to speak of branches at various location, even branches situated in same town cannot dream of competing with other branches of the same bank in the same town because each mohalla or ward has some merits and some demerits.

A branch situated in the premises of a good school, or a good college or good PSU or a reputed institution can capture business in hundreds of crores of rupees in a year without making any special effort. On the contrary a branch situated in remote village, or in a critical area, or in a naxal affected area or even in dry industrial area cannot dream of capturing good business or earning considerably good profit at par with that in a town or in a city. There are some places in Industrial areas, where credit expansion in hundreds of crores of rupees is possible every year whereas in some other places , it is difficult to increase credit even by a crore or two in a year.

Potential of business for any branch or for any bank in any area depend on many locational factors such as local area, local politicians, local inhabitants, business potential , administrative support ,infrastructural support in the area, local climate ,availability of natural resources ,quality and quantity human resources etc . As such the very thought of competition among various branches or various banks is faulty and misleading.

I want to ask a question to all  , are such competition meant for giving better service to customers or for earning higher profits?

Are such competition to fulfil task of the social objective and completing social welfare plans mooted by GOI with available resources , building better infrastructure , growing more and more crop, manufacturing best product, increasing exports and increasing comfort of common men or ..........for giving an opportunity to private banks to earn greater profit at the cost of that of Public sector banks?

People of India, politicians ,great economists and planners of the country have to ponder over it and assess what type of competition is going on in banking industry and what type of it is necessary to save sinking banks. Banks in public sector are meant to distribute charity or to earn profit only.

Is Government forcing competition among looters of banks to loot maximum in the name of business or in the name of competition?

Bankers are freely giving credit ,freely writing off loan and then again giving fresh loan and again writing off and so on . Sometimes they hide bad loans by restructure and sometimes by selling to ARCs and sometimes by writing off them. This is an open secret that public sector banks are competing with each other in increasing stressed assets , in increasing Gross Non Performing assets, in writing off loans , in causing loss due to frauds and in boosting the size of balance sheet by manipulation and by fraudulent methods.

Is it the purpose of competition suggested by RBI and GOI?

Banking industry to brace itself for competition-DNA 23.09.2015

The banking industry landscape is set for a salutary change. So far the industry has endured the public sector banks’ patchy performance interspersed with the recent breezy spell of private banks’ entry on a limited scale. The Reserve Bank of India is aiming to foster competition and innovation in order to promote efficient service delivery to end-users.
In June-July this year, the RBI gave licenses to IDFC Limited, a non-banking finance company (NBFC) and Bandhan Financial Services Pvt Ltd, an NBFC-cum-microfinance institution (MFI), to carry out banking services across the country. Subsequently, in August, licenses were granted to 11 payments banks which are ‘niche’ or ‘differentiated’ banks with the common objective of advancing financial inclusion. The RBI announced its ‘in-principle’ approval to 10 applicants for setting up Small Finance Banks (SFBs).

Read in detail by clicking on following link