Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mamta Banerjee Though Isolated but Exhibited Courage

It is really praiseworthy that Mamta Banerjee at least exhibited courage to propose No Confidence Motion against the government which is accused of not only allowing FDI against the interest of the country but also accused of failing in containing even price rise and corruption in public life.It is not that much important that her No confidence Motion has been rejected by the Parliament. At least she remained firm in her stand against FDI in retail and tried her best to convince, persuade and motivate other parties to support her in her fight in the interest of the nation.

Cunning and clever leaders of opposition parties due to their own ego did not extend their support to her though they were more or less of the same view on the issue like FDI in Retail.

It is most unfortunate in India that politicians usually talk of national interest but in fact they always focus on strategy to remain in power somehow or the other. Politicians in general barring persons like Mamta Banerjee, do not do issue based politics. They more often than not sacrifice even national interest and welfare of common men to remain in power or to capture power by unethical routes.

Parties like SP, BSP,DMK, AIADMK, CPM, CPI, BJP, JD(U)  all appear to be  against FDI in retail but they do not want to protest the same in Parliament .They accuse central government headed by UPA of promoting corrupt politicians and not taking against the persons who are accused of carrying out corrupt practice and who are accused of indulged in activities against the interest of common men but they actually make all efforts to  extend all benefits to large corporate houses for political gain. These parties did not support Mamta Banerjee because they want to have good relations with government and shed crocodile tears when common men cry. They want to have a cake and eat it too. 

As a matter of fact SP and BSP are at daggers drawn to each other in the state of UP, DMK and AIADMK in Tamilnadu do not want to see each other, RJD and JDU in Bihar do not want to remain in same side of the government, left parties and rightist like BJP do not support each other even on issues which are beneficial for the country and for common men.It is disheartening that parties keep the interest of party or the person above that of common men and the country.

This dirty story of Indian politics has caused much harm to the country. Congress Party is master in doing dirty politics for political gain and this is why they shamelessly continue in office despite not having majority. It is only due to splitting of anti-c0ongress votes that Congress Party is able to run a minority government. 

Divide and rule is the strategy of ruling Congress Party to remain in power and unfortunately even opposition parties are also victim of their short term gain and their  self interest and hence do not like to fight jointly against the bad government .

It is sad that common men and the country as a whole is victim of these selfish politicians and there is none to punish such corrupt and ill-motivated politicians. Even media men are dancing as puppet in the hands of ruling class or for the sake of power and maximum TRP. It will not be unwise to say that democracy and secularism  have failed to take adequate care of common men and the country but helped ruling party to grow in wealth and power.

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