Saturday, December 10, 2011

Support Team Anna with all Friends and Relatives

Rajiv Shukla and Pawan Bansal are left and right hand flatterer of MMS. They always move with Manmohan Singh and stand on left and right side of learned PM.

The great Digvijay Singh and the great Manish Tiwari used to speak to public and to media against the movement of Ramdeo and that of Team Anna. Now this work is being done by Mr. Kapil Sibal , Manu Singhwi ,Salman Khursid Law Minister and the great flatterer Mr. Pawan Bansal and Rajiv Shukla. DVS, Kapil,Manu Singhwi and Manish are close flatterer of Rahul and Sonia. Duty assigned to these great flatterers is to torture Team Anna and Team Ramdeo and apply all laws against their followers. They are least bothered for elimination of corrupt people from the system.

DVS told a few days ago that Ramdeo is thug. Manish accused Anna as the most corrupt; Kapil told "Team Anna is danger to Parliamentary system?

Pawan Bansal says “Team Anna in provoking violence, doing Netagiri, and Anna is not Pharista of Imandari"

Congress Party says that they are against Janlokpal as contemplated by Team Anna but they are in favour of Rahul's suggestion that there should be a Constitutional body like Election Commissioner to combat Corruption. Rahul is more important for flatterer team of Congress Party and not crores of followers of Team Anna and that of Ramdeo.
This is the level of flattery built in the mind of most of ruling politicians and officials. This shows that ruling party is treating all supporters of Anna movement or Ramdeo's fight against Black money as their core enemy.

Statement made by some of core flatterers reveals that they have lost the mental balance.

Due to lackluster attitude of the government and continued pandemonium in Parliament ,Team Anna has organized open debate at Jantar Mantar where Members of Parliament and prominent politicians will tell their views and entire country will watch.
It is known to every conscious citizen that Parliament and state Assemblies are seldom used for framing policies for welfare of voters but invariably used for mutual mudslinging .Elected Members of Parliament and State Assemblies who seldom exhibit their respect for discipline and do all unparliamentary activities in Parliament are preaching sermon to common men of India to act as per spirit of the Constitution and not allow Team Anna to work parallel to Constitution.

When the government led by various political parties failed to enact strong Lokpal, public movement is bound to erupt and it is public movement led by Team Anna who are trying to force ruling party either to make strong Lokpal or leave the government. Unfortunately a perusal of the recommendation of standing committee reveal that substantiate doubt of Team Anna on integrity and seriousness of the government in formation of strong Jan Lokpal as promised by them a few months ago.

Some of flatterer media men plead that when existing laws to combat corruption failed, how one Lokpal can succeed in this goal. It is necessary to point out the all regulating bodies have become puppet in the hands of ruling government due to their unrestricted greed. Hence it is important to build strong legal structure against corrupt system which will work absolutely independently and government will not dare intervene in the working of Lokpal as they hitherto are doing in the functioning of CBI , CVC and Anti Corruption Bureau.

In such position I fully justify the pressure tactics applied by Team Anna to force ruling party to frame strong act against corrupt system. Those who are blaming Team Anna of blackmail politics are directly or indirectly supporter of MMS led government. Without pressure politics even Britishers would not have freed India from slavery. This government has also been tested several times and they always stab voters from the behind. Their all actions always tease and belittle people who raise voice against misdeeds of ministers.

Mahatma Gandhi started Quit India Movement and Anna Hazare has launched Quit corruption Movement.

I therefore fully support Team Anna and their ideas envisaged in Jan Lokpal Bill draft submitted to Government of India for framing necessary Law.
I wish all the best for Team Anna and his movement. My Hearty Congratulation to Team Anna and all who are extending support to them.

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