Monday, September 21, 2015

Do You Think TV Media Are Threat?

A girl created nuisance in a Thana at Andheri west Mumbai. All TV medias are showing this ugly scene for the whole day. After all what purpose media men want to serve by repeated telecast of such incidents? If you do not like to hear such news and you think that such news teach others to follow such dirty acts, or such news simply wastage of time for media or such news gives wrong message to all , please suggest remedy to stop such misuse of Freedom by media men.

Prior to that media men spent several days in analysing Sheena murder case or Ayushi murder case. There are numerous such news which when telecasted by TV Channels prove harmful for society. Many times media men telecast false news saying "News received form reliable Sutra " and misguide various groups , castes and communities of the society. They do not hesitate in character assassination of a person based on 'Sutra' news. They do not own responsibility for false news which tarnishes the image of a person. They through false news tarnish the image of corporate house to please some politician or the other.

When any  person is beaten, or arrested or killed  , media men will make hue and cry in the name of  Dalit person or a Muslim or minority or some state or the other, or some religion of the other , arousing sentiments of one group of the other and provoking another group or the other. They play with emotions of people of India and create animosity between two groups , two castes , two communities, two regions, two religions, two states , two countries and so on. It is they who  divide person from person, make one caste enemy of the other caste and ignite fire between two  communities. They should show such examples and such incidents which may bring two groups closer, which may help in strengthening their relation and which may ultimately help in  making unity of Indians stronger.

But unfortunately Indian media particularly TV media try to do opposite to it all the time. They always portray negative side of Indian society which is very much harmful. Even during election times, most of TV channels work as if they are agent of some political party or the other. They do not think whether the quality of news telecasted  by them is harmful for peace of society , for Indian culture and for Indian security. They seldom think that news telecasted by them is of news for common men but they make each news as breaking news to enlarge their TRP.

I think all programme and all special news which are repeated many times and become a point of debate, media men should seek votes from audience whether they like such news or not . Further there should be a separate and independent rating media which will assess the voting of each programme and give final rating to each TV channel. When education institutions can be rated, banks can be rated, corporate are rated , technology is rated, government is rated and all projects are rated from risk and success angle, why not each TV channels should be rated?

In my opinion all TV channels must be rated whether the materials telecasted by a channel is harmful for Indians and whether they are safe for security , unity and integrity of India. When all films are subjected to censor board before bringing the film in public domain, why not news telecasted by TV channels should be subjected to scrutiny. I say so TV channels has the potential to misguide the pulse of not only electorate in an general election , it can spoil the future of students, it can disturb peace in any area or any state by propagating false news or by fuelling a small incident or by converting a small quarrel to riot.

Though media men will term my opinion as encroachment on their freedom, but there is no doubt to me that unregulated freedom is not guaranteed even by our Constitution  and neither such uncontrolled freedom is beneficial for the country or for any society.

It is now necessary to impose some restraint on media or media men should themselves come forward with code of conduct to make them disciplined and national in true sense. I think it will be wise step that all political parties  sit together along with media men to formulate a policy of discipline and of good conduct for at least TV media which is acceptable to all and which may hold the sanctity of freedom and that of Constitution intact.

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