Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Teach Lessons To Media Men

Sumit Awasthi , you may say as enemy of Unity of Mankind, is crying on IBM , asking Paswan and Shakuni who is real Dalit Neta. They will sometimes ask   Muslims, who is their true leader, Lalu, Sonia, Nitish, Kejriwal or Mulayam or Mayawati. Another day  they will ask who is true Hindu leader?  They will never ask Who are true Indian leaders, who is the best leader for growth and development of India and who is real well wisher for mankind.

Media men are bent upon dividing Indians in different groups of different castes, different communities , different religions, different regions. They never try to unite people, they search extremists and fundamentalists of each group, call them for debate on their TV Channel and ignite fire on TV channels in such a way that difference of opinion becomes difference of hearts, gulf between two groups is widened and different groups of one colour become hard-core enemy of other.

It is media men who are trying their best to dilute all efforts made by true and real social reformers and well wishers of humanity. Anyone who tries to give value to all groups as Indians is rejected outright by clever anchors of various TV channels.

If Modi or any leader of the country tries to bring Muslims in mainstream and tries to bring all communities on one platform , these dirty media men will drag them to graves of history , recall various accidental events of the past and create a hypothetical and then real war between lovers of  various personalities of the past. It is they who allot permanent tag to one group as Pro-Gandhi and to another as Anti-Gandhi, who tag a party as Pro-Muslim and another anti-Muslim, one with pro-Hindu and another with anti-Hindu and so on. They never conduct any programme on TV which treat all Indians as Indians only.

Thes media men oppose ban on selling of beaf and oppose proposed ban on porno site, not directly but by projecting such fundamentalists in upper bracket and make all possible efforts to belittle the good ideas behind such vision. Media men do not support or oppose any idea on the basis or merit or demerit but based on person who advocates such idea. They act as if they are paid agents of some person or party or the other.

If a media man is anti-Modi, he will reject all ideas of Modi and if he is pro-Modi, he will support all his plans and ideas. Media men for their TRP do not hesitate even in leaking out defence secrets. They will tell the world how Indian Government is trying to trap Daud and Hafiz Sayeed and how Indian government will fight war at POK . They waste their valuable time on How Sheena was killed and how Ayushi was murdered. They never try to understand that such stories are of no significance for common men.

But the million dollar question is who will stop media men?

Who will have the courage to say against such media men who are real enemy of the country , of mankind and who are real enemy of peace, love and harmony?

 After all it is the question related to their freedom?

Media men try to raise the issues of quota and reservation on their TV and make all possible efforts to divide Indians. They say that it is leaders of various parties who talk on these issues , they simply bring it to the attention of common men. But bitter reality is that there are hundrds of such acts and events which help in bringing together diffrent groups on one platform ,which talk of unity and gives importance of being an Indian and which helps in strenghthening unity and integrity of India. Media is blind on such positive news . They want to create havoc by promoting Porno site , by promoting sale of beaf and by promoting quota and reservations for one group or the other which can divide mankind and which can enhance their audiance and their revenue.

If India grows , all Indians will be benefitted.
If there is peace, it will be good for all Indian families.
All religions preach good sermons but it is only a few so called experts of religions who propagate ugly interpretation of religion and media help them in getting success in their ill-motivated ugly task and ugly goal.

As soon as election is announced , these media men will present all caste based analysis and then predict future of various leaders based on caste based permutations and combinations. They will inject poison even in the minds of those who think always in terms of word Indian , not as pat of any caste of community.
It is the demand of Time that media is taught a lesson to become  lover of humanity and lover of India. Media men have to be self-restraint. India has to learn to develop good practices for TV media because TV media has the capacity to create turbulence even in peaceful and deep ocean. They can make or mar image of any person ,any party and even the country  as per their whims and fancies. Time has come that PIL is filed in courts against media men who do not treat all Indian citizens as purely Indian and Indian only. We have to tell them that dancing nude on road or advocating porno site in not the real meaning of freedom .Even Constitution does not grant unlimited and unregulated freedom to any citizen .

I focus and put stress on regulating and controlling TV media and social networking sites because they can spread the dangerous and killer   viruses and right or wrong ideas in seconds in every nook and corner of the country. In olden days of print media, it was hardly five to ten percent of total population used to read seriously newspapers and magazines. And only five out of one thousand readers could read and understand the news pertaining to murders, rape, caste based analysis, defence strategy etc. Now a days social sites spread bad news in seconds and even terrorists use such sites for sending their ill-motivated killer messages to India to spread communal disturbances and to weaken our country.

Print media used to print any bad news only once whereas TV media broadcast such bad news 24 hours not for a day or two but for months and years. Through TV and social sites ugly news spread fastest and hence create havoc in minutes.

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