Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lalu is Great ?

Lalu is the product of JP movement but he dislikes Team Anna movement and says that Parliament is Supreme. People of India have sent Lalu Yadav to Parliament and now Lalu treats himself above people of India. He does not hesitate condemning movement as also people of India who are supporting Team Anna Movement. He himself talks in indecent way in Parliament but preach sermon to others on Supremacy of Parliament.

During seventies JP tried a lot to get right recall elected represented but failed. Now  persons like Lalu who could become leader only  due to JP agitation and who were hard core followers of JP are now saying that Parliament is above common men and say that Team Anna has not right to dictate terms to Parliamentarians. Followers of JP were crying during 1972 -76 for right to recall of elected representatives. After getting elected to power the same brand of leaders are talking opposite to what they demanded more than three decades ago.

People of India have elected MP to legislate and plan for welfare of common men but Most of elected MPs are now treating the elector, the voter as enemy and say that people of India have no right to interfere in the affairs of the Parliament. Shameful indeed. This is a tragedy of our Constitution that People of India who wrongly elected corrupt and criminal for Parliament will get an opportunity to teach such leaders a lesson and punish them only after five years .This gives leaders called as MP as unbridled powers to dictate terms for almost five years to voters who voted them to power.

Anyway, Team Anna and its followers should not be disheartened. People of India in good numbers are behind Team Anna and are from core of their heart supporting movement against Corruption.

Everyone may not be good speaker like MP, they may not be good writer but they may exhibit their power during election. People of India fortunately have got a leader who can provide them relief from pain of cancer of corruption, sooner or later. 

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  1. Lalu is right in saying so. Parliament is supreme. However why present members should be called as peoples representatives? They were declared elected because they got more votes than their respective opponents but not 100% or even 50% votes from their respective constituency. They don't represent their respective constituency and present Parliament doesn't represent people of India. So Lalu is wrong. There is a way out see here:
    In a democratic setup Parliament is the highest authority so CBI can't be independent. Presently so called representatives get approximately 15% votes of constituency. Reason is voting is around 50%. My question is how can a person getting 15% vote represent JANATA? We need voting should be made compulsory and for declaring elected the representative must get at least passing marks i.e. 35 to 50% votes of the constituency. The exact percentage should be debated and decided. Just cribbing like an old lady won't lead India any where. Let's take up a case to make voting compulsory. I have prepared a petition please sign so it can be submitted to the govenment for taking positive action. Read here: Petition: Save India: निवेदनः भारत बचाओः
    How to Sign Petition on Change.Org:
    please sign this petition and let's work step by step to achieve our goal of democracy. Thank you all