Sunday, October 4, 2015

What Is Your Opinion?

The Dadri incident is an accidental event or an act of some mischievous politician or that of an anti-social element or more precisely and correctly an act of a criminal. There is no doubt in it that we get hurt when a life is killed or injured. But instead of stopping the crime and punishing the real criminal, politicians are playing dirty politics. And it is most unfortunate that fourth pillar of democracy , the press and specially TV channels oriented media men are trying their best to divide the society by projecting each such event in most provoking way.

It is media who add fuel to fire to each such event, it may be a killing or a rape or a murder. In a country of 125 crore population, some barbaric incident use to take place, but media men paint the event with colour of caste and community, it is they who work as agent of some party and try to malign other party. In their dirty game of increasing their TRP media men are weakening country and disturbing communal and caste harmony.

Common men become victim of such dirty game of media as well as that of ambitious fundamentalists , so called politicians. All politicians are not bad , only a few are pure fundamentalist always trying to ignite fire between two groups. Normal citizen are silent spectator of such abnormal incidents or accidents, they do not bother such event but undoubtedly due to such acts and due to ugly role of media and dirty politicians , precious time of all is lost in useless talks, useless debates on TV . People lose their life and property due to avoidable and useless dangas or riots or communal disturbances created by purely criminals and those who do not have love and peace in their mind. None of communities is benefitted by such ugly acts. Only mad men can like such events.

Even in developed countries like USA or UK ,such barbaric killings take place. Media in their countries do not paint it with colour of races or religion. Lacs of people die every year in want of proper health care facilities in our country , in road accidents, in train accidents, fire incidents, lack of food or food poisoning, in natural calamities , due to various incurable diseases and so on. Last week , about 1100 pilgrims were killed in Saudi Haz Stampede. Hundreds of students are killed every year by consuming poisonous mid day meal. Hundreds of people die ever day by consuming spurious wine. And so on..

If we develop proper and adequate health facilities, safe and secure traffic arrangement, secure infrastructure, honest police system , effective judiciary , we can reduce death to a great extent which are caused by weak system. We can save huge money spent in avoidable riots, debates and political infighting by simply focusing on value of life of all animals and all human beings.

It is in India only where media men make mountain of a mole hill. A person is killed means an Indian is killed. But media will say ,a dalit is killed, a Muslim is killed, a backward is killed and so on and try to provoke the sentiments of people. They will not report a person of upper caste is killed by a dalit, or a Hindu is killed by Muslim because such news cannot help them in boosting their TRP.

There are on the contrary many such events when a Muslim saves the lives of hundreds of Hindus and a Hindu saves the life of several Muslims. Can Media do not give major portion of their precious time on TV on such news which may help in strengthening unity of two groups? Hundreds of such events take place in our vast country when people help their fellows without any discrimination. Why media remain silent on such adorable events?

Why do they not repeatedly telecast those news and events which may motivate people to love other people and where lesson of patriotism is spread?

I do not understand why there is so much hue and cry on what a person eats. Let it be a choice of a person. But the eatables or meat should not be kept in open and shown to all. Even many of meat eaters and children of meat eaters do not want to see cutting of animals because it may harm them, their mental peace and sometimes child become mentally sick. Even doctors and medical sciences do not approve cutting of animals in public places. All religions on earth teaches love and peace. But a few sane and mad minded persons misinterpret religion to serve their selfish goal.

One is free to choose his food, his religion ,his place of work, his life style but he should not try to disturb others by his acts. Someone try to listen songs but if he plays the music at high sound in train or in public place, it may cause problems to others. In a society one has to learn to love others and give respect to emotions of others. A person is free to move on road but he is not free to violate traffic rules. One is free to worship God of his or her choice but he or she has got no right to show disrespect to God of others.

The most pertinent point is that , Can a person who hurts other live in mental peace? Never. ......only persons who give love to others enjoy peaceful and sound sleep. If every one start loving others , there will be real heaven on earth itself. No need to go elsewhere for getting love of God, it is here we can get if love other human being and animals

Kejriwal or Sadhwi Prachi or Togaria or Owassi or Lalu Yadav like politicians go to Dadri to enhance their vote bank and ask why Modi is not going there. You may imagine the fate of a PM or CM or the country if PM or CM starts visiting each spot where a killing tales place or a girl is raped or some mishappening takes place. Cases of inhuman killings or raping a girl is not new in India or elsewhere in the world, it has taken place in every state, every country during each government and in each country and in each era, each year, each century. . We have read in history books how and why several great men were killed and crucified.

Even a person like Gandhi had opponents and was killed by a fanatic. It is bitter truth that a person who think for all humanity become a target of some anti social or some miscreants. We have to learn to treat crime as crime , pure crime. We have to crate effective police system, effective judiciary and effective administrative set up which deal with criminals without any discrimination and which can function without interference of any politicians. We have to learn to punish media men too who are igniting fire , who are adding fuel to fire , who are trying to divide society , who are projecting only negative picture of society . We have to prepare a code of conduct for media men too. A country can no longer tolerate and should not tolerate biased and provocative attitude of media men in the name of press freedom or in the name of right to expression granted by Constitution.

Let police work against all culprits independently . If left un-interfered, police will catch the real culprit in Dadri. But if they are under pressure of any government or any politician, they will catch hundreds of innocents to prove that they are doing their job. This is why lacs of innocents are languishing in jails for years and decades and real culprits remain free and unpunished.

Unfortunately arresting by policemen due to such political pressure is the reason that lacs of innocents are spoiling their valuable life in jail without even proper and timely trial. In India wherever and whenever targets are assigned, authorities try to achieve the same by hook or by crook and compromise with quality and truth.

It happens in all departments, banks or police or other sector. Crime records are not properly maintained, even FIRs are not registered in police to prove that there is peace in the area and to prove fraudulently that there is no crime in an area or in a state. Position of law and order in any area or a state or in the country is assessed and ascertained by fraudulently and fabricated statistics , not only in police but in all departments.

India need to punish even police or judges or officers or media men who act based on bribery or under influence of some powerful person. In USA police act fast and without fear of government interference and hence there is compliance of all laws in true spirit. But in India it is not so. In our beloved country crime doing people do not have any fear of law whereas innocents are afraid of even entering into a police station. Innocent fear police whereas criminals play hand in glove with policemen . Politicians protect criminals but remain silent when a true person is executed or tried in media.

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I submit below a good story which also teaches us lesson

एक सज्जन बनारस पहुँचे। स्टेशन पर उतरे ही थे
कि एक लड़का दौड़ता आता।
‘‘मामाजी ! मामाजी !’’—लड़के ने लपक कर
चरण छूए।
वे पहचाने नहीं। बोले—‘‘तुम कौन ?’’
‘‘मैं मुन्ना। आप पहचाने नहीं मुझे ?’’
‘‘मुन्ना ?’’ वे सोचने लगे।...
‘‘हाँ, मुन्ना। भूल गये आप मामाजी ! खैर, कोई बात
नहीं, इतने साल भी तो हो गये।’’
‘‘तुम यहां कैसे ?’’
‘‘मैं आजकल यहीं हूँ।’’
मामाजी अपने भांजे के साथ बनारस घूमने लगे। चलो, कोई
साथ तो मिला। कभी इस मंदिर, कभी उस
मंदिर। फिर पहुँचे गंगाघाट। सोचा, नहा लें।
‘‘मुन्ना, नहा लें ?’’
‘‘जरूर नहाइए मामाजी ! बनारस आये हैं और नहाएंगे
नहीं, यह कैसे हो सकता है ?’’
मामाजी ने गंगा में डुबकी लगाई। हर-हर
बाहर निकले तो सामान गायब, कपड़े गायब ! लड़का...मुन्ना
भी गायब !
‘‘मुन्ना...ए मुन्ना !’’
मगर मुन्ना वहां हो तो मिले। वे तौलिया लपेट कर खड़े हैं।
‘‘क्यों भाई साहब, आपने मुन्ना को देखा है ?’’
‘‘कौन मुन्ना ?’’
‘‘वही जिसके हम मामा हैं।’’
‘‘मैं समझा नहीं।’’
‘‘अरे, हम जिसके मामा हैं वो मुन्ना।’’
वे तौलिया लपेटे यहां से वहां दौड़ते रहे। मुन्ना नहीं
भारतीय नागरिक और भारतीय वोटर के नाते
हमारी यही स्थिति है मित्रो ! चुनाव के
मौसम में कोई आता है और हमारे चरणों में गिर जाता है। मुझे
नहीं पहचाना मैं चुनाव का उम्मीदवार।
होनेवाला एम.पी.,एम.एल.ए। मुझे नहीं पहचाना ?
आप प्रजातंत्र की गंगा में डुबकी लगाते
हैं। बाहर निकलने पर आप देखते हैं कि वह शख्स जो कल
आपके चरण छूता था, आपका वोट लेकर गायब हो गया। वोटों
की पूरी पेटी लेकर भाग गया।
समस्याओं के घाट पर हम तौलिया लपेटे खड़े हैं। सबसे पूछ रहे
हैं—क्यों साहब, वह कहीं आपको नज़र आया ?
अरे वही, जिसके हम वोटर हैं। वही,
जिसके हम मामा हैं।
पांच साल इसी तरह तौलिया लपेटे, घाट पर खड़े
बीत जाते हैं।
इसलिए दोस्तों सोच समझ के वोट करे नहीं तो NOTA तो है ही।।


  1. beautiful writing...I agree that its not about Hindu or Muslim, its about an Indian. but the point is we cant blame media, we all know at the back of our minds that this media is in habit to exaggerate the situation. we are educated, in class 6th only in history chapter its mention caste and religion discrimination is wrong still we haven't learned it! don't you think before pointing the media we should check what we are ? why we are not enjoying democracy because the politicians are taking advantage of this religion drift and we are offering that to them!

  2. I envision a world in which everyone has the right to pursuit of happiness without being constrained by oppressive social structures like religion, caste, class, race, gender etc. I respect the liberty of indivisuals to live their lives according to their own understandings. I oppose any attempt to impose dogma.
    I do believe; we not only need to promote scientific temper and rational thinkings, but we also strive to create a society based on equality among diversity !!

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  4. Our society has created a perception in our mind that those who are poor in study, they are just fool ! They can't do anything grate in their life. They can't earn good money and thus they can't live a healthy and pleasurable life. Again many of us have a missconception that those who can't speak or understand english; they are just uneducated/low educated.
    But from very begining of my maturity I have some what different perception on life. I think; having higher class degree signifies that you are highly qualified. But you may or may not be educated enough to enjoy a prestigeous life in our society. Education is how well you live your life, how fair you behave others, how much you care to your Land, environment and fellow men. In a nut shell; being a educated one you mean to you and your land and care to society.
    India needs love not hatred. For that the while education system should be changed, which will make understand the students what is right, and fight for justice and Constitution up gradation. The politicians are selfish, decide India according to religion, caste, creed, financially in order to get votes. They will die one day, but what's after that? India is affected. So Make India first. United We Stand. Unite India. We the people, of the people, for the peole and by the people. Let my country awake.

  5. Thanks to you all. In USA ,uniform and free education is available to all upyo class12. They love fellow citizens and their country. They abide by rules and respect all laws police and guidelines strictly. We Indian do not value our fellow Indian without discrimination and we do not even love our country ,our laws and rules

  6. Thanks to you all. In USA ,uniform and free education is available to all upyo class12. They love fellow citizens and their country. They abide by rules and respect all laws police and guidelines strictly. We Indian do not value our fellow Indian without discrimination and we do not even love our country ,our laws and rules