Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Kejriwal Questions Modi's Foreign Tours

Delhi's Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has questioned Prime Minister Narendra Modi's US visit and said there was a need to first make India strong before expecting investment from abroad. He further says that there is a need to ponder , assess and ascertain what the country has achieved from his foreign visits so far. He does not understand the value of foreign trips, does not understand the necessity of attending international bodies and does not understand the need of foreign investment. He dos not understand that India is obliged to abide by  UNO dictates and follow international rules and code of conduct to remain in international family of countries. 

Mr. Kejriwal perhaps does not understand the importance of efforts made by Mr. Modi in mobilising support from other Nations of the world in gaining the prestigious seat in UN security council. It may be his strategy to defeat Modi in domestic politics or to malign the reputation of Mr. Modi which is gradually gaining momentum all over the world. He may be jealous of Modi getting accepted and given warm welcome in all countries he visits . Kejriwal may be afraid of Modi's popularity going up and up.  But his comments against Modi on foreign   trips will definitely not  liked by any person who understand the value of foreign visits and who are aware of value added by Mr. Modi in status of our country.

I considered Mr. Kejriwal as a real patriot and had many expectation from him in cleaning the politics and administration from corrupt people and will give India a valued based politics . I do not know whether Mr. Kejriwal  is so innocent and unaware of what achievement our country has got through foreign trips made by Mr. Narendra Modi , the Prime Minister of India during last 15 months. But I am sure that he is indulged in most dirty type of politics. He is focused on his self interest , his goal to become national leader and his plan to dethrone Mr. Modi from post of PM. He is wondering in dreamland if he has an Utopian Idea of becoming national leader in his mind. He is in infant stage of politics but he pretends as if he is master of all politicians.

Voters of the country understand the ground reality and will give Kejriwal  a jerk if he does not mend his behaviour and does not control his comment against most popular PM Mr. Modi. Kejriwal may compete with Pappu of Congress Party but he is too small a baby to compete with person like Modi.

I do not question his efforts to malign Mr. Modi, the Prime Minister of India and to malign the image of our country in international forums, because it is his freedom and may be termed his democratic right. But I would like to ask learned Kejriwal why did he visit to USA in the year 2014 and why did he frequently visited other states during last two years. I would like of ask him why did he make a long tour of Gujarat . I like to ask why did he went to contest election in Varanasi in UP.

I like to ask why being CM of Delhi , he visits Punjab, Haryana , Bihar and other states. I like to ask why does he invite businessmen of other states to set up industries in Delhi. I like to ask why does he being CM of Delhi meets Nitish Kumar CM of Bihar. I like to ask why has called a meeting of five CMs , CM of Tripura, CM of Bihar and so on. What purpose he is likely to serve for people of Delhi by such interactions with politicians and business men of other states and how much money he has wasted in such tours and meetings. He should say why youth of Delhi are going to other states and abroad for higher studies and for better job and what he has done during last one year or what he is planning to do to stop it and to make Delhi self-sufficient.

Followers of Aam Admi Party AAP say Mr. Modi is going abroad with begging bowl in hand. Here also I would like to state that Mr. Modi is making foreign tours for increasing Foreign Direct investment FDI in India and for growth in India. But why members of AAP were moving with begging bowls in hand to various states and abroad when their party took birth or when they were attached with India Against Corruption and Team India.  Mr. Kejriwal and his supporters were and are seeking donation for empowering their political party as against Mr. Modi for empowering the country. This is the difference between the two .

And last but not the least what purpose he being a Chief Minister of Delhi is going to serve for people of Delhi by criticising and ridiculing Prime Minister of India . Why Mr. Kejriwal does not focus on needs and necessities of  people of  Delhi like CMs of other states ?             Mr. Kejriwal has been elected CM of Delhi and rejected all over the country. Yet he , not as a layman leader but as CM is trying to jump to other states frequently  and also trying to interfere in the functioning of PM of India , Why?  He ridicules foreign trips of Modi made to increase FDI and to promote Make in India plan . He should introspect and say why does he depend on Central government for financial support.

Mr. Kejriwal questioned the honesty and integrity of all politicians before he was elected as CM of Delhi. Now after getting elected as CM of Delhi he is supposed to clean the politics and administrative functions of Delhi Government . He is supposed to question his ministers, his MLAs and his followers why are they getting trapped in various criminal activities. He is talking of Jan Lokpal since long, but he has not got success in trapping his own men through internal Lokpal . His own men are getting arrested in various criminal acts and scams but he failed to nip in the bud as he promised during his role with India Against Corruption and his role with Team Anna. 

Kejriwal ask Modi to first make India strong and not go for begging FDI . Why does he depend on central fund for development of Delhi and why does he not plan to become self-sufficient in all respect. May God bless Kejriwal with knowledge and wisdom. I however BJP stalwarts and media men  not to give value to child-like behavior of Kejriwal.

AAP chief Arvind Kejriwal to address Columbia University students during New York visit-Indian Express

Due to Kejriwal's busy schedule in view of the Delhi Assembly elections, he is making a short visit to the US.

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Kejriwal on a 3-week 6-states tour from Wednesday-Hindustan Times 04.03.2014 Hindustan Times

Starting Wednesday, the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) convenor Arvind Kejriwal is set to undertake an almost three-week long six-week tour ahead of the Lok Sabha elections.
These states include, not necessarily in the chronological order, Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat, Karnataka and Punjab. His tour starts on Wednesday with a visit to Gujarat. The Kejriwal-led party has already declared 70 candidates from 16 states, including these states.

The Election Commission is set to announce dates for Lok Sabha election on Wednesday.
Whether or not Kejriwal himself contests the Parliamentary polls, the party has already declared that the polls will be fought under his leadership. Also, the various state units have been demanding for quite some time the tour of respective states by the party’s most identifiable and popular face.

“After four days in Gujarat, culminating with the rally on March 8, Kejriwal will travel to Mathura on March 9. He will be there in Goa on 11,” party sources said.
The next lap includes three days – March 13, 14 and 15 – in Maharashtra’s Mumbai and Thane, followed by a day long tour on March 16 in Karnataka’s Bengaluru. “Apart from meeting local party office bearers and volunteers, Kejriwal will be holding road shows and addressing rallies,” the source added.

Kejriwal and other top party leaders had undertaken a three-day road show drawing large crowds in neighbouring Uttar Pradesh with a rally at Kanpur on March 2. While announcing the names, the party has maintained that 5Cs – criminality, corruption, cast-related violence, community-related violence and character – and the ‘winability’ of the candidate are important.


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Mr. Kejriwal should avoid wasting time as other rivals of Mr. Modi are wasting time in maligning image of Mr. Modi. Congress Party has become almost non-existent only because it has started focusing on Modi's image. Country has greater expectation from Mr. Kejriwal who is product of India's movement against corruption of Previous UPA government which reduced strength of Congress Party from 400 to 40 in Parliament.

If Kejriwal perform well he can increase his strength from four to four hundred slowly and gradually , but not overnight .Kejriwal should not behave like Lalu or Pappu , Mulayam or Mayawati because he has promised Indians to give a entirely different politics. He did not promise to be like BJP or Congress Party but promised to give a value based politics . Kejriwal should avoid politics based on caste or community, region or religion as other politicians are said to be doing .He should keep Entire India in his view before making any comment against a valued person and dignitary like Prime Minister of India.  

                                               Last but not the least, Arvind Kejriwal suggests Mr.Modi not to think about 'Make in India' and first focus on 'Make India'. Why not the same path is followed by him which Mr Kejriwal preaches Modi?. Mr.Kejriwal should also not think about 'Make India' but focus on 'Makes Delhi'. Mr Kejriwal should stop visiting other states if he likes so, but should not preach Mr. Modi to stop foreign visit.

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LET ME EDUCATE YOU Arvind Kejriwal
Here are a few facts about China you should know:

1. China has grown since 1990, when its economy was the same size as ours, in three spurts

2. The first spurt between 1990-97 was funded almost entirely by expatriate Chinese investing in China. These were expatriates from China's prosperous littoral. Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Phillipinnes, Taiwan. They bo
...ught infra bonds and invested in state sponsored and guaranteed industries which were used to fund Chinese infrastructure and secondary industries. China grew to twice our economic size in nominal dollar terms.

3. The second spurt of growth was between 1998-2005 and was again funded by continued expat money, supplemented by home savings mobilization and for the first time, huge FDI investments by US and European MNCs. China grew to 2.5x our economic size and overtook Britain and France.

4. The third spurt was between 2006-2012 & shrugged off the global crash by funding its growth with primarily MNC investment. It did not even have to touch its massive Forex reserve at the time and used principally FDI and FII money looking for safer shores to fuel, unfortunately and inevitably, a bit of a bubble in stocks, over supply of real estate & an unprecedented bull run in commodities. Its economy in nominal dollars became 4.0x India's and it overtook Germany and Japan to become the second largest global economy.

So where, my dear Kejriwal, do you see //China made itself strong on its own and then sought investments abroad// in this story?

Stop spewing rubbish about stuff you do not know.

Stick to what you know best. Conning the impatient and gullible public of Delhi.
By Shamik Moitra