Sunday, September 27, 2015

An Appeal To Mr. Arvind Kejriwal

I do not like the opinion of Mr Arvind Kejriwal CM of Delhi who has ridiculed foreign visit of Mr. Modi and tried to make a sarcastic comment on his appeal for Make In India. It is definitely true that PM has to focus on India and Indians first. It is just like a parent who focus on their family and it is but natural .

But can a family survive without taking help of society and without taking care of society and other families ?

It is an old saying and bitter truth that Man is a social animal and hence cannot dream of leading an isolated life confined in its birthplace or a small corner. One has to move from corner to corner to know the world, to help others and to seek help from others . Similarly India has to deal with foreign countries as foreigners are dealing with India. India has to export and import goods ,willingly or unwillingly as other nations depend on import and export from India. India has to respect foreign treaties and international standards of mutual respect . India has to help other nation and seek help of other countries for the betterment of Indians and Indian industries.

Not only this , for a developing country like India, it is the not the choice for India but a necessity for India to visit foreign countries to sell our goods and to buy goods for Indians. India has to have good relations with foreign countries not by choice but by necessity because India is still a poor country and making effort for growth and development. India has to depend on foreign investment to create more and more job opportunities and for growth in GDP.

If India cannot set up enough industries and create enough job opportunities for Indian youth here in India , Indian youth will be constrained to go abroad in search of better job opportunities. It is known to all financial and political experts that India has not enough fund, enough capability, enough knowledge and enough resources to set more and more Industries and hence it has to invite foreign investors in India to set up more and more industries here on Indian land. Foreign Direct Investment will not only create new job opportunities for Indian youth in India itself but also make the quality goods available here in India and reduce our dependency on imports. A child may be born talented, but still he has to depend on parent, friends, teachers, quality schools and collages and many other specialists to develop his personality. A child cannot say that he has to remain confined in four wall of his house.

If Indian government will not care for youth of our country due to some reason or the other, Indian talent will go abroad as they are going since long. Kejriwal should therefore appreciate Modi that he has got better success than his predecessors in mobilising investment for India. Kejriwal and his party should praise Mr. Modi for forcing developed countries as well as other smaller countries to support the effort of India to get membership of security council.

As regards foreign investment and make in India concept promoted by Mr. Modi, Mr Kejriwal should at least learn the lesson from China. Major chunk of good produced in China are sold in world market . Even developed countries like USA are getting various goods produced in China and thus indirectly helping China to grow by leaps and bounds.
Arvind Kejriwal has to come out of his narrow thinking. He is CM of Delhi and for betterment of Delhi and Delhites, he too has to seek help of neighbouring states and invite industrialists from other states to create more and more jobs in Delhi. He has to seek the help of contractors, builders and various other service providers of other states to create better infrastructure in Delhi. He has to create more and more educational institutes for Delhi youths so that they may not need to go to southern states or abroad for better study or for better job . It is unfortunate that Kejriwal instead of focusing good for Delhi and Delhites spends more of his time in ridiculing the good efforts made by Mr. Narendra Modi.

Mr. Modi may be belonging to his rival political party but he represents entire country, 125 crore people of India whereas Mr. Kejriwal represents only one crore of Delhites. Kejriwal is made leader of one crore of people and Mr. Modi is elected leader of 125 crore of people by the same democratic process by which Kejriwal is elected. As such to serve his self interest , if Kejriwal ridicules Indian PM Mr. Modi and his appeal for increasing foreign investment in India or for his appeal for Make in India, it will not be appreciated by well wisher of the country.

I condemn such attitude of Kejriwal and I had never thought that Mr. Kejriwal will be so much mean minded for power and position. India expects a lot from person like Kejriwal and he should cooperate with central government. Please do not treat Indian PM as PM of Pakistan .India is a vast country comprising of many states and Delhi is only one of them . And Delhi is a Union Territory and hence Mr. Kejriwal has to work in cohesion with and in in tune with Central Government for getting better results.

Mr. Kejriwal should avoid wasting time as other rivals of Mr. Modi are wasting time in maligning image of Mr. Modi. Congress Party has become almost non-existent only because it has started focusing on Modi's image. Country has greater expectation from Mr. Kejriwal who is product of India's movement against corruption of Previous UPA government which reduced strength of Congress Party from 400 to 40 in Parliament.

If Kejriwal perform well he can increase his strength from four to four hundred slowly and gradually , but not overnight .Kejriwal should not behave like Lalu or Pappu , Mulayam or Mayawati because he has promised Indians to give a entirely different politics. He did not promise to be like BJP or Congress Party but promised to give a value based politics . Kejriwal should avoid politics based on caste or community, region or religion as other politicians are said to be doing .He should keep Entire India in his view before making any comment against a valued person and dignitary like Prime Minister of India.                                                   Last but not the least, Arvind Kejriwal suggests Mr.Modi not to think about 'Make in India' and first focus on 'Make India'. Why not the same path is followed by him which Mr Kejriwal preaches Modi?. Mr.Kejriwal should also not think about 'Make India' but focus on 'Makes Delhi'. Mr Kejriwal should stop visiting other states if he likes so, but should not preach Mr. Modi to stop foreign visit.

Arvind Kejriwal Takes a Dig at PM Modi's 'Make in India' Campaign-NDTV 27.09.2015

New Delhi:  Stressing on the need to 'Making India' first, Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal took a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, 'Make in India' initiative, which is a new national program designed to make India into a global manufacturing hub.

PM Modi is currently on a five day visit to the US where his focus has been on bringing in investments for the 'Make in India' and 'Digital India' campaigns during his meetings with various delegations of entrepreneurs and industrialists.

In a series of tweets, the chief minister said, "People are our best asset. Invest in them and world will follow us. Pro-people power policy of AAP government is a step towards Make India. All doubts on power front have evaporated in front of honest governance."

Earlier on September 20, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi had also criticised the Make in India campaign of the National Democratic Alliance government at the Centre.

Mr Gandhi had said, "It is not Make in India, it is Take in (From) India... "There's no place for labourers and farmers in his Make in India. Only his (PM Modi's) selected friends will benefit from it."

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