Sunday, October 18, 2015

An Appeal To Regulate TV Media And Social Sites, (Read comment box too)

Mostly Hindu and Muslim love each other and majority of them prefer to live in peaceful and cordial atmosphere. But a few insane persons try to disturb peace and media men try to use these insane persons to disturb peace and tranquillity, may be to earn higher revenue . Media men do not see good news which may promote love and peace , which may being closer two communities and which may send the message of mutual respect.

Whoever spit poison must be punished. But I want to stress is that media men try to ignite fire by using a few mischievous elements, whosoever he or she may be .

There are about 700 MPs and hardly 5 percent of them are bad. Media project only 5 percent and totally ignore rest 95 percent who are jewel for the country. ( Read my comments on responses of some readers submitted below in comment box ). Many MPs have done excellent job in their area and who speak good for society . Media has got no time to give them coverage. But if a person speak bad , they will repeat his story 24 hours and for many days. Media is certainly habituated to spread the virus of poison and poison only.

In every family of 20 persons you will find one is notorious. Good parents always good points of good person, sooner or later... bad also turn good, it is possible. But if parent glorifying or focusing only on bad persons there is all possibility that ratio of bad will increase slowly.

Let police take action against all bad Indians. Yes it is true that if police do not perform or are under pressure of some miscreants. Media should take up the matter with proper authority. If there is a wound or injury on a portion of hand, doctor has to cure that only. Doctor cannot say that all persons of that colour are bad for society. But doctor is also ill motivated that particular Doctor should be booked to task ,not entire community of doctors should be blamed.

Every human being has stool concealed below his abdomen and may evil materials in his body . Person cleans the body every morning and frequently .But when the person comes out , he does not discuss stool or he is not accused of having stool concealed in his body. He comes out well decorated, well dressed and hiding all hidable organs .People are worshipped for good points. But media will collect only stool of all persons and pour it like rain all over the country using powerful TV media. This create a stinking smell in every nook and corner all over the country which is undesirable and should be avoided as far as possible to keep environment neat and clean

In greed of higher TRP and in greed of getting greater popularity of TV channel , journalists are striking at emotions of people and playing with their emotions to earn higher revenue .In this way , these journalist may become fame for some time but ultimately people will stop trusting them and abusing entire Press which is not good. It will not be an exaggeration to say that  some of TV media do not hesitate even in broadcasting secrets of the country and leaking secrets of the country, they leave no stone to divide the nation on ground of caste and community.

There are on the contrary many  events when a Muslim saves the lives of hundreds of Hindus and a Hindu saves the life of several Muslims. Can Media do not give major portion of their precious time on TV on such news which may help in strengthening unity of two groups?

Hundreds of such events take place in our vast country when people help their fellows without any discrimination. Why media remain silent on such adorable events?  People in general want to leave in peace and love each other. Hardly 1 in 1000 person crate nuisance , if that is ignored and isolated, country will grow like anything.

Why do journalists  not repeatedly telecast those news and events which may motivate people to love other people and where lesson of patriotism is spread?

I do not understand why there is so much hue and cry on what a person eats. Let it be a choice of a person. But who will stop TV media who are organising one after other debates on their TV attended by selected hard core persons who is habituated to spit poison. Modi and many leaders has several times requested all Indians to focus on growth and try to live together in peace and harmony. Media does not listen such wordings. They listen only those hard sentences which can provoke discussion and aggravate fight against each other.

Normally civilised persons try to mediate and pacify two quarrelling persons by various tactics to restore peace and love.. But media is great media in our country. No one has courage to criticise Media men , otherwise journalist will term them Talibani and humiliate him to their best.

 It is true that  eatables or meat should not be kept in open and shown to all. Even many of meat eaters and children of meat eaters do not want to see cutting of animals because it may harm them, their mental peace and sometimes child become mentally sick. Even doctors and medical sciences do not approve cutting of animals in public places.

All religions on earth teaches love and peace. But a few sane and mad minded persons misinterpret religion to serve their selfish goal. Media men are always in search of insane persons who can help in making them popular and gain cheap popularity.

At the cost of repetition I would like to say that it is now very much necessary to have some strict code of conduct for media men , social networking sites and politicians. Otherwise India will grow weakness gradually. There are political monsters who have to be booked to task for using ugly language, provocative and divisive languages. There are religious fundamentalists , extremists and terrorist in every society, we have to isolate them or weed them out or mend their behaviour by imparting training in proper way.

There are many on Facebook who submit false news , ugly photos, and provocative materials which not only misguide children and adults but may also disturb communal harmony at any time. Similarly WhatsApp has become an easy tool to spread rumours without any sense of responsibility, accountability or fear of punishment.

Unfortunately these social networking tools have become tools to disturb society and the country , whereas they have the potential to be used to literate masses and to be used as most quick communication tool. India is facing great danger now not from arms and ammunition or  nuclear weapon but more from social sites which has become a place to distribute only fake and dirty materials.

How long such misuse of freedom will be tolerated and upto what extent ?

Time has come that people of all communities , all political parties and all social organisation sit together to decide suitable course of action to stop misuse of power of freedom of expression and misuse of press freedom by paid or biased journalists.

Last but not the least, I make an earnest appeal to Prime Minister, Head of ruling party and heads of all other political parties to select their party spokesman who are well versed in not only presentation of information but also who does not use hard language which may hurt the sentiments of other group , other party or other caste or community. If elected representatives do not behave nicely and in civilised way, this sends a wrong message to common men.

I specially request our Prime Minister Modiji to discipline MPs of his party who are using hard language against fellow Indians. It is the prime duty of ruling party first to crate an example of public conduct  for other parties who sit on opposition benches.

Similarly it will be very wise and praise worthy if some of hard core journalists come forward to have self imposed code of conduct to safeguard India's culture of love and mutual respect ,  social harmony and save India's unity and integrity. India will become strong and achieve growth only by following certain rules of co-existence  and mutual cooperation  only. Process of mud-slinging against each other will take us back  and make world laugh at us.

Danendra Jain 18th October 2015


  1. Some of readers have objected my assessment about MPs who speak bad language. They say 95% are criminals.. There is no harm in saying 100% are criminals. It may be possible. I or you are good . But what is the fun if we are not coming forward to cure the sick system where more than 95% are bad.
    Will we handover the rule to UK or USA if our persons all are bad and incompetent and criminals?
    Question is wherefrom good persons have to be imported. After all all 700 MPs have been elected by we people only . They have not fallen from sky. There is a system of election . Can we change the rule as per our whims and fancies?
    Our Constitution have been amended hundred times during last 70 years and learned High Courts and Supreme Court have examined and reviewed the issue of crime in politics or that of criminals in Parliament. many times during last 70 years If the system could not be changed by legal way , how can we change the same by crying on Facebook?
    Learned Arvind Kejriwal , Jai Praksah Narayan , Anna Hazare like persons started mass movement also to eradicate corruption from India but all failed. Mr. Kejriwal abused and accused all MPs and said all are chor and as soon as he will come to power , all these chors will go to jail. He published the list of top corrupt ministers of the then UPA government . As soon as he came to power he forgot the same.He cold not weed out chor from his own party.
    Kejriwal abused Shiela Dikshit and said that as long as she is in power in Delhi , rape incident will not stop and crime will escalate. Now when is CM he has started blaming Modi .When he will become PM of the country he will go to Obama or UNO for justice. He says police is in control of Modi which is true. But Delhi is a union territory since the beginning. He promised to give a different politics to country . But he as CM is also behaving like Lalu, Mulayam or Mayawati. He is also playing the same so called secular politics of traditional anti-BJP parties. He and his party have been trapped in several criminal cases . Now he has also stopped talking that criminals should be kept away from Parliament. .
    By the way I had focus on those MPs who speak and usually use divisive language and spit poison on society .I said 5% of MPs are bad in language and it is they who are vitiating atmosphere of the country and media is adding fuel to fire instead of isolating them.We have to learn to manage our affairs with our own men only and under our Constitution only. Those who spit poison should be punished and I hope steps have ben taken to minimise their use of ugly and divisive language. I meant to say that 95% are good and jewel in speaking in public life. I did not say that 95% are engineers or doctors or brilliant in all subjects and master of all. I did not say that 95% of MPs are God. Unfortunately if our work is not done as per our whims we do not hesitate in blaming even God and throwing the statue of God from house.

  2. Even an organization like bank do not have more than 5% as real jewel. Though it is said 20% of staff are actually willed and skilled and so on. Similar theory applies to MPs too. After all we cannot depend on foreign countries to manage our affairs just as our bank cannot depend on other bank for better results.
    We have learnt to have positive attitude towards our borrowers and when we take credit decision looking into best possibility under bank's framework set for credit decisions.. Likewise all persons are not ideally perfect but all have some positive points. If we focus on bright side, we will see more light. If we see only persons like Owessi or Sakchi or Lalu or Digvijay ,India will be counted as a joker country. If these few jokers are isolated , and if media focus on 5% best leaders who are really jewel in your view, country will grow . In banking language credit will grow. If a processing officer in bank stick to rules word by word , he will not be able to find out a single good proposal. Similarly one cannot find a single person who is ideally good. We have to learn to choose a figure among cyphers. Good persons cannot be produced in a factory. As a father also , you will have to ignore faults or mistakes of your child many times and focus on good points to make your child more brilliant .

  3. Rape incidents take place in many other states too and it is not a new phenomenon. CMs of other states do not pull Modi 24 hours. But Kejriwal who promised to give a value based politics to Nation will always abuse Centre and Mr. Modi and say he is handicapped because the Delhi police is in control of centre as if it is also due to will of Modi not as per provisions of Constitution.. In all others states police is in control of CM, can anyone claim that rapes, murders, riots or any other crimes do not take place there?
    We have come across killings of several persons after consuming poisonous mid day meal, spurious wine or rotten food. No hue and cry by media. Media men has also made it a habit to pull Modi's name in all those incidents and accidents which may provoke communal divide and which may disturb peace. Media men will not organise continuous debate on deaths caused due to mid day meal , due to food poison, due to excessive wine consuming, due to virus diseases, death occurring due to dirty water , death occurring due to improper medical care and due to poor infrastructure etc. They want masala men like Owessi, Sakchi, Lalu who can attract a crowd in the same way as a magician or a dancer gather or a drunkard gather crowd on road.

  4. Jai Prakash Narayan brought all non-congress parties to fight out corrupt Congress party. Janta party came to power. But persons like Lalu, Mulayam ,Mayawati, Are known to all ,the quality of politics they are doing is now open secret. V P Singh promised to give a clean politics but in greed of permanent power he divided society on caste line.

    Then came Team Anna. Arvind Kejriwal became CM by abusive all other . he abused Shiela Dikshit the then CM of Delhi when there was protest against Damini rape. Now CM turned Kejriwal says that Delhi police and Modi us responsible for rising crime in Delhi. He says that there is jungle Raj in Delhi. Crime us increasing but there is no conviction because police is ineffective. Then why he has invited Gulam Ali singer of Pakistan for program cin Delhi? How he will provide security to large gathering ? Is he doing the politics to prove that he is lover of Pakistan ? Is he trying to create mass disturbances on program day and then win the heart of Muslim voters by putting blame on Modi? When Kejriwal is unable to provide security to women in Delhi due to disobedience of police, how he will provide security to Gulam Ali and his program.? Does he want to prove that he is better and more powerful CM than any other CM of the country? Does he want to prove that he is better than notorious Shib Sena? After all what we can expect from good leaders like Kejriwal?

  5. Hello, just wanted to say, I loved this article. It was practical.