Thursday, October 22, 2015

Power OF Expression

Standard of politics is moving from bad to worse. Some People who use to abuse Manmohan Singh are now blaming Modi too. Some abuse Lalu and some to Nitish. Some Like Kejriwal and Mamta like persons and some dislike them, Some Like Karunanidhi and Some to Anna, Some abused Rajiv Gandhi ,some to VP Singh and some Indira Gandhi too. But people are unable to say who is best among last all PMs of India or who appears better among PM who has been watched , assessed and experienced by reader. Politicians have polluted the atmosphere of this country by using bad language against each other. Most of them use the power of talent and power of expression in abusing and accusing others.

Without any biased approach one has to say who is better and who will be better keeping in view, Lalu, Mulayam, Rahul and all other probable candidates. After all the country cannot remain without a leader and cannot have a leader who is liked by all. There are protagonists and antagonists of all leaders. We have to learn to respect a leader who is chosen through electoral process as best among all available options. We have right to criticise and it is also true that Even Gandhiji, Nehru, Ambedkar, Patel like persons had followers and had antagonists too. Anna Hazare And JP had many fans and many disliked him too.

If we go on abusing all , we will be guilty of not only tarnishing the image of our Nation in world forums but also guilty of weakening the country and stalling the process of development.. Parliament and State Assemblies are made to discuss and debate important matters , make rules and laws and give country a direction of safety and growth. But unfortunately the same is used for mudslinging against each other. There may be differences in opinion and approaches, but there should not be personal attacks only to weaken a person, a party or a group. It is not good either to become a blind Yesman or to become a blind condemner of a leader. It is always good to become a balanced critic with positive goal in mind.

Writers of the past , like Munsi Prem Chand, Harivans Rai Bacchan , Mahadevi Verma, Rabindra Nath Tagore,Salman Rushdie,Khuswant Singh, Bankim Chand etc used to change the direction and mood of the country by power of their pen. Writers have power to guide leaders and citizen of the country. Write ups of popular writers become material to be taught in schools and colleges. Writers have the capacity to motivate people of India by a small poem or a song or small article. There used to be debate in schools and colleges on topic called as 'which is more powerful , pen or sword'.

In modern era writers have perhaps lost their power of expression because writers who were awarded for their so called effective writing are now trying to become effective not by dint of their writing but by returning the award they got from rulers. It appears writers also have become victim of wave of dirty politics flowing in the country. It is hoped that valued writers of country will change the ugly language of greedy and bad politicians through their write ups, songs, essay and articles.

Unfortunately some of writers and intelligent people of our loved country take credit even in misinterpreting the statement of politicians wilfully to malign the image as per whims. Entire perspective is changed to suit the analyst. Comparison of human skill or an incident with animal is the tradition of the Hindi Language. Clever are compared with fox, sharp eyes are compared with eagle, simplicity is compared with cow and so on. Writers and speakers in all walks of life use to explain their ideas with illustrations related to animals. In modern era , even such comparison and illustrations are projected wilfully snd strtegically as attack on some caste or community.

Journalist and media men in general are master in changing the meaning of any statement as per their whims and fancies. In a country vast like India , it is very easy for media men specially those attached to TV media to malign a popular leader or to project an evil person as most popular. To add fuel to fire, social sites are also being used to malign the image of a person rightly or wrongly.

It is now purely upto reader , skill , maturity and capacity of reader and viewer to assess a person honestly or not. Media men has become more powerful than writers and politicians. It is they who collects stools and rotten materials from abdomen of a leaders and start pouring them as rain all over the country and continue to do so until entire country is full of bad smell and start stinking to create irritation and evoking sharp and violent reaction . it is they who paint even a good statement with bad colours.  

In olden days, scavengers used to collect night soil from every home and used to throw in a deserted and isolated place away from town. Now these Media men collect stinking materials and carry on their head to sprinkle the same from air so that it reaches every nook and corner. They have the art of adding bad smell even in good and healthy sttuf.
Incident of Dadri or Greater Noida or incident of UP or Bihar , rape of Damini or killling of Ayushi , statement of Owessi or Sakchi Maharaj become viral in no time and continue for days, weeks, and months whereas good words uttered by valued leaders of the country vanishes in minutes of reporting. There used to exst Ram and Ravana, Arjun and Duryodhan in all eras.

I hope media men, journalists, reporters , writers and critics of the country will help leaders of this country in making a good India and stop maligning its image .God bless them all. They have the power to give a good direction to political class of our country and if they like they can win the war launched by anti-national elements through their power of pen , their power of presenting the facts on TV and in print media. Let us hope for the best. Let us celebrate Durga Puja and Diwali as victory over evil forces.

Danendra Jain
23rd October 2015

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