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Freedom Of Expression And Freedom of Speech

Media men are in General biased, ill- motivated. Some of them are really good. Reporters and journalists are not only reporting a news like news . They sit on the chair of judge, jury and executionist. They carry out trial of a person on TV media in their biased style  . They portray usually only one side of a accident and put entire blame mostly on the head of innocent and exonerate real culprit. They do not hesitate even in showing which are normally concealed in overall interest of a civilised society. They do not project and glorify the person who try to sprinkle water to extinguish fire and stop quarrel. They will try to project only who can disturb peace.

Bad reporters like Rajdeep Sardesai or Rahul Kunwar or Arnab are in the name of press freedom humiliating persons they like . They know the art of twisting the matter as they like, they may misinterpret a word or a sentence as they like, they may paint an accident as a act acted under conspiracy, they may undresss and throw ink on face of anyone they like but if someone criticise a reporter it is termed as attack on freedom.

If a leader dare criticise a reporter they will kill such leader through their bullets and missiles, and the most painful is that they take the audience for granted. They know that people will like them only if they humiliate a top leader. This is their culture.

Day will come when people will teach them lesson because rulers are afraid of being tagged as Talibani by such mean minded reporters who form a devious gang to attack on such rulers. Even nuclear bomb will prove to be less damager and destructive as gang of such reporters can damage the fabric of communal harmony and destroy the country emotionally ,socially, internationally and financially and in all parameters of destruction.

I do not advocate that there should be restriction on freedom of expression or freedom of speech. Constitution has granted freedom to all of us. I understand it well that free press is the Atma and lifeline of Indian democracy. Free press have the power to make our government strong and stop misuse of power by a ruler. Still we have to follow certain duties towards our fellow citizen, our rules and laws, our society, our social harmony, our love for peace and tranquillity and unity, integrity , safety and security of our beloved great country.

It is the duty of reporter to report all news in an unbiased way. Still they are duty bound to present the matter in such a way which may not provoke violence or instigate a group to fight against other group.

If media men become totally free and do the task of humiliating leaders only, they will spoil India. In a country of 125 crore population , if a few Ravana like persons commit evil work , that should not be equated with culture of a group or the other. But reporters are Rajdeep always try to make a mountain of a mole hill to become famous without caring the ill effects it causes to social harmony and tarnishes the image of our nation in international forum.

Pakistan cannot damage our strong country even by nuclear bomb to the extent as some of medias and social sites are damaging India, Indian culture and mentality Indian citizens by serving only dirty materials on their platform. It is very dangerous and Indian government has to take proper care to stop misuse of freedom or media men and social sites themselves have to formulate self restraining framework for sharing news with common men or TV or social sites.

When media men show on their TV an act of killing of a person by another person, they do not say that an Indian has been killed by another Indian. They give it a caste and communal colour so that the riot spreads to every corner of the country . It is thy who are helping to widen the distance of two communities . They never try to repeat the stories of those acts which bring two caste and communities together. This culture is dangerous. Press has to learn the ill affects of such journalism and stop it voluntarily or government has to take appropriate step to curb it. I stress on social sites which has become a strong platform to spread virus of poison

Freedom does not mean to disclose defence secrets to enemy country and freedom does not mean only to portray negative picture of society and put blame on government for all small incidents and weaken India's power of bargaining and dealing with foreign countries on international forums. Freedom does not mean only blackening with ink the long cherished culture of our country . Freedom does not mean that a person will dance naked on road or serve porno materials on social sites . Freedom does not mean that a person will sing a song loudly to disturb his neighbour.. Freedom does not mean to throw all kachara on road or in others house..

Let us think over it to save our culture, our colleagues and our country.

Below is the blog written by Rajdeep Serdesai to wish Happy Durga Puja to all

The pseudo-patriots are at it again. Having behaved disgracefully after the  Dadri murder -- witness the statements made by leaders that either played down the incident or deliberately stoked hatred -- they have now found their voice again. The killing of a Bajrang Dal activist in Moodbidri in Karnataka has sparked off the charge of 'selective outrage' once again: why hasn't the media covered Moodbidri with the same intensity as Dadri we are asked.

Well, I'll tell you why. In the first instance, any killing is condemnable. But when we seek to compare two instances without even bothering to examine the political context, we are entering dangerous territory. Prashant Poojary was a Bajrang Dal activist in Moodbidri. The Bajrang Dal has self-admittedly used violence as a weapon against minorities (don't believe me, meet Babu Bajrangi in Gujarat or listen to him in a Tehelka expose). Poojary has been allegedly involved in cases of intimidation and violence in the region. He was fighting the 'beef Mafia' as part of the anti cow slaughter agitation. He didn't deserve to die under any circumstance but there is a political context to his death as there would be in Bengal when Trinamool workers clash with CPI M. He was part of a 'political war' between the Bajrang Dal and minority group outfits, some of them with criminal links. Can his killing be compared to Mohammed Akhlaq, an innocent householder whose only 'crime' was that he was the victim of a 'rumour' that he had stored beef and belonged to a particular religion. Naturally, the outrage over a hate crime   will be and must be greater in his case (I will concede that Dadri is closer to most 'national' TV studios, and if it had happened at a distant spot, it might have attracted lesser attention)

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I submit below an article cum letter written to RajdeepSerdesai and  presented on facebook titled as "But Rajdeep Sardesai you are wrong. Again"

Dear Rajdeep Sardesai
Before I come to your latest blog, I want to talk about your Facebook post from 14th October 2015. One of the issues you raised there was your problem with “labels“. You said: “it is so easy to label someone with a differing opinion” and that you “resent the use of labels“. Yet, your latest blog starts with the words “The pseudo-patriots“. Isn’t this a “label“, on “someone who has a differing opinion“?
I, on the other hand, have no issues with labels and hence I call you a two-faced hypocrite.
Coming to today’s post, you have chosen a convenient straw-man of pitting Dadri against Moodbidri. Like a one-on-one encounter where one event has to win, and the other must suffer an ignominious defeat. In your highly bi-polar world, only one can exist and the other must perish. Unfortunately, the point was never that and it never will be.

What the ordinary man on the street is saying repeatedly (and why you had to write your apologetic and defensive blog) is: “Yes Dadri was an extremely heinous incident. We all condemn it. Now can we hear at least a part condemnation for Moodbidri?“. No-one is saying Moodbidri is the counterpart of Dadri in all “chhatees gun“, It is you who has purposely made the debate so, for your own convenience.

While Dadri was in the media spotlight right from day one, Moodbidri was relegated to regional media and in the back-pages of national media. It came into national media’s focus almost 10 days after the event, that too after consistent pressure from social media. This is the problem. The role of the media is to report news in an impartial manner. A business news outlet would, for example, report news about an Ambani and also news about a Wipro. The intensity and the focus would be proportionate to the respective news but yes, they would certainly report it. But no, our “secular” mainstream media finds zero value in reporting all news proportionately.

Instead self-appointed “thekedaars” of secular and liberal values like you, go on to play judge, jury and executioner all rolled into one. Sitting in your plush offices, you like to decide which news item was a ‘political war‘ and which news item was threatening the “Idea of India”. Which is why you have given elaborate justifications for ignoring Moodbidri and also the “context” of the murder of Prashant Poojary, as if to say, since this is the context, the murder is not important.

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