Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Value of Democracy and Parliament

India is a democratic Country. Democracy is no more by the people, of the people and for the people. It is buy the people (when election is at hand), off the people (after getting victory in election) and far the people (busy in earning wealth through illegal ways and means)

 Most of Member of Parliament talks of supremacy of Parliament when they desire to malign movement of Team Anna against Corruption or that of Ramdeo Baba against Black Money. But do they all actually treat the Parliament as Supreme and treat it as place of Worship?

 In practice, MPs in general barring a few negligible exceptions are flatterer of their leaders from whom they expect some precious post or berth in cabinet or some favour in their family business or some favour in criminal cases going against them in various courts. MPs act, speak, vote and even raise hands as per whip issued from High Command of Political Party they belong to. 

They never take part in discussion on any bill, they are not even punctual in attending Parliament, they seldom sincerely listen to and respond to actively what is discussed in Parliament and lastly their attendance is even poor. Even when they attend Parliament, their most of time is spoilt in beating table in support of what their party member speak and otherwise in sleeping in Parliament or spending their valued brain in abusing opponents rightly or wrongly when opponent try to speak on some points .In the way person like Lalu speak in Parliament ,one cannot dream of decency of Parliament.

 It will not be an exaggeration to say that Parliament has become a play ground for playing Kabaddi between ruling and opposing parties; and normal play grounds in city like Delhi or Mumbai or Kolkata are being used by agitated mass to raise voice against the ruling party. 

 Team Anna have at least awakened common men , polarized right thinking people and have already succeeded partially in creating a fear in the minds of corrupt officers and corrupt politicians. And if Jan Lokpal Bill is passed as per desire and framework of its makers (Team Anna) I have no doubt that more than half of corruption will automatically end in fear of action.

Lalu and Mulayam like politicians are afraid of Jan Lokpal Bill because they are accused in many scams and hence they will leave no stone unturned to stop Lokpal Bill becoming Act. Their logic that they will be punished by Daroga if Lokpal bill is passed (Lalu's speech in Parliament on 21 December 2011 ), speak clearly that they desire to remain above Law and wish to force police officials and judiciary dance as per their whims and fancies.

 As of now there is no fear of law, police or judiciary in the mind of evil doers. At least politicians get success in managing officials of these legal bodies as per their sweet will and for this purpose they have the most powerful weapon of transfer and arbitrary promotion.This is why, despite existence of powerful Institutes of Justice like CBI, CVC, Anti Corruption Bureau and several other laws and departments meant to stop and control corruption , cancer of corruption is becoming more and more dangerous.The bitter truth is that most of officials working in these offices are themselves become victim of corruption or indulged in corrupt practices. 

In my view power of transfer and whimsical promotion is the root cause of all corruption and until these powers are curtailed , none can stop corrupt politicians doing misdeeds and none can stop corruption.

 “Sau Chuhe Mar Kar Bili Haz Ko Chali”. Members of Congress Party who have maligned the image of Parliament during their rule, pre emergency or post emergency era, pre- reformation or post reformation era, are now preaching sermons on principle of democracy and on Supremacy of Parliament. Similarly person like Lalu or Mulayam who themselves and whose entire party is facing corruption charges at some place or the other involving crores of rupees are now shamelessly preaching importance of Parliament to Team Anna whose all prominent members are beyond any doubt on honesty , integrity, sincerity and loyalty for the country. 

 Team Anna is great and will definitely win the battle against gang of corrupt politicians sitting on powerful post. Movement launched by Ramdeo or by Team Anna against the corrupt government will force opposing parties to come together in the interest of the country and oust Congress Party from power, sooner or later. 

Common men will teach the leaders of Congress Party good lesson on value of democracy when they will go for vote in next election. I am very much confident. Tools of Quota or waiver of loan of that of secularism will not help winning the election all the time, I hope so. God is all where to give ultimate justice. People of India know the value of Parliament, it is they who elect a person to keep their views in Parliament and it is they who may pull back MP from Parliament if the elected representatives work against the interest of common men or become puppet of rich people or that of criminals.. 

 People’s Parliament takes place in all towns and cities in all nook and corner of the country every moment and every day. The anger of Common men is visible in support Team Anna or Ramdeo are getting and there is no doubt that they will again prove that democracy is really by the people, of the people and for the people.

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