Monday, December 19, 2011

Food Security Bill

If Indian government and officers working in various organizations, banks ,insurance companies and Public sector enterprises completely stop spending on their bosses , ministers and powerful dignitaries and in celebration of birth days anniversaries or death anniversaries of VIPs and in inaugural functions of various projects , I guess government will save at least 10000 crores rupees per year. All such unwarranted and avoidable expenses are ultimately burden on common men in form of various taxes and levies.

When a state level Minister or Governor, Member of Parliament or Central Minister or President of India or Judges visit any place, crores of rupees are spent by government departments as also by private organizers in flattery to VIPS in extending red carpet welcome to Very Important Persons. Flattery cost is rising year after year and it is totally unbridled.

VIPs used to stay in government circuit houses a decade ago but now in modern era of reformation, they also like to stay in five star hotels. Crores of rupees are spent on visit of RBI governor , Deputy Governors and CMDs by various banks, crores of rupees are spent in public rally organized for a politician and crores of rupees are spent in organising a meeting chaired by Senior Executives of a company, bank or insurance companies. Government cannot stop such spending but the same government is bent upon stopping spending on sale of diesels, petrol, Gas cylinder, fertilizers etc.

Subsidy on poor farmers and common men is burden but spending in flattery is not burden for government.

Government which often use to shed Crocodile's tears on mounting fiscal deficit , Food inflation, price rise, global recession and trade deficit is now ready to spend more than one lac crores of rupees on food security because it will help in fetching votes in forthcoming elections .

On the eve of general election politicians have only a few tools in their hand and they can see only few panacea namely quota, waiver of loan , announcement of some welfare schemes termed as spending on common men.

Fifty five months are used for self enrichment and five months are used for pleasure of voters. This is Indian politics.

Advocates of Central Government are giving the logic that 2G spectrum was allotted on enhanced price after adjusting the prices as per Inflation adjusted index. As such advocates of the government like Kapil Sibal and Manu Singhwi have pleaded before Parliamentary Committee that government of India has incurred no loss in 2G spectrum allocation and hence they accuse CAG of maligning the image of the government by estimating the loss to the tune of RS176000 crores.

Enhancement in salaries and allowances, perquisites and other benefits which took place during last 10 years in case of Member of Parliament is far more than inflation adjusted price index.

Fee charged in engineering colleges and medical colleges have gone up to 1000 times during last ten years. Price of medicines which are vital in prominent but dangerous diseases in human life has gone up by more than 100 times during last ten years.
Even prices of Gold have gone up more than ten times, cost of flats and houses have gone up by more than ten times and that of primary school fee in private schools have gone up more than Inflation adjusted price index.

As such loss caused in 2G spectrum allotment is undoubtedly more than two lac crore rupees. If government has to apply the principle of inflation adjusted rise in cost only, they should have preached this sermon to Suresh Kalamadi who spent more than hundred times of originally budgeted amount on organization of Common Wealth Games and they should preach sermons to various government officers who spend lavishly in flattery.

God only knows how Team Anna will be able to stop unbridled spending on flattery and its repercussion on moral of good, honest and devoted workers as also on common men

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