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Growth Not Possible By Jugaad

RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan talks of strong institutions, slams 'jugaad' -Economic Times-17th September 2015
( Read My Opinion which is given below)

MUMBAI: Coming down hard on quick fixes like 'jugaad' way of working, Reserve Bank Governor Raghuram Rajan today did some plainspeak, saying the key to sustainable growth is strong institutional mechanisms that allow businesses to flourish.

"Jugaad, or working around difficulties by hook or by crook, is a thoroughly Indian way of coping, but it is predicated on a difficult or impossible business environment. And it encourages an attitude of shortcuts and evasions, none of which help the quality of final products or sustainable economic growth," Rajan said while delivering the fourth CK Prahalad memorial lecture here.

"We must have the discipline to stick to the strategy of building necessary institutions and creating a new path of sustainable growth where jugaad is no longer needed," he said.

Emphasising on the need to salute businesses for operating in tough environment, he said "we need to change the system for the better, and while doing so, the business community will have to cooperate," Rajan, the former IMF chief economist, said.

"We need the understanding and cooperation of the business community, not impatience and pressure for quick impossible fixes. Only then, I believe would we realise the true potential as a nation," the academic-turned-central banker said.

Referring to the late marketing guru Prahalad's seminal work around letting businesses find their core competencies, Rajan posed a question on whether nations need to discove ..

My Observations and comments on views expressed by R. Rajan is as follows.

RBI Governor Mr. Raghuram Rajan has rightly pointed out yesterday in plain words that  economy of the country cannot improve by applying 'Jugaad' type tools  and real  GDP can grow and give sustainable and ever increasing growth only by improving the system and by improving the quality of functioning of various institutions.

I would like to add here that system or the Institutions can improve in functioning only when the workforce allotted various assignment perform the same with due diligence, with absolute honesty and with full devotion.

And to enable officers and staff work honestly and devotedly for nation, politicians will have to change their mind-set first and  they will have to start thinking and acting for growth and for welfare of human being only. They will have to first discard their vote bank or caste based policies and concentrate on work which will improve the lifestyle and standard of living of all Indians without any discrimination based on caste , community, region or religion.

It is politicians only who make or mar the work culture in any office in particular or in the country in general. For this purpose, leaders of  ruling as well as opposing party have to start thinking purely for benefit of Indian citizen and for entire country .

Unless and until there is phenomenal change in attitude of politicians , the culture of flattery and bribery cannot stop. And as long as rulers and administrators of this country continue to give weightage to Yesman, to flatterers and to bribe earners, one cannot imagine of any change in work culture . Politicians and officers in general are self-centred, their all efforts are focused on how to earn and accumulate  wealth and power for themselves , for their family members and close friends. 

Majority of workers more often than not work for their bosses not for the organisation or for the system or for the country . They know the art of keeping their bosses happy by hook or by crook,  sacrificing the interest of common men and that of Institution they are closely associated with. Honest and devoted performers cannot survive with peace of mind until they also follow the culture of flattery and bribery. This is why number of flatterers and yes-man are increasing in all offices and that of good workers getting eroded day by day. The power of transfers and giving promotions to anyone as per whims and fancies delegated to higher bosses is the root cause of evil culture in all offices and in all system.

This is why I use to say that  until loyalty of workers and politicians shifts from self to Institution and to the country, one cannot dream of dramatic change in work culture in any office or improvement in quality of functioning of system or that of any institution. There are very few in India who give value to persons  like Raghuram Rajan . Persons like Rajan are in fact considered as fool and impractical .

Even in Parliament and various State Assemblies where important work of legislation takes place and where control on various institutions is supposed to be discussed and debated , bills and proposals are normally passed or rejected based on the whims and fancies of leaders of the ruling or opposing parties without going for any discussion or valid debate to ascertain merits of the proposals placed in Parliament or state Assemblies.. 

If High Command of any political party says , Mr. X is wrong, or such and such policy is faulty , all members of that party will blindly oppose the policy without thinking pros and cons and merit and demerits of the issue.  This is called sheep mentality. Similarly  in any office , if any boss advocate any line of action, all subordinates have to follow the same blindly , even if the consequences of such action may prove fatal in future. Obviously systems and institutions in our country run not for betterment for Indian citizen or for the country but purely, fully  and perfectly for the sake of bosses and for serving the self interest .

Even media men who are supposed to expose evil persons and project good performers are busy in flattery to one party or the other , they too are paid agents of various powerful and wealthy persons . Voice of true men is suppressed from all sides and from all powerful persons. TV media is busy in spreading negativity only. Fourth pillar of democracy has also become too weak and selfish for TRP to think for betterment of India and Indian citizen. 

Last resort is judiciary, audit and inspecting teams, vigilance offices  and police departments who are supposed to give justice to victim and punish to culprits . But unfortunately they are also inflicted with same bad culture as their brothers in administrative and political fields are.

Obviously  Mr. Rajan has to collide with mountain of Yesmen and gang of flatterers to execute his plan of reformation , to execute his idea of growth and to implement his line of action to control inflation and to achieve sustainable real growth without applying 'Juggad' technology which politicians often suggest .He has to fight a long and tough war with SHEEP mentality ,system is inflicted with. He has to change DNA of politicians ,workers and subordinates .

In our country , everyone is preaching positivity to all but in fact most of them are engaged in negativity only.

Person who knows the art of delivering good lectures  become a point of attraction for all. And then such person get huge opportunity to exploit this false popularity and he starts stabbing persons and the system to serve self interest . Height of such preachers is that these preachers become saint in social and national  domain and using this mask , they become big looters and cheaters but none doubt his honesty and integrity. In words of Munsi Prem Chand, when protectors become damagers, destruction become inevitable.

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