Monday, December 12, 2011

War against Black Money

Government should make efforts to reduce creation of black money in following ways.

First and foremost is very simple solution to the problem of black money and it is minimizing cash transaction. As per company rules all payment above value of Rs.20000 should be through cheque but still companies are making purchases in cash .Ramdeo Baba has right pointed out that notes of Rs.500 and Rs.1000 should be demoetised.Even Rs100 note should be demonetized. Politicians always talk of poor farmers, small traders to continue their earning through evil means. More than 90 percent of population of India does not earn 100 rupees a day; more than 50 % of population does not earn even Rs.20 a day. As such they will not face any problem. In developed countries like USA, 99 percent of sale and purchase take place through cards or bank cheques and after giving acceptable identity only. In India 90 percent of sale and purchase takes place in cash. Government should try honestly to remove all constraints coming in way and ensure that more than 90% of such transactions takes place through cheque .

Most of traders and manufacturers and government officers are perhaps aware that only in Delhi purchases by traders takes place in hundreds of crores of rupees in cash , or by Rs.9000 demand draft ( less than Rs.20000 DD can be purchased in cash). Draft of value less than Rs.20000 are purchased by traders in every nook and corners of the country and used in Delhi to buy goods and these DDs circulate as hard currency and as black money for six months (period for which DD is valid in banks).If all purchases in Delhi, Surat, Rajkot, Kolkata, Mumbai start taking place in cheque, they seller will start selling on bills and paying tax.

Secondly government should try to bring all incomes generated by servicemen, traders and manufacturers in tax domain. for this purpose they should stop all types of reliefs, concession exemptions. Chartered Accountants and Tax consultants guide Income tax payees how to save tax and how to avoid tax payment. Severe punishment should be given to CAs who is master in converting black money into white money. Tax exemption limit should be upto ten lacs should be permissible so that number of service men are excluded from tax payment and in this way tax authorities will have controllable numbers of assesees to scrutinize. Those IT officials who allow tax evasion by taking bribe should be severely punished in shortest time so that there is demonstrative effect on juniors and babus working in his office.

Thirdly all purchases of house, lands and commercial property should be thoroughly checked by IT officials and where the sale value shown is far less than prevailing market rate , they should be allowed to either cancel the deal or they should purchased the property on behalf of the government and distribute among poor and middle class service men. In Mumbai itself flats worth more than a crore rupees is registered at value Rs, 25 to 50 lacs. Such low valued registration takes place in India every day in good numbers and government is fully aware of it. Most of the netas and officers are purchasing high value properties and it is they who are supposed to stop creation of black money. Birds of same feather flock together. Officers and politicians save each other , thieves always have good relation among themselves so far as action against them by police is concerned.

Fourth, government should adequate manpower in police and judiciary to ensure that pendency of FIR and court cases in Thana and courts respectively is brought down from 50 millions to 50 thousand and lower .There should be fear of law in the minds of all evil doers. Action should be sever and quickest against those who violate rules. There should be honesty in execution of laws too. Law enforcing agencies if found on wrong path should be severely punished. Officers and politicians who hold top post and commit mistake or indulge in illegal practices should be punished more so that subordinates working under them do not dare to think of taking bribe or illegal money from any citizen.

Fifth root cause of all corruption is dishonesty in recruitment, promotion, posting and transfer of staff working in government offices. Corrupt officers humiliate honest officers and reject them in promotion processes or post them at the most critical places. Due to this culture of flattery and bribery takes the root in all organization. Property of all top ranked officers and ministers must be checked and those found to be guilty of earning money through bribe either in cash or in kind must be brought to task immediately and severely to demonstrate his subordinates that evil workers are not spared. Such corrupt officers should be removed from the services and those honest officers who have been sidelined should be brought back in mainstream to give a moral boost up those who are devoted workers. For this purpose all officers who have been elevated violating seniority should be given their due award and on the contrary officers who promoted this unhealthy culture should be demoted and posted at critical places.

Expenses on all types of election should be banned. Any Indian citizen who is recognized in an population area of say 10000 should be allowed to contest and do door to door campaigning to prove his caliber and popularity. Each such elected person should form a body and then they should elect one person for each black and each district. No rally, no pamphlets, no car rally , no processions, no banners and in brief no expenses either on nomination or on campaigning. Politicians are very clever and it is they who promote black money and it is they who taken huge money from corporate houses, top ranked traders, high profile servicemen, professionals and businessmen to enrich their political fund.

Crores of rupees are spent by all contesting persons in a general election and all these money are nothing but black money. Users of black money cannot allow stopping of creation of black money as long as government do not ban all types of expenses. Politicians always talk of government funding and never talk of reducing expenses. It is these hard core politicians who by dint of their huge money power purchase voters, give them temptations of various types of gifts and strangulate democracy. In fact democracy and secularism are two words which have been used by politicians as tools to befool and loot Indian citizens. These clever politicians divide the voters on caste and communal grounds, backwards and forward ground, poor and rich ground, regional and religious ground and finally win the election to perpetuate their job of looting the nation. They know very well that Indian laws are in their hands and they can manipulate police, judiciary, law enforcing agencies, vigilance agencies and administration by dint of their money power and by dint of their post.

Corrupt practices and use of black money is so much deep rooted that one can say without any doubt that democracy and secularism are meant for corrupt people only. Government is made of corrupt persons, made for corrupt persons and made by corrupt persons.

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  1. NEW DELHI: The Comptroller and Auditor General has said that 90 per cent of the country's income tax (I-T) arrears are owed by just a dozen individuals, led by Pune-based stud farm owner Hasan Ali Khan.

    Government auditor CAG also noted in a report that these demands are "unrealisable 100 per cent".

    Khan, with a tax arrear demand of Rs 50,345.73 crore is followed by Chandrika Tapuriah, wife of his associate Kashi Nath Tapuria, with an outstanding of Rs 20,540.83 crore, while late stock broker Harshad Mehta owes Rs 15,944.38 crore in arrears.

    "The demand against individuals is highly skewed, with 12 individuals (4.3 per cent of the total cases) accounting for 90 per cent of the arrear demand. One individual Hasan Ali Khan accounts for 43 per cent of the total arrear demand...

    interestingly all of this demand is categorised as unrealisable," CAG said in the report tabled in Parliament.

    Khan, along with the Tapuriah couple, is embroiled in a number of cases ranging from money laundering, tax evasion and passport forgery which are being probed by various agencies like the Enforcement Directorate and Income Tax Department.

    The government, in August this year, had also disclosed the names of the "top 10 individual defaulters" for Income Tax assessment year 2009-10.

    Apart from Hasan Ali and Harshad Mehta, they included Kashinath Tapuriah (Rs 602.80 crore), A D Narrotam (Rs 5,781.86 crore), Hiten P Dalal (Rs 4,200.04 crore), Jyoti H Mehta (Rs 1,739.57 crore), Ashwin S Mehta (Rs 1,595.51 crore), B C Dalal (1,535.89 crore), S Ramaswamy (Rs 1,122.48 crore) and Uday M Acharya (Rs 683.22 crore).

    CAG said the government has a huge tax demand of Rs 1.96 lakh crore, of which 84 per cent can't be realised due to various reasons like death, insolvency and liquidation of company.