Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ideal Situation is not Natural and God Gifted

All are good or all will be good if each become good is a hypothetical proposition and absolutely an ideal situation which one cannot hope to be a reality in any country or in any society. Even a parent cannot ensure that his all children become ideal and perfect.

In such position what we evaluate is not much important, it is what others evaluate us which is more significant. You are good but you may be perceived by different person in different way. When you evaluate yourself as good but others tell you bad, it gives birth to conflict, quarrel and chaos. 

And to avoid unrest in society certain set of rules are laws are made which everyone has to follow and who fail to do so has to face punishment. Certain fixed and standard framework in every society and in every organization are made the yardstick to measure one’s goodness .This is way of living in a civilized society. And this is called as Religion or God’s voice in common term.

The more discretionary powers, the more one become dishonest and corrupt. If there is no fear of parent children may go wrong way and similarly if law is unable to create fear, citizen will invariably violate the rule, this is human tendency.

Officials in government offices and elected representatives in the Parliament or state Assemblies  are misusing their fund sanctioning powers, legal powers, punitive powers ,lending powers, recruitment powers and powers of transfer and promotion  and making of development project for their vested interest which ultimately become a cause of loss for majority of common men.

Chief Ministers are using their delegated powers to give benefit to their family members and to their party members or to their caste members which gives rise to movement and agitation against the state government. This create social disharmony and disturb social peace.

Similarly if Prime Minister selects ministers of his choice, if his decisions are based on caste or community or based on interest of his own political party or based on his family relation, country has to suffer.

If judiciary starts giving judgment in favour of criminals to earn bribe, people will lose faith in entire system. When faith goes, frustration starts, when crime is promoted, peace is disturbed. And to add fuel to fire, if investigating agencies and protection providing organizations become corrupt , destruction, damage and depression is inevitable.

Everyone is not bad, most of the men are good but police station is provided in all towns to provide safety to common men from a few bad. 
If traffic police does not show strictness or if there is not traffic police in the town I think people will never put Helmet on the head while driving two wheelers knowing very well that it is meant for his own safety.
Most of Children will not like to read or go to school if parent do not motivate him or force him to do so.

Any parent cannot leave his even grown up child unmonitored because there is always fear in his mind that the child may go wrong if he associate with bad elements.

Warning of danger is printed on every pack of cigarette and on every bottle of wine; still addicted people like to drink knowing very well that it hurt not one's own family but the society too.

And so on......................

As such ideals situation is not achievable until rules are transparent and they enforced effectively without any bias. If fear of law is not created and not ensured, the consequence will be bad and in common terminology people will say " Sab chalta hai, Bhagwan Bharose". 

Undoubtedly therefore, government will have to make laws and ensure its absolute execution and enforcement. 

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