Friday, August 17, 2012

Plight and Flight of North East Youth

After thorough investigation in the matter of North East youth going back to their parent state , government has come out with findings which says  that the false SMS emanated from a foreign destination to create panic in India, to disturb peace and tranquility of Indian states and to create rift between various communities.

O. K. One should not hesitate in accepting it. 

But to treat such SMS as simple rumour and to ban bulk SMS for fifteen days is not enough to deal with such a serious and alarming situation. There is no doubt in it that government at state or at central level has failed to nip in the bud. Their Intelligence Bureau, RAW, CID, CBI and all agencies failed to detect the spread on the SMS in the beginning and then failed to take corrective step in time.

Government is silent on what will happen if such dangerous SMSes are again sent and the act to disturb communal harmony is once again repeated after 15 days or the same message are spread through emails, face book or Twitter or any other social net working sites.

It will be another blunder on the part of the government if the conspiracy behind such heinous act of disturbing peace is not taken seriously and thus ignored.

Government remained silent on Kokrajahr incident and now has willfully avoided reading the conspiracy behind abrupt processions taken out by a group in retaliation to Kokarjhar incident and once again trying to put entire blame on BJP or RSS to enrich their vote bank.

I however appeal to ruling party as also opposing parties to fight jointly in the interest of unity and integrity of the country and take all possible steps to punish the real guilty whosoever they may be.

I reiterate that government must read and try to understand the intention and dirty motive behind processions and subsequent destructive acts carried out by a group of persons in places like Ranchi, Mumbai, Allahabad, Lucknow and other big cities. Allowing such divisive and provocative processions in the presence of police and taking no action against persons who destroyed private and government properties in the name of Kokarjhar or Myamar incidents must be taken to task and in the same way persons who disturbed peace in Assam should be.

Government is unable to understand the probable dangerous position arising out of the situation when they repeat such provoking procession on other small towns and villages and then other groups retaliate.

I appeal all political parties to treat all people living in India as Indians and Indians only. I appeal to media men who are adding fuel to fire by showing provocative scenes on TV on 24 hours basis should have a balanced approach on disturbing incidents and accidents and try to bridge the gap between various communities .People of this community or that community may be injured or killed due to the fault of persons of this or that community but the media should learn to say Indians are injured or killed. Media people organizing debate on TV among people of various communities and various political parties to widen the gap between must be stopped by the government as soon as possible.

Similarly government of India should take actions against all those who attack Indians in any part of the country or abroad. At least they may learn the lesson from USA or any neighboring who for their citizen go to any extent to punish the guilty if their citizen face any assault in any part of the world.

People of India  killed or injured in Assam or in Bangalore or in Kolkata or anywhere in the country or anywhere in the world are after all Indian and Indian only.

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