Saturday, October 20, 2012

Are Ridiculous Questions Asked By Digvijay Singh Important?

In a school, all teachers are corrupt and non performers. Headmaster and all teachers are busy in accumulation of wealth through illegal means. They do not take class and they do not teach. As a result all students cry against teachers and Head Master. They cry against non performance and corrupt practices of teachers. They try to expose the evil character of teaching team. As a result entire team of teachers get exposed. Ultimately teachers ask the students why did they not pass, why did they not answer the question asked in exams, why school result is so poor and so on. Is it not the most ridiculous stand of teachers and school management? It is only when teachers failed to perform their duty honestly, image of school got tarnished and the career of student went in peril. Obviously stand of teaching team  blaming  students for failure of teaching system is nothing but “Chori Upar Sinachori'''

Similarly now Government representative Mr. Digvijay Singh has asked some questions from Kejriwal so that they may divert the mind of common men and media men from the various scams of various ministers like Salman Khursid, A Raja, Sharad Pawar, Digvijay Singh ,Kalamadi,Chidambram, Manmohan Singh, Robert Vadra, Virbhadra Singh, Coal  Minister, Tourism Minister , etc are exposed by Team Kejriwal.

Government led by Congress Party is in power .They can set a SIT to investigate the all allegation and all questions raised by Digvijay Singh and at the same they should set another SIT to investigate all charges levelled against ministers. Government can lodge CBI inquiry against Ramdeo and Balkrishna on flimsy ground; they can do so against Kejriwal too. They should stop raising ridiculous questions only to divert the media attention from actual scams to non-significant questions related to personal life of Kejriwal and his wife. Media men should also stop making questions of Digvijay Singh as a big issue and stop indirectly helping in diluting the importance of bigger questions asked by Team Kejriwal.

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