Friday, April 5, 2013

Media Coverage on Arvind Kejriwal

When Team Anna or Arvind or Ramdeo polarised public support against corruption of ruling party in particular and politicians in general and organized mass rally last year at Jantar Mantar or Ram Lila Ground or elsewhere in the country , leaders and ministers of ruling party use to challenge them to fight election and put forward their ideas in Parliament in a way permitted by Democratic principles .


Now when Arvind has formed a party to move in the direction as dictated by clever and corrupt politicians, ruling party UPA and other political parties and now when he moves from door to door in Delhi and engages himself and his supporters in fast to raise voice against corruption in Water and electricity bills raised by Delhi government, the same politicians blames him of doing such drama for political gain.


When Congress Party calls a rally or call state bund or country bund, they are democratic , but when Arvind like persons do the same thing, media men will talk of so called loss to local inhabitants and loss to the economy. Even media men are biased against political party started by Arvind and his followers. They are also puppets in the hands of ministers and rich corporate who give them huge business. They do not try to fulfill their social responsibility in greed of wealth .


When hundreds of letters, year  long demonstration in peaceful manner and mass rally at Delhi are unable to awaken the government from deep slumber, poor and innocent public has no other way than to go on fast to express his protest against arbitrary rule of the government. Media men shamelessly but strategically are trying to project movement launched by Arvind Kejriwal in distorted manner to weaken the movement and to strengthen their mentors , the government and the corporate.


 Does the government want violent movement by person like Raj Thakre and party like RJD or DMK or BSP or Shiv Sena or CPI or CPM to change their style of functioning? 

Does the government want citizens of India  to become supporters of Maoist and terrorist ?

Media men bore the viewers for whole day on narrating the story of rape or murders but not find it important to show the activities of Arvind  Kejriwal and his supporters increasing in numbers  day after day to take the form of Sunami to wipe out existing political parties in forthcoming elections.


Media men cannot stop the movement which is nothing but result and creation of large scale corruption of politicians of this country. When the pain of common men crosses the tolerance limit , it becomes a movement and turns into Sunami.

I therefore make an appeal to all peace living citizens, social organizations and politicians to properly assess the anger of common men against the ineffective and corrupt system and try to reform it before it is too late.

Media should stop wasting time on discovery of Prime 

Ministerial candidate of BJP Or NDA and stop projecting 

Rahul Gandhi or Modi as Prime Minister at their own to 

create political division or to make Nitish hostile to NDA  and 

make him friend of Congress Party led UPA. They should 

leave such silly questions for voters of this country to answer 

and let the elected representatives of Parliament choose their 

Prime Minister in democratic manner.

I am unable to understand why media men are bent upon 

Janta Dal to dissociate with NDA and become partner of 


Why not media try to polarise all performing and honest 

politicians and bring them under one banner to strengthen 

the country and to help common men of this country?

Why media men are bent upon keeping Muslims away from 


Media men give more than enough coverage to cases of murder, rape, Fimi Heores, corrupt politicians which is not at all beneficial to society.Why the same media men avoid coverage on movement going on under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal. Media men should always keep in mind that are bound to respect public sentiments to remain active as also to earn business from society. 

If they ignore their social responsibility, they will be boycotted by common men as soon as Political outfit started by Arvind Kejriwal team starts its own TV channel just like Ashtha channel of Sri Ramdeo Baba. They  will lose all TRP as soon as people of India get alternative. I remember how in seventies and eighties TV like Durdarshan was tagged as Indira Darshan or Rajiv Darshan.As soon as people got alternative channels they discarded Sarkari Channel called as Durdarshan.

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