Friday, February 14, 2014

BJP Followed Wrong Path Of Congress Party In Disturbing AAP Government

I do not appreciate the stand of BJP disturbing AAP government in functioning in Delhi Assembly. I think Congress Party has tactfully aligned BJP in their malicious stand to dethrone AAP led Government. Had BJP remained silent for few months, it could have been winner and better placed.

But now people of Delhi and elsewhere will definitely blame BJP too along with Congress Party for forcing AAP to surrender before the monstrous friendship of BJP and Congress Party.

It is open secret that AAP was gradually growing weakness by expulsion of Binni and by withdrawal of support by one other independent member. Patience for few days could yield good dividend for BJP but unfortunately BJP lost this opportunity.

I however praise Narendra Modi that he kept silence on AAP during his all speeches. But painfully indeed he failed to properly guide Delhi unit and failed to stop BJP in acting in such a fashion which has sent a message all over the country that BJP joined hands with Congress Party in disturbing AAP government by hook or by crook.

Now Arvind Kejriwal will most possibly resign from CM post and the government of AAP will fall and the LG of Delhi will gain upper hand to rule Delhi which in turn will give power to corrupt Congress Party once again.

The most unfortunate part is that elected members of Delhi assembly has failed to function in disciplined way and has tarnished the image of Indian politics in the same way as elected MPs did in Parliament. People will no more have respect for elected representatives MPs or MLAs.

If MPs and MLA s do not allow debate to take place on any issue , there is no fun in having Parliament or Assembly which are called as temples of democracy. If they do not give value to silent speaker who speak softly and give value to those who cry and speak loudly in Assembly or in Parliament, no one can expect valued based outcome from such mob.

Shameful indeed.

It is also true that voters and supporters will also not like and fully endorse the stand of AAP leader Mr. Kejriwal in using Resignation tool frequently. They will blame Kejriwal too for his failing not only in managing  Assembly affairs but also failing in managing a group of own 27 MLAs successfully. Opposition party MLAs are meant to oppose, credit and success of leaders lies in managing the opponents fruitfully.

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  1. Arun Jaitley the so called'HIT MAN'of Modi has become more of nuisance, and is behaving arrogantly.The elections are not even held. The BJP under Modi is yet tocome to power,Mr. ManishTiwari is looking far better atleast he has not derided hisparty seniors and founding members / leaders. If Arun Jaitley could not control himself and show due respect,the first time political contestant may face rough weather.