Sunday, March 18, 2012

Democracy or Dictatorship

Pranab Mukherjee, the finance Minister says that corruption and coalition politics is hurting reforms in the country. I do not accept this lame excuse of government that coalition politics is hurting the reforms. Coalition has nothing to do with dirty politics going on in the country.

Congress Party wants to rule as a dictator as Indira Gandhi ruled when she used to enjoy absolute majority. She could make or mar the career of any elected representative, official or any businessman who did not follow the line dictated by Indira Gandhi and her flatterers. This is the tradition of Congress Party to finish and remove all thorns in the path of their dictatorial governance. .

Similarly present congress party wants to rule as per whims and fancies of a few leaders of Congress Party. They may be Sonia Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi, Pranab Mukherjee, Manmohan Singh, Kapil sibal , P Chiambram and a few more such personalities who have inherent attitude similar to that of Indira Gandhi. I fact all policies related to national issues should be discussed and debated first in Ministry, then in cabinet and finally in Parliament as per principles of democracy.

But the bitter truth is that ruling party does not want to discuss the burning issues with opposition parties. Now the most disheartening  and disgusting matter is that ruling Congress Party do not want to coordinate even with their allies before taking any big decision on national issues or issues related to the future of state government.

This is why Congress Government did not think it wise to seek the opinion of Trinamool Congress or DMK, the allied partners, before making announcement on giving green signal to FDI in multi brand retail sector. Similarly even the Allies like Trinamool Congress follows the same dictatorial attitude when its leaders Mamta Banerjee decided to remove Railway Minister Mr. Dinesh Trivedi on the very day he presented Railway Budget. She decided to remove Mr. Trivedi only because she and her few blind followers called flatterers did not like fare hike. Mamta and her followers did not think it necessary to discuss and debate the issue of fare hike in Parliament though all such hypocrites cry loudly that they follow Democratic principles and they believe in Supremacy of Parliament.

Late Indira Gandhi imposed emergency not because it was decided in a democratic way by Parliament but decided by Indira Gandhi and her caucus, a gang of a few flatterers who used to move around her 24 hours and 365 days.

Telecom Minister in the year 2008 under UPA II rule, Mr. A Raja could perpetuate his corrupt deal in 2G spectrum allocation despite protest by Manmohan Singh, P Chidambram and whole cabinet only because there is no sign of democracy even within Party ruling the country.

Home minister Mr. Chidambram advised Delhi Police to remove followers of Ramdeo Baba from Ramlila Ground during midnight in June 11 not because it was a decision taken in a democratic way by elected representatives who always talk of Supremacy of Parliament and who always talk of principles of democracy.

It can therefore be said that Congress Party has no respect for democracy either within Party or with allies, not to speak of elected representative of opposition parties who are also voted to power by none other than   voters of this country.

Advocates of democracy in Congress Party are trying to impose Bahuguna as CM of Uttarakhand despite majority of other local leader in state assembly. Similarly BJP is trying to keep Yedurappa from the post of CM in the state of Karnataka. Why not they leave the election of CM on the desires of elected representatives? Because most of parties are run by High Command and in general MLA and MP act as puppet in the hand of High Command of their political party. There is therefore neither any respect for democratic principles nor that for Supremacy of Parliament.

In the name of reform they current ruling alliance headed by Congress Party desire to impose so called reforms to loot the country. In the economic survey report presented before the nation on the previous day of annual budget mentioned the issue of corruption, not because they want to punish corrupt people but because it was felt necessary to strategically pacify and nullify Team Anna and Ramdeo movement launched against corruption and Black money menace.

Leaders of Congress Party ( Corrupt Party ) shed crocodile tears on the issue of corruption to show the voters that they are equally  worried as Team Anna and Ramdeo are on removal of corruption, but in fact they have left no stone unturned to trap and torture all whoever raised voice against corruption prevalent in the system.

Congress party has exerted all its possible efforts to finish all whistleblowers, RTI activists and political opponents. They want to rule the country as a dictator in the name of democracy and secularism but in fact they desire to remove all opponents by hook or by crook. They always talk of Supremacy of Parliament but in fact they have to pass most of bill in Parliament by issue of Whip to its members. Similarly MPs of opposition parties will not be forced to obey whips against their conscience.

In such position I also concur with the views expressed by Shatrughan Sinha that Congress Party and Bhartiya Janta Party should join hands and run the country with absolute majority of seats as also that of votes cast in the election. The benefit of such unprecedented but desirable partnership are as follows

There will not any hurdle due to coalition politics

Hard core Hindu fundamentalist in BJP and Hard core Muslim Fundamentalist in  Congress Party will control each other and focus on national issues and try to evolve consensus of reform and remove corruption from the system.There will neither Muslim appeasement nor Hindu appeasement.Misuse of secularism will stop and focus on issues concerning common men will become more significant and more important.

They will be then in a position to place real Jan Lokpal Bill (not Lokpal bill dragged by Congress Party to befool citizen and civil society members) in the Parliament.

Government run by coalition of Congress Party and BJP will not then blame each other for rising price rise, inflation, corruption, terrorism, naxalism., and other issues.

Government will be in a position to move for judicial reforms, electoral reforms, labour reforms, police reforms and also social welfare issues.

Government will get rid of dictatorial attitude of regional parties and in turn regional parties will concentrate of state politics and support national parties for their survival and for good governance.

A lot of good things will emerge out of this historic coalition (Congress party and BJP ) and a lot of evils will get eradicated. Time loss on management of majority will not occur. Trading of MPs will stop and MPS will perform for national interest not for personal interest. 

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