Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Jokpal to Lokpal

After all, Sarkari Lokpal is passed by Lok Sabha. God knows what will be the fate in Rajya Sabha and whether the same will take the shape of law or not.

After more than forty years of efforts and after facing Standing Committee nine times , at least this time Lokpal Bill though too weak to be effective has been passed by at least Lok Sabha.It is definitely a victory of Team Anna and Ramdeo Baba. Yes it is a partial victory and not full. I say it is partial because it is not as strong as suggested by Team Anna. It will prove as ineffective as all existing laws proved in their fight against corruption. I say it is the partial because it is the beginning of real victory. 

At least Congress Party thought it necessary to bring Lokpal Bill under the pressure built by Ramdeo and Team Anna. As a matter of fact ruling party was left with no alternative of bringing a Lokpal Bill in Parliament. Congress Party understood that without Lokpal bill, they may face anger of voters in general election.

In fact Congress Party was not interested to mitigate the pain of common men caused by cancer of corruption. Congress Party was not and is not at all in a mood to punish corrupt officials and specially corrupt politicians. They know it very well that the very survival of the government depends on the support of various corrupt politicians and corrupt officers who earn and contribute huge money for winning the election. They know very well that big corporate contribute in election fund only because they are given free hand in earning wealth through illegal means and sharing their black money with politicians .

Congress Party was not interested to bring strong Lokpal Bill as suggested by Team Anna but interested in snatching a talking point from Bhartiya Janta Party. They tried a lot to malign Team Anna by tagging it with BJP and RSS but failed. They tried to weaken Team Anna through divisive tactics but failed. They wanted to puncture Team Anna movement by hook or by crook and also stop taking credit of Team Anna movement in forthcoming election. This is why they hurriedly brought a Lokpal Bill ,of course weakest ,keeping intact supremacy of the government.

As hitherto; leaders of Congress Party and that of some non- congress parties  are of the strong view that like CBI, CVC and other Anti Corruption bodies Lokpal should also dance as per whims and fancies of the government. This is why CBI and CVC has always been misused by all ruling parties to safeguard their colleagues .They want that their colleagues be exonerated in all crimes of corruption and in exception cases some low level staff be made scapegoat, as usually happened in the past. 

They willfully kept all bodies like CBI or CVC meant to fight against Corruption and all courts so weak and incapacitated by adequate staff that none of top ranked corrupt officials or corrupt politicians could get punishment in last six decades of freedom. Rather cancer of corruption has grown year after year and this fact is substantiated by various reports of Transparency International published  from time to time.

After all Jokpal or say Sarkari Lokpal has started its ill motivated journey towards Lokpal. Some elected Members of Parliament and some leaders of ruling or opposing benches may like to see the current weakest Lokpal Bill to become an act to get rid of Team Anna movement for the time being. 

But it definitely does not represent the will of the common men. It is simple majority of ruling party that ruling alliance of parties can pass any right or wrong bill in Parliament. It is the same Congress Party which under the leadership of Indira Gandhi changed the basic structure of the Constitution during emergency and under pressure of mass movement launched by Jai Prakash Narayan.

Any bill passed by Parliament does not represent even the will of all MPs of ruling party or ruling alliance parties. Because ruling party most of time and on most of important bills takes the support of ‘Whip’ to force its MPs to vote in favour of the bill presented by the party. In fact most of MPs do not have their own views and do not have the capacity to speak freely; they do not have the knowledge and willingness to take part in debate. 

Most of the MPs like to dance as puppets in the hands of High Command. Members of Parliament seldom use their conscience. They always talk of Democracy and Supremacy of Parliament but never act as per ideology and principles. They act only to belittle opposing parties and malign the image of opponents .This is the darkest part of our democracy. 

Hence it is not easy to win the real batter against Corruption. 

Team Anna has therefore to strive hard for a longer period to teach a lesson to corrupt and selfish politicians. 

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