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Indian Parliament and Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal is absolutely correct in saying that one third of Members of Parliament are from criminal background and same is the position of members of state legislative assemblies. In our country on who can speak better, one who can deliver good speech , one who can spend crores of rupees to contest an election and one who can do all possible evil works for getting powerful post in politics can only win the election. It is greatest tragedy of the country that there is no minimum qualification for an individual to contest an election.

Government needs qualified IAS and IPS officers to manage a district, need qualified BDOs and COs to manage a village or panchayat, need MBA to run a company or at least a graduate to become a simple clerk in a government office but there is no need of any qualification for a person to become MP or MLA .

Unqualified and inexperienced politicians are managing IAS , IPS , Engineers, Doctors , qualified judges, Advocates ,Chartered Accountants and all educated and talented persons and professionals.

Police verification is needed for recruitment of a clerk or an office in government offices but there is no need of the same for a person contesting an election.

Even for a domestic servant ,it is suggested by government to inform his complete biodata to police station . 

Unfortunately persons accused of rape or loot or fraud or anti national activities are not prevented contesting an election. 

I therefore concur with Arvind Kejriwal that India needs to reform Parliamentary system and it should be treated as positive criticism instead of treating his comment as attack on democracy or on Parliament. 

Here I do not mean to say that all educated persons are honest and true performers or vice versa but what I mean to focus that there must be adequate skills in politicians so that they can better manage talented group of IAS, IPS, Engineers, CAs, Advocates etc and help in promoting healthy culture in not only in administration and politics but also in judiciary.

Unskilled persons managing skilled persons create frustration , depression and flattery culture , there is no doubt in it and out country is victim of such fallacies and deficiencies

However I would like to say here without any hesitation that Team Anna cannot achieve the desired target of making India Corruption free if they blame all political parties and blame the entire system. They have to learn to discard greater evil and greater threat to administrative system and choose a party which poses comparatively low intensity and mild threat. They have to choose better and best among the available lot of parties or else they themselves have to construct a new party. They cannot dream of absolutely corruption free system. Even a human being is not perfectly honest. Everyone commits mistake in his or her life. We have to assess which party has greater number of good persons who are sincerely in favour of corruption free system.

Even if they (Team Anna ) form a new party there is no guarantee that the entire lot of persons they choose to become part of their party will always be good and suitable in their framework of goodness. Good and bad people are available in all organization and in all parties and even in almost all families. We have to choose better among the available lot only. 

All efforts should be made to make judiciary more and more quick and effective. A good judiciary can help in curing the cancer of corruption to a great extent.

All political parties have good and bad guys but we have to see which party is inflicted with greater volume of corruption and manned by bad cultured guys in large quantity. We have to keep distance from greater evil forces.

Team Anna cannot achieve all ideals in any one lot of persons singularly. They have to choose the better political party and with the support of such political party desired goal of better system and corruption free system can be achieved. There are black sheep all where on the earth and in all countries. Greed lies in most of human beings and corruption is present in all system. 

The purpose of Team Anna is and should be to create a better effective system which minimizes corruption. No one can dream of ideal situation where every human being will be honest and devoted to country. 

Jai Prakash Narayan realized in 1972 the intensity of badness in congress party and made his best efforts to polarize all opposing parties and brought them on one platform to defeat the ugly and worst Congress party. It was at his initiative and motivation that left and right wing of political parties joined hands and formed Janta Party to get rid of dictatorial rule of Indira Gandhi.

Similarly Team Anna has to seek the support of likeminded parties and fight against corruption jointly. They have to ignore stray cases of corrupt person available in almost all parties. If they analyze honestly they will definitely find BJP better than ruling Congress Party. They have to distinguish between ‘Hira Chor’ and ‘Khira Chor’. 

If they consider Congress Party as the best, they should evolve ways and means to use Congress Party in promoting healthy culture and in elimination of corrupt practices. If someone treats left parties as the possible better option, then these leftist should be taken in confidence to cure the cancer of the corruption.

I wish to reiterate that Team Anna has to stop blaming all parties with same colour. It is not easy to get success in a country where elections are fight on the basis of caste and community. All MPs are not bad and all MPs are not good too.

It is true most of MPs are corrupt and hence it is the reason they have united to prevent Team Anna and Ramdeo becoming a mass movement.Undoubtedly Team Anna has become victim of divisive tactics of current ruling alliance and that of dirty campaign launched by some media people who are indirectly agent of ruling party.Divide and Rule is the old and sharp weapon which Congress Party usually use to stop good persons and good parties coming to power.

Need of the hour is to remove bad MPs and strengthen the hands of good MPs. First and foremost step in this direction would be to motivate political parties to debate and discuss all issues in Parliament and discard the issue of Whips to compel the members of a party to adopt similar line of action as their high command preach to do.

Inspite of all movement launched by Ramdeo and Team Anna, the state level election in UP and other states willingly or unwillingly ignored the cause of corruption and gave much weightage to money and muscle power and to caste and community. 

It is therefore necessary to educate voters to come out of their mean minded approach and think for overall interest of the society and the country as a whole. Such thinking has to be developed from the level of schools and colleges where the seeds of culture are sown , irrigated and promoted. Lessons of patriotism cannot be taught overnight but injected in blood in gradual manner.

National parties or regional parties who have wide and spread network of active workers can only make the movement of Team Anna a grand success and hence Team Anna has to choose the better option available in India and stop  wondering in dreamland. It is beyond imagination that will get perfect success in achieving ideal situation , ideal party where none is corrupt.


  1. stopped reading right after 'Government needs qualified IAS and IPS officers to manage a district, need qualified BDOs and COs to manage a village or panchayat, need MBA to run a company or at least a graduate to become a simple clerk in a government office but there is need of any qualification for a person to become MP or MLA .'

    you are questing the system and it's working
    Who made you 'able' to decide a man's intelligence..
    There are too many intellectuals fools around. there is no guarentee education makes a man intelligent..
    There is no need of being 'a degree holder' to become an MLA because that MLA is to be elected from common people.

    what you say is like the old caste system. where only pade-likhe brahmin would have God's blessings and everyone's goodwill. #SHAME

  2. The above opinion published in 'Letter to Editor' column of The Telegraph on 29.02.2012

    Sir — Arvind Kejriwal is absolutely correct in saying that a number of Parliamentarians hail from a criminal background. (“‘Rapists’... Arvind rails, rivals lunge”, Feb 27). The same holds true for numerous members of state legislative assemblies. In India, only those who deliver rousing speeches, spend crores on political campaigns and are keen to indulge in crime win elections. The absence of minimal qualifications for an individual to be eligible to contest an election is a tragedy.

    The government requires qualified civil servants to manage a district; companies run with the help of MBAs; even government offices require peons to be graduates. But no stringent criteria is required to become a politician. Consequently, unqualified and inexperienced people are managing the affairs of the nation.

    I concur with Kejriwal’s view that India needs to reform its parliamentary system. Instead of labelling Kejriwal’s comment as a slight on democracy or on Parliament, one must interpret it as ‘positive criticism’. I am not suggesting that every educated individual is honest. What I want to emphasize is that certain criteria must be met for a person to qualify as a politician.

    However, I must add that Team Anna will not achieve its goal of making India free of corruption by blaming politicians and the system only. It will have to choose the best among the political parties or float a new party of its own. For this, its members will have to assess which political outfit possesses the largest number of leaders who are in favour of removing corruption. Even if Anna Hazare and his followers were to form a new party, there is no guarantee that its members would have impeccable credentials. Perhaps Hazare’s efforts should also be directed at making the judiciary more effective. An efficient judiciary can help in curing the cancer of corruption to a great extent. Jayaprakash Narayan had realized that corruption had struck deep roots in the Congress. He tried his best to mobilize the parties in Opposition to defeat the Congress. On his insistence, left-leaning parties and those from the right-wing joined hands to rid the nation of Indira Gandhi’s dictatorial rule. Similarly, Team Anna has to seek the support of like-minded parties in its fight against corruption. In this respect, it may find that the Bharatiya Janata Party is a better alternative than the Congress. However, if it were to consider the Congress, it would have to explore ways and means to eliminate corrupt practices in the party’s rank and file. The Left can also be taken into confidence to curb corruption.

    Hazare and his followers must remember that it is not easy to succeed in a country where elections are fought on the basis of caste and community. The need of the hour is to remove corrupt parliamentarians and strengthen the hands of honest leaders. In spite of the movements launched by the likes of Hazare and Baba Ramdev, the elections in Uttar Pradesh are not being fought on the plank of corruption. Considerable weightage is being given to money, muscle power and caste in the state. It is thus necessary to educate voters so that they put the interests of the society and the country first. The lessons of patriotism cannot be taught overnight, but they need to be imparted gradually.

    Yours faithfully,
    Danendra Jain, Ranchi, Jharkhand

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