Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Yeddyurappa acquitted, FIR quashed by High Court

High Court of Karnataka has quashed FIR against Yeddyurappa and passed adverse remarks against the role of Governor in unnecessarily maligning the name of CM Yeddyurappa without giving him natural justice. This is a clear slap on the face of spokesmen of congress party who exerted all their efforts to malign the good image of BJP and particularly Mr. Yeddyurappa, Karnataka CM.

At least now people of India will accept the truth that in want of quick justice many innocents have to face the punishment in shape of loss of image in public mind at least upto the time when court delivers the judgment.  Who will compensate the Yeddyurappa who lost the post of CM and BJP whose credibility was shaken by false propaganda initiated by selfish politicians of opposition group?

High Court has passed adverse comments against Governor too. It is not uncommon in India that Governors in states run by Non Congress Parties usually act as puppet of Central Government.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that congress party has always misused its authority, misused CBI, CVC, Election Commission , Governor and what not for the sake of vested interested of its powerful leaders, ministers and flatterer corporate. Leaders of Congress Party left no stone unturned to trap and torture Ramdeo, Team Anna and their followers to puncture movement launched by these dignitaries against corrupt government led by Congress Party.

Now Team Anna should also rethink before what they say in public. In our country lacs of innocents are behind bars and lacs of criminals are moving freely and holding powerful post simply because of weak, slow and inefficient judiciary. It is willful conspiracy of powerful persons in India to keep judiciary as weak as possible so that justice can be delayed and denied as per whims and fancies of powerful persons who are part of government.

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