Thursday, November 1, 2012

Your Views On Media Intention

Media is playing foul game and acting mostly as agent of some political party or the other to serve their vested interest . They are creating confusion and chaos by falsely maligning an individual or a company or a political party.

It is media which is dividing the society by supporting a particular community in a tactful manner  in all its news and interviews  and thus widening the gap among various caste and communities. It is media which is largely responsible for disturbances  in communal peace and which is the greatest threat to communal harmony.

Media is also a threat to federal structure of the country .

How far you agree and how far you do not agree?

Will you please honestly submit your assessment?

Will You Please tell which prominent TV channel  is fit under which Category out of various options given below to identify a particular TV Channel/ Print media:----------------

TV Media:--

a. NDTV India
b. Aajtak
c. ABP News
d. India TV
e. Durdarshan
f   CNBC
g. IBN 7
h. Zee News 
i.  Name others

Print Media:--

a. Times of India
b. Economic times
c. Hindustan Times
d. Indian Express
e. Telegraph
f. The Hindu
g. Statesman
h. Deecan Herald
i.  Name Others

Options in which you can classify a Channel keeping in view its overall coverage

    1.  Blind Supporter of Congress Party

    2.  Blind Supporter of BJP

    3.  Blind supporter of other party (You may specify  name)

    4.  This Channel is totally unbiased

    5.  Unable to say / unable to classify /Confused

    6.  They are doing excellent job

Do you feel that total freedom to press needs some restraints and strict code of conduct ?

1.  Complete freedom to media has proved harmful for overall growth and development of the country

2. Complete freedom to media has proved helpful for overall growth and development of the country

3. Complete Freedom is causing problems and putting hurdles in path of progress and hence need strict monitoring and regulation to stop unhealthy , anti-Indian culture,anti-social and anti-national news undertaken by media to serve their personal interest

4.  Any suggestion to improve standard of media news and informations.

If you like you may submit your views or send the same to following email address:

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