Sunday, November 4, 2012

Rahul Gandhi , An Angry Child

Rahul Gandhi says in his speech at Ramlila ground at Delhi on Sunday that “our political system is very bad, it is not accessible to common men, there is corruption in all offices and so on............” It appeared as if Kejriwal’s Bhoot entered into his body and hence he was speaking the language of Kejriwal to a great extent.

But I am unable to understand who is responsible for such bad state of affairs. It is congress Party which is ruling continuously for last eight years and which ruled this country for more than four decades in the past. To whom he was pointing out his accusing fingers and from whom he was expecting transformation of political system from bad to good.

Was Rahul requesting American or UK government to bring about change in ailing political system of our country?

Or, Was he indirectly blaming Manmohan Singh for the present political, social, financial and international crisis?

Or, Was he expecting the corrective action from audience which were brought from every nook and corner of the country by use of force on truck and bus owners, contractors and government officials?

Why don't he suggest ways to Manmohan Singh to cure the ailing political system and why does he always blame BJP for all the faults of leaders of his own party?

Her mother Sonia blames BJP for corruption and ignore several allegation of corruption leveled against her party leaders. She can see corruption of Only Gadkari , not that of Salman or Vadera or others of her party . 

Similarly her son Rahul fired missiles in air to target BJP and to gain the sympathy of audience .

Let us see how far he or she succeeds in changing the minds of Congress party averse common men who are suffering in pain due to abnormally price rise and unbearable corruption in all offices.

Rahul was crying loudly as an angry child when his or her lovely toy is taken away by another child. Rahul was advocating FDI as if he was agent of Walmart or speaking under the pressure of USA or UK .He could not explain why after all FDI needed in India and why only foreigners can solve the problems of Indian farmers and Indian consumers? Why Indian corporate cannot perform the same task which Rahul and his government expecting from foreigner retailers.

Why India is posing as a beggar and crying for help from foreigners who were thrown out after hundred year long battle by freedom fighters?

Rahul does not want to understand FDI will spoil the life of lac of retailers and employ a few hundred youth in newly established shops. He says that consumers will be benefited because there will be no middlemen. Obviously he want to remove small retailers who are voters supposedly of BJP.He appears to be concerned for common men but actions of his government in inviting foreigners is meant to serve the purpose of foreigners and Indian corporate houses.

It is worthwhile to mention here that Walmart for whom Indian government and specially the Congress Party is crying is not liked by even American in USA . Government of USA has permitted to open its retail chain only in rural areas , not in big cities like Newyork or Washington. On the contrary Indian government has permitted Walmart like companies to open their retail chain only in big metros and large cities .How farmers will be benefited is not clear to me . I expect Rahul Gandhi and his mother and his government led by Manmohan Singh will explain the same.

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  1. The country has been ruined by the ruling Congress Party. We have scams everywhere.

    The poor are getting more poorer and the politicians are getting more richer.

    Unless the people stand up and revolt corruption cannot be removed.

    We need more people like Kejriwal to challenge the government of its inability to root out corrupt politicians under its very nose.

    Rahul Gandhi is still a child and he has to learn more about politics?

    He is the mouth-piece of his mother Sonia Gandhi and has to talk her language.

    A. S. Bhasker Raj