Monday, November 5, 2012

Gadkari's Remarks on Vivekanand and Dawood

Some of Media men and some leaders of Ruling party are bent upon tarnishing the image of Bhartiya Janta Party and NDA rightly or wrongly , truely or falsely. And this is why they are trying to misinterpret any word or sentence uttered by leaders of BJP. There is no doubt such type of  media men and such leaders of Congress party are clearly misinterpreting the wording of Nitin Gadkari in a way which suits to the interest of the congress Party. 

Many times it has been observed that they have distorted the meaning of BJP leaders's statements willfully to tarnish their image. This is not healthy practice and such type f false character assassination must be stopped by media men and all politicians. 

Mud-slinging process initiated in recent past is not good for the health and image of the country and that for the Indian society . Even democracy is not safe in the hands of such mischievous media men and such politicians.

I illustrate my views by quoting the name of Ram and Ravan which are more often than not used by all saints and religious Gurus to explain their religious thoughts.

Vijay Dashmi' or 'Dusshera' is celebrated each year in India. On this day Ravan (an evil person or demon in Ramayana) was killed by the Lord Rama (Good king of Ayodhya in Ramayana). Rama was a great king. So it is the victory of good against evils. We have learnt from this festival celebrated in India. Evil never survives but gets a very evil end.

In human beings there are two forces resides in our mind. One is good that always bring positive thinking, helpful nature, learning will and loving habit. Whereas other force is an evil force that brings ego, selfishness and hating nature.
In 'Ramayana lord Ram was a good force and on the other hand Ravan was evil force.

In today’s world there co-exist these both force. It is a duty of good force to deteriorate that evil force completely so that good force can make heaven in earth. As lord Rama does in Ramayana.
So keep alive your Rama (good force) and burn your Ravan (evil force) in this holy day of 'Dusshera'.

Similarly Swami Vivekanand and Dawood represent good and bad qualities of a man as Ram and Ravan represent good and bad IQ of a man. If one takes unbiased approach on the statement made by Nitin Gadkari, one will find nothing wrong in comparison made by Gadkari. Obviously individuals, Media men and leaders of Congress Party who are pointing out accusing finger towards Gadkari for his statement of Gadkari on Vivekanand and Dawood are on wrong footing and prove that they are prejudiced and bent upon tarnishing the image of Gadkari by hook or by crook, rightly or wrongly. Attitude of media men who are accusing Gadkari are without any doubt are biased and ill –motivated.

Gadkari has in no way equated Vivekanand with Dawood, rather he has enlightened the difference between the two characters of human life. I hope most of saints usually cite the examples of Ram and Ravan for explaining qualities of a man and hence all those who are blaming Gadkari should reconsider their views and stop character assassination of Mr. Gadkari.

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