Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Stop Division Of Votes

Mr. Subramanium Swamy has rightly told that country needs to first remove Congress Party from rule and then only it can dream of bringing about change in system. All opposition parties have to understand the bitter truth of Indian voters shed their difference and contest next election jointly so that people of India can get rid of misrule of UPA. They have to search out a person like Jai Prakash Narayan who can bring all parties on one platform in the larger interest of the country who can ensure corruption free and pro-common men government.

That is why use to tell that persons like Ramdeo, Kejriwal, Anna Hazare, Kiren Bedi, V. K. Singh.all BJP leaders , all leftists should come together to voice their sound against the misrule of Congress . They should stop dissipating their energy by moving in different direction and plan a joint strategy to defeat Congress Party and stop division of votes.They should stop criticising each other and they should remain cautious from media men who have hatched a conspiracy to divide opposition of petty issues and keep them divided so that Congress Party may again win the election taking advantage of their anti-votes divided in various smaller regional parties and national parties.

As long as votes remain divided among several smaller parties one cannot dream of getting rid of misrule of Congress Party. They have to try to maintain discipline among themselves and stay away from media men who are trying to widen their differences in favour of Congress Party. Floating of new party will simply divide the votes of Congress Party and again there will possibility of coalition government.

India has to stop multi- party contest and ensure that the fight for Parliament is confined to two party contests or maximum three party contests. Political party which did not get even 10 percent of votes in last election should not be allowed to contest election for next Parliament, and such weak parties be advised to remain confined to their states only.

I would like to reiterate that Arvind Kejriwal and his team , Anna Hazare and his team and Ramdeo Baba and his team all are having good intention and they all are against corruption and relentless price rise . But they are moving without a practical strategy which can help them in removing bigger thieves from the system. They have to understand that when nine nine of percent in the political system or social and administrative system are corrupt , they have to compromise with smaller thieves to remove bigger thieves. 

They have to understand the conspiracy of Congress Party and Muslim vote lovers who are trying to keep national agenda below the agenda of their own self interest.

The real victory will emerge in the country only when well wishers of the country come together and save themselves from the trapping net thrown by corrupt politicians in the name of secularism or democracy.Real enemy of the country are those persons and parties who are dividing the society in the name of caste and community. Real victory for the country will precipitate only when all people of India treat them only as Indian and media stop using the petty incident to widen the gap between two communities and create social hatredness in the country.

Hindu or Muslim, Christian or Sikh , all are first Indians and they should try to remain so for good and for ever in the broader interest of unity and integrity of the country.

Congress Party has been making promises for welfare of SC and ST and Muslim voters for last six decades and more , they have spent billions of rupees every year in the past , still the position of them or backward caste or that of minority community remain pathetic even now. 

As such the fraudulent game of Congress Party leaders and Muslim vote lovers have to b understood in proper perspective by all Indians , keeping apart their caste and communal status.

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