Friday, March 13, 2015

Suggestion On Land Bill

Congress Party is doing dirty politics on Land Acquisition Bill presented by BJP in Rajya Sabha. In the same way other Non-BJP parties are also opposing the bill merely to defeat political agenda of BJP and puncture growth oriented projects of BJP led government . These parties are indulged in dirty and anti national politics in the name of farmers. The are opposing the bill for the sake of opposition. They do not have any valid logic nor any valid suggestion to make the bill more active, effective and judicious.

Congress Party knew very well when they were in the last leg of UPA rule that they are going to be defeated in forthcoming election. They framed such a bill which was totally anti-development and totally impracticable. Similarly they passed Food Security Bill when they were left with only a few days of rule . Congress Party did nothing for welfare of common men and for farmers for six decades of their rule but tried its best to win the last election by playing with sentiments of common men and farmers. Similarly parties like RJD, SP, BSP, JDU DMK etc which are fighting their last fight for survival are blindly polarising and joining hands with corrupt Congress Party to malign BJP led government at centre and to stop  Mr. MODI in performing well for common men.

Above two bills passed by UPA government are nether economically nor socially feasible and neither from administrative point of views the said bills turned acts cannot be put into effect. This is why many state government including that ruled by Congress Party opposed the act and wanted modification so that their work on infrastructure development is not hampered. Many state governments do not have adequate money power which may enable them to put the provisions of food security act into effect.

Congress Party ruled this country by making promises and promises only which were never fulfilled even during six decade long congress party rule.They talked of poverty alleviation but failed to reduce poverty of any common men . They talked of quota but did not generate any job opportunities and hence all talks of quota proved futile.

I however suggest BJP government to pass the bill after some practicable modification suggested by opponents. BJP should however not remove those provisions which may prove impediments in acquisition of land for development of rail projects, defence projects or affordable house for common men projects and other projects which are directed for welfare of common men..

Willingly or unwillingly ,Government will have to provide land , coal and other important minerals to industrialists at minimum prices so that products manufactured by them are made available in the market at affordable price. And to stop misuse of these scarce resources by corporate for earning extraordinary higher profits ,there should be regulating bodies on corporates who have been provided cheap resources to stop unwarranted and unreasonable rise in prices. GOI will have to provide water, food, house, education  to all common men at affordable price .

Further to shut the mouth of opposition party members in Rajya Sabha , BJP government can introduce a provision in the bill which will enable various state governments to amend the act as per needs and as per likings of people of that state. In this way all disputable and controversial provisions may be left for state governments to bring about necessary modification .

GOI may suggest tender process for acquisition of land for bigger projects or allow private corporates to buy piece of land as per their suitability slowly and gradually so that market price of landed property does not rise at accelerated speed. and so that it does not become unaffordable for common men.

GOI will have to give some discretion to state government to take care of farmers in the states because each state has its own priorities . Some states are contributing more farm products and some are producing industrial products. Some are backward in education and some are advanced. Some states have more mineral resources and some have very little. As such some powers have to delegated or invested in state governments too to amend the Land acquisition process suitable for the state.

After all Congress Party had also passed bill related to FDI  in retail sector in which discretionary powers were given to state government to decide whether they liked FDI in retail for their state or not.

In this way , at least BJP led state government can keep the bill intact and perform better if BJP think that the bill is growth oriented. And to compete with BJP led state governments, sooner or the later Non-BJP governments will also fall in line and finally it will be victory of common men who are eagerly awaiting Achhe Din  to come to their life.

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                   My Comments  dated  16th March 2015 are given below

All India Bank Employees Association , AIBEA has decided to oppose Land Reform Bill of Bhartiya Janta Party BJP led NDA government .They say that it is anti-farmers and anti poor . AIBEA is meant for welfare of bank employees and entire leftists are meant mainly for welfare of working class. Unfortunately they could do nothing satisfactory for employees for last five decades.
Even wage hike for bank employees could not match to expectation of bank employees and the pathetic agreement which took place during last  four-five settlements have brought the status of bank staff down from High Wage Islanders to Bottom Wage Earners in India. Unions which could not protect bank staff should not dream of protecting the interest of farmers .
Dirty political campaign has been launched by frustrated  political parties like Congress Party , RJD, SP, BSP, JDU  against ruling party BJP at centre is purely due to their humiliating defeat in last election for Parliament and for some State Assemblies. These selfish parties are not at all worried for farmers or for poor villages. They want to malign BJP by hook or by crook and dethrone BJP from power and nothing else. They could nothing for poor though remained in power for six decades in the name of poor and downtrodden.

Entire politics of Congress Party was on poverty but poverty in India has instead of decreasing has increased during their rule. Entire politics of RJD, SP, BSP and JDU was for poor farmers, but farming was crushed in the state of Bihar .Obviously ongoing opposition to land bill blindly is  neither in the interest of political parties in opposition camps nor good for farmers and Indians as a whole. Media men add fuel to fire and never take the pain to suggest right course of action on any critical issue.
AIBEA as such should not try  maligning the good work of the government at least now . If they are really pro-farmers, they should seek the opinion of at least 100 farmers in any village then say what is good and what is bad . They should stop blindly opposing the land bill and suggest what course of action is needed for making the bill better and for suggest ways for easy ,comfortable , hassle free and pro-farmers course of action for acquiring land growing infrastructure, for affordable homes for common men, for power generation projects and for defence and rail projects. Opposition parties are opposing Land Bill for the sake of opposition without suggesting best course of action .
Why AIBEA thinks it better to follow the lines of Congress Party and parties like RJD, JDU, SP, BSP  against Land Bill and why bank union think it wise to follow ill-motivated their line of action blindly ?
 Is it beneficial for bank staff too? or AIBEA represents farmers too?
Do they want to add fuel to fire in the country as media men are doing ?
Do they feel , media men or AIBEA , that Land Acquisition act passed by Congress Party led UPA government at the fag end of their rule is pro-farmer and pro growth?

Congress Party did not amend the land act 1894 for six decades of their rule and why did it think wise to amend the same only at the fag end of their rule ? This is dirty politics of Congress Party which need to be understood by all.
Do AIBEA feel that any growth can take place under  provisions of  land bill passed by previous government?
Do they think that status of farmers will improve if their land remains barren due to poverty? Ninety of percent of so called farmers are engaged in labour works or migrating to town and cities for getting unskilled jobs. Land of such farmers is not used for years and decades. If such unused land is acquired by government for development of many public welfare projects , what is harm in it?
Government does not want to stop farming and should not acquire land which is used for farming until it is unavoidable , say it comes in way of rail projects or defence projects or rural housing schemes. One must make effort to compensate such farmers with alternate farming land and with adequate monetary help.
I therefore urge AIBEA leaders ,Please do not copy the media propaganda or Congress party dirty politics saying that the Land bill is pro-corporate and anti -farmers.
In India several colleges of higher education is opened only by rich people acquiring farmer's land or residential land only and the same is now useful for sons and daughters of all Indians including that of farmers, traders, and corporates. So far as corporate and rich class people are concerned they can send their wards to foreign countries , they can buy hundreds of homes at any cost, they can go to foreign countries for treatment and so on. In India so many nursing homes are opened by corporate houses and the same may be on farmer's land at some places but the same are used by families of farmers also. Hundreds of apartments have been constructed in farm's land by builders all over the country in nexus with politicians ruling this country , circle officers and Sub-Registrar of the area.

It should also be kept in  mind that government run schools, colleges, hospitals and public sector undertakings did not yield desired results and hence need of private participation became the need of the hour to have public private competition.
Ninety  percent of land are owned by farmers in India and they become very happy when railways or Airlines, any industrial projects announce their arrival in their area. As soon as it is known to villagers that government is going to acquire land for power plant or for developing hospital or any big industry , it opens many opportunity for villagers including farmers. Even if any corporate house decides to start an industry in any village , cost of land in that village rise many times and poor farmers become rich overnight without doing any real business and they get immense other benefits when any industry comes in their area.
But all these require land if any growth has to take place in their area. If all big projects are allowed only in towns and cities, people will cry against pollution and over crowding in town. Not only this , same leftists will then say that the government is not taking care of poor villagers life and accuse government of forcing villagers , farmers and poor people to migrate from village to towns and cities.
It happened in West Bengal in recent past  which did not allow corporate to enter in West Bengal . It is the state of West Bengal where left parties  ruled for more than three decades and where Industrial relation was disturbed every now and then in the name of employees welfare. As a consequence many business houses shifted their business to other states like Gujarat and Maharashtra .Many lost jobs in West Bengal and many opportunities for job were lost due to dirty politics by left parties during seventies, eighties and nineties. and also in 21s century .
Even Mamta Banerjee a leader of common men did not permit Tata for Nano project and which resulted in loss to Bengalis in many aspects including job opportunities. Now the same Mamta is searching corporate houses and inviting them in WB for industrialisation . Jyoti Basu realised after thirty years of rule that his government committed blunder by not supporting corporate and business houses to do business in west Bengal and by failing to make environment conducive for industrial growth. In the same way, states like Bihar, Jharkhand, Orrisa are backward in many respects and this is undoubtedly due to dirty politics of regional parties and that of Congress Party. Now people of these states which includes farmers, students, patients have to go to other states for better life.
I therefore urge AIBEA, media men, and all opposing parties stop their dirty politics against BJP and start thinking what is really good for farmers as well as for growth. We have to thinks ways and means to stop misuse of power and misuse of land after acquisition. We have to think for adequate compensation to land owners. We have to think how to stop corruption in land acquisition and delay in distribution of compensation. We have to stop corrupt business houses or politicians who misuse their power to exploit farmers. and so on.......

Last but not the least , I would like to say her that Parliament is manned by educated , talented, experienced and best individuals of the area they represent . Similarly state Assemblies are manned by best individuals and chosen by voters of that area in democratic way. They are called as Member of parliament or Member of State Assemblies, in short,MP  or MLA. These elected representatives are supposed to think for people of their area, discus, debate and formulate best plan and pass best acts suited for their area, for the state and for the country.

But can anyone say that these educated representatives ever discuss any bill in Parliament or in state assemblies to arrive at consensus and to ensure benefits for Indians as a whole?

Biter truth is that none of the bills are debated and discussed in Parliament as they are supposed to be. Normally party introduce the bill in Parliament and is passed by voice vote. If  there is any possibility of  majority going against the bill , normally ruling party issues whip for party MPs and similarly opposing parties issues whip for opposing it. There is no culture of debate and discussion to arrive at consensus on any bill. And this dirty culture of opposition for the sake of opposition has ruined the fate of Indian citizen. Elected representatives are divided in two camps , one is blindly supporting and another is blindly opposing.

If this is the situation prevalent in Parliament and State assemblies, how one can dream of consensus of farmers on acquisition of any land in an area. Opponents of land bill who advocate that consensus of farmers should be obtained before acquisition of any land , should visualise the situation which is likely to happen in such cases in villages at the time of seeking views of farmers on land acquisition.

When political party can issue whips for members forcing them to vote either against or in favour of any bill, local land mafias will force farmers to stop land acquisition or to accept the same strictly as per the whims of  these land mafias. Poor farmers will be exploited by big farmers as local money lenders have been exploiting poor villages when they go to them for money in time of crisis. Opponents of land bill should also keep in mind that local mafias even take their share in all types of subsidies, financial help and other social welfare schemes of the government only due to their muscle power and money power.

Bank unions who claim that they are representatives of bank staff never collected the opinion of bank staff before arriving at any wage settlement with Indian Bank association. How can they advocate collection of farmer's view in all cases of land acquisition. When AIBEA talk with IBA on wage issues , they never try to seek the opinion of bank staff , how can they suggest the same course of action for farmers.

Congress Party Chief Ministers during their rule in various states  have allotted vast areas of land to kith and kin of their MPs including that to  Vadhera. Majority of MPs and MLAs have got land at negligible rate for opening private colleges, farm houses, building real estate, retail marts, nursing homes and so on during the rule of Congress Party in every nook and corners of the country.

Majority of politicians associated with these parties   are now billionaire. Can anyone say How? How Vadhera became owner of property worth 300 crores in five years without doing any real business ? How is it possible that farm houses of politicians are created without buying land of farmers?

Politicians like Mulayam Singh, Lalu Yadav or Mayawati  has been doing politics only for their families and hence they do not deserve any sympathy. These so called well wishers of farmers are simply shedding Crocodile Tears for farmers, they are rather looters of farmers and exploiters of poor Indians. Their true character has bEen exposed in last election and voters voted them out to a great extent.  

I hope media men , opposition parties and bank unions who are opposing Land bill blindly should come forward with their ideas on Land bill in public domain and prove how do they think BJP formulated land bill is a lose venture.


  1. Mr jain, aap apne rights ke liye toh govt se fight kar Nahi paye chale hain farmers ke liye amendment Karne..... Remember the English proverb that " Charity begins at home" ..... So keep your mouth shut.