Thursday, June 14, 2012

Controversy on Candidature for President of India

There is no alternative to Dr. A P J Kalam for the post of President of India.

Congress Party and UPA willingly or unwillingly will have to accept the candidature of Mr. Kalam.

If BJP dream of Advani for the post , it will fail to acquire required number of votes and further to add fuel to fire ,allies of UPA as also that of NDA will be divided on his candidature. 

As a result of BJP pushing Advani, Congress Party and UPA will gain from division in votes of NDA and UPA allies and get success in electing Pranab Da as President of India.

I hope NDA will extend categorical support to Dr. Kalam and in such position Congress Party will reluctantly support Kalam to save the image of UPA

Left parties will neither support Somnath Chatterjee nor Manmohan Singh or Pranab Da or Mr. Advani as appears from their current stand. However votes of left are of little significance in present situation.

If Congress Party feels itself trapped in a critical situation, Congress party will try to trap Mulayam , Mayawati and left parties in their fold but perhaps fail. Finally Congress Party will plan a new strategy to opt for Somnath Chatterjee to appease Mamta for survival of the government. 

In such situation, possibility of consensus candidate will be impossible and there may be fight between Kalam supported by NDA and Somnath supported by UPA. Uncertainty will however continue because some of the parties may abstain from votes.

All above possibilities are possible only when Mr. Kalam agrees to offer his candidature for the post.

There will however be little controversy if UPA and NDA jointly decides the candidature for the post of President of India and in such case importance of regional parties will lose their shine and they will stop their efforts without any delay.

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