Saturday, September 1, 2012

Hate Speech Given BY Raj Thakre

This refers to Hate speech given by Raj Thakre in Mumbai , threatening to expel Biharis from the state of Maharashtra.

Is there anyone in the government either in state government or in central government who can take appropriate action against Raj thakre for his wrong statement against Bihari resident in Mumbai?

Is Raj Thakre like person not dangerous for unity and integrity of the country?

Every Indian must ponder over this question 

"Who is more dangerous for the country ---Raj or Kasab?"

How much time is needed for government to take punitive action ?

Either media is wrong in projecting Raj Thakre or Raj Thakre is wrong . Either of two deserves punishment in the interest of the country.

I put a simple question ----Is government meant only to torture and trap all those who speak against corruption of the government?

Mr. R. R. Patil Home Minister in Maharashtra State government has assured yesterday on 1st of September 2012 that his government is conducting investigation into alleged hate speech given by Raj Thakre and necessary action will be taken if the hate speech shown on TV channels on 1st of September are found correct. He has further stated that no one is above law.

Now we have to test the statement of such clever politicians and media is duty bound to follow it till the logical end of the matter.

How long people of India will bear with TV negativity or the negative attitude of politicians?

As I remember Raj Thakre has given similar hate speech many times in past few years and all the time government of Maharashtra has given similar assurances but did nothing to contain Raj Thakre and to teach him a lesson so that a message may go all over the country that the government is active and effective against law breakers. 

Unfortunately nothing has been done so far. 

I would like to say if hate speech given by Raj Thakre and projected and debated on TV by expert politicians and intelligent people of TV media were all wrong and were and are simple misinterpretation of speech of Raj Thakre, then  I am of the  strong opinion that all such media men should be taken to task immediately , without any delay.

There is no doubt that role of media must be positive but unfortunately in India they are mostly negative in their approach and it is they who propagate negative news all the time . As such media men must be punished severely if it is found that Raj Thakre was not wrong in his speech but it was only media which projected and twisted his speech in a manner which provoked resentment all over the country especially in North India and in Bihar.

Anyone who indulges in Hate speech which creates animosity among various groups of persons of the country or which has the potential of disturbing the harmonic relation among various communities and various class of people and which may jeopardize the unity and integrity of the country must be treated as Anti national and hence severely punished without mush loss of time.

India needs adequate conduct rules for media men too and there should be provision for stringent action against media men found indulged in divisive activities.

Last but not the least , politicians ruling the country must stop their vote bank politics and learn to treat criminals and evil doers as law breakers and law violators only .Any interference any sympathy with evil doers for temporary gain may cause permanent damage to the secular fabric of the country.

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