Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Shameful Fight in Parliament

Elected Members of Parliament should keep in mind that they are voted to enter in Parliament to legislate laws which may provide safety, growth and good image of the country. 

They are not meant to play Kabaddi in Parliament and always think of winning the battle from their opponents..Fight in Parliament  speaks about the nature of standard of our elected representatives and malign our image in the world.

They are elected to ponder over whether any bill serves the purpose of common men or not but they unfortunately always think whether credit will go to BJP or Congress Party. 

Supporting or opposing any bill in Parliament should be based on ideology, principles and ultimate gain and loss to Nation. 

Unfortunately in the name of democratic principles or Supremacy of Parliament , Members of Parliament in general are playing dirty game of weakening MPs of other side.

MPs have neither respect for democratic principles or for Parliament, 

Parties are ready to amend Constitution and ready to go against the Supreme Court order disallowing reservation of SC  ST in Promotions. A few MPs want to win the heart of SC ST, a few others want to win the heart of Non SC ST.

It is well known to all that despite all such dirty politics of blind appeasement to Muslims and SC ST ,Congress Party has failed to improve the status of SC ST or that of  Minority community.

Now the bitter truth that even administrative officer or police officers are afraid of taking action  against members of SC ST and Muslim community even if they are found to be indulged in crime.

Congress Party understands very well that court will not allow passing of such bills which violates the basic structure of the Constitution. Still their malicious intention is to attract votes of SC and ST by saying in favour of them and malign the image of those who oppose the amendment of Constitution.

Congress Party is in fact targeting two birds with one stone.. Congress Party has diverted the minds of common men, media men and members of opposition parties from corruption to controversial issue of reservation in promotion. . Similarly in the recent past they projected the issue of Narendra Modi to divert the mind from the pain of price rise to secularism.

Members of Ruling party at Centre are not interested in what is good and what is important for the country, they are not bothered if there is civil war among various caste and communities, they are least bothered for real welfare , they are only interest in division of vote banks of other parties and consolidation of own vote bank. 

Such dirty politics based on vote mathematics has completely damaged the social harmony and corrupt activities of congress party are adding fuel to fire.

As such reports by Washington Post or that by Times Magazine is not wrong as media men or Congress leaders are projecting.

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