Thursday, December 6, 2012

Corruption Free India

Ajit Pawar ex deputy CM of Maharashtra has been acquitted of charges of corruption in a period of less than three months without undertaking any investigation or inquiry process or any judiciary action. 

In the case of Robert Vadra also Haryana government gave a clean chit to Mr. Vadra in a fortnight. 

If all cases of corruption is decided in similar manner I think load of judiciary will come down to zero. Work of police department and CBI will also be reduced to a great extent. Government departments, banks, PSU and insurance companies are closing the files of corrupt babus and corrupt officials by taking bribe.

Government should be congratulated for such quick closure of files pertaining to charges of corruption and it is now appropriate to declare India corruption free. 

GOI should ask all state government and district officials to display large size hoarding on every chowk that India is perfectly free of corruption and all charges of corruption against ministers and high profile officers are decided in a period of not more than three months.

Court and police departments, CBI and all other investigating agencies will have limited work of torturing common men and extracting money from them. Mafia, local goonda elements, musclemen will have now free hand to recover Dadagiri tax as per their whim , give some shares to minister to get clean chit and have brotherly relation with local government. This is India.

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