Saturday, November 22, 2014

Media Men On Rampal Episode

There are some media men who are continuously trying to malign entire community of saints, babas and spiritual gurus of the society of various sects and religions especially that of Hindus after the exposure of Baba Rampal . There is no doubt that Baba Rampal crossed the limit of a saint and has tarnished the image of a saint by indulging in illegal activities in the name of humanity and religious Samagams. Asharam Bapu also tarnished the image of saint and reportedly indulged in sexual exploitation of followers. Similarly Nirmal Baba has also been cheating his followers by promising to cure the sickness of followers in his own style. There are many saints who in the name of religion cheated followers in the past and who have been are cheating their followers in current days too. But it does not mean that the entire community of saint are curse on the society.

Rather it is saints and religion of mankind who provide relief to lacs and crore of people who suffer in various hardships. Not to speak of common men , even ministers and Prime Ministers have imposed faith in such saints and sought the blessings of saints of their choice to achieve their targeted goal. Ministers and politicians of all parties use to visit Samagams of various saints to seek their blessings. If in future it is proved that a particular saint was cheater and indulged in evil works , it is not the fault of visitors.

After all, it is the image of a saint which attracts and pulls crowd towards it. Late Indira Gandhi also became victim of Chadra Swami during her tenure of PM. All human beings including stars and ministers are swayed away by sentiments and faith in religious values. Clever saints as also politicians many times try to exploit these sentiments to serve their vested interest in immoral and illegal ways. There is no doubt in it that all evil persons including saints and politicians must be punished for their evil works and entire community or class should not be blamed for heinous work of few individuals. Government has to develop system which keep close watch on all activities of the society in tactful way and properly monitor them to nip evil elements when they are in bud stage.

Even when doctors fail to cure the pain of a sick person it is only saint who provide relief only by few good words of faith in God. A few fraud minded persons and cheaters who in disguise of saint play foul game with his followers cannot be allowed to stop the good work being done by numerous really good and pious saints who devote their entire life on the welfare of mankind. No one has the right to blame entire saint community or babas or maulvis.

There are many media men who give wrong , false and biased news after taking illegal money . There are many journalists who have taken franchise of publishing paid news without caring for the safety and security of the country and common men. Many journalists misuse freedom granted to them by democratic principles and are habituated to torture and tarnish even good performers just to please their political patrons. On the contrary ,There are good journalists too in the field of media who do many good jobs and who expose ugly works of so called popular leaders. As such it will be unwise to blame entire media community for evil works of few journalists.

Doctors are suppose to serve sick persons but they commit fraud by stealing kidney or forcefully and illegally performing unwarranted and avoidable surgical operation to earn money from ailing persons. Many Doctors have been found to be casual in their work and accused to causing death to patients. But it does not mean that entire Doctor community is ill-motivated. All doctors who commit crime in eyes of law must be punished in no loss of time.

Bankers are supposed to lend money to weaker section and to business houses to do social welfare activities as well as to increase profit of the bank , But few bankers are indulged in making money for them and their families and it is they who contributed bad assets to a great extent. But can anyone blame entire banker community for present sickness of public sector banks?

We remember how a personal security guard of Indira Gandhi killed her in her own house. It just not say that all security guards are unreliable. There are many teachers who during the course of teaching developed illicit relation with the students and many of them even raped girl child. Such incidents come to light in all towns and cities . But it does not force us to conclude that all teachers are unreliable.

Police force is meant to provide safety and security to citizen of the country. But many police personnel misuse their power and exploit money from people who go to them for redressal of their grievances. Police more often than not, torture good citizens and support bad ones for earning illegal money in their style. But still there are many more good police personnel who are exercising their duty faithfully and devotedly for the safety of people of their areas.

Many political leaders ,ministers and important persons of the country who are reckoned as good leaders in their field are also found to be indulged in illicit relation with woman, indulging in forced sexual relations, and commit moral sin during their course of public relation. But can we say that all politicians and all ministers and all public representatives are unreliable and cheaters?

Ministers and important political leaders of the country are found to be indulged in corruption and have looted lacs of crores of rupees of public fund. Ministers and public servants have caused loss to the tune of lacs of crores of rupees to various departments. Even then we cannot blame entire community of government servants or ministers for crime committed by few public servants or ministers. It is the duty of the government to weed out such evil persons and suitably punish them .

There are many domestic servants who have been found guilty of committing sexual crime with children of the home they served or found guilty of stealing costly goods of the house. For such mischievous servants , no one has right to abuse and accuse entire servant community. Many judges in courts are found guilty of having illegal sexual relations or earning illegal money in awarding judgement in favour of bribe giver. There are good or bad persons in every society , every groups and very organisations in all countries.

Need of the hour is to say spade a spade. It is the duty of state or central government to make such a strict arrangement of audit and inspection that all evil persons are punished in shortest span of time. For this purpose government have to provide adequate quality manpower and favourable infrastructure to all police stations, courts, CBI and all departments which are assigned the duty of finding out criminals and punishing them after completing due course of actions in this regard.

GOI have to create adequate and perfect public information system, crime detection system and judicial system to punish really criminals without any bias to caste, community , region or religion. GOI will have to stop discriminatory treatment and have to send a message by real action all over the country that there is no leniency in punishing to crime doers.

Similarly media men who work as agent of some party or the other and who are agent of some caste or community should stop their evil motivated campaign against saint of particular community and exempting that of other community. Politicians who play dirty politics on all incidents merely from vote angle should also be discarded and condemned by right thinking citizens of India. There are black sheep in all fields and it is the duty of all responsible persons and institutes to trap them in net and ensure that they are taken to task without affecting good people of the country.

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