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Why Bank Staff Are Annoyd With UFBU

I personally feel pleasure in presenting excellent article on my blog (link given below ) written by Sri Naresh Bansal for the benefit of  all bankers specially thousands of young bankers and We Bankers who are active on Facebook . I salute Mr. Naresh Bansal who has at least tried to clear many confusions and misinformation injected into the minds of  bank employees who joined the bank during last five to ten years and who are not having adequate knowledge  of intricacies of Bipartite Settlement and that of CPC.

Confusion arises only when leaders keeps all developments secret and confined to them only. It is their duty to appraise their members about various hidden points of the settlement  . In olden days there used to be unit secretaries or state secretaries who used to conduct periodical meetings of members and explain filed level staff  from time to time and also used to issue circulars periodically to make the members abreast of all progress they achieved in bipartite talks with management. I agree all information cannot be shared during ongoing wage talk, but clarity can be ensured by periodical meetings.

Unfortunately, during last two years , this aspect has been ignored. Bank staff  who work in villages, town and cities are not aware of what is happening on the issue of wage settlement and what is the real meaning of Pay Slip Rise or Overall rise in Settlement. It s only due to lack of clarity , confusion grows , misinformation spreads and anger takes ugly turn. Now in the age of various social networking sites like Facebook, angry young bankers add fuel to fire. Two years have already passed after the date BS is due and hence frustration and anger against leaders is nothing but natural.

As such it is praiseworthy that at least after two years of  wage talk , one person has come forward  and submitted some clarification on facebook to clear rampant Myth and Confusion among  bank staff  .

Not to talk of young bankers or new generation bank staff , there are several office bearers , senior officers and mature leaders of various trade unions spread in town and cities who do not understand the meaning of CPC or Pay slip rise, or wage load or pension fund etc. It is bitter truth.

Leaders of Unions sitting in big cities and metros to a great extent have become second side of same coin which is represented by Management. There are many leaders who simply speak the language of management. Some leaders exploit their post to torture bank staff and to please some of their flatterers. Culture of flattery has become the way of life not for only bosses but for union leaders too. Some of them are indulged in bribery too. Some are busy in saving some of their colleagues who are accused of committing fraud or doing bad lending. These so called leaders think that their duty is only to make new entrants in banks as their members and hence they do not forget in making member. The problem faced by members is left to whims and fancies of top officials of bank . Top bosses also think it wise to keep a few leaders happy so that they may rule and exploit bank staff as per their choice .This culture has annoyed many bank staff, not only freshers but also old guards who have spent decades in bank.

In modern era of trade union activities, bank staff can talk comfortably with his branch head or Regional Head or Zonal Head or even  ED or CMD . But is very difficult for a bank staff to talk to any General Secretary or office bearer of any union for redressal of any grievance.

I therefore appeal to trade union leaders to try to take their followers into their confidence and do not allow them to be confused with rumours or spread confusion in social sites. They should introspect to find out the reason why young bankers or we bankers are annoyed with leaders of UFBU. They should try to understand why members do not actively participate in demonstration or in N0-cooperation agitation or avoiding late sitting etc. They should try to understand why do they prefer becoming Yesman of their immediate boss of higher authorities instead of depending on trade union leaders. They should find out why common bankers think it wise to bear with all steps of injustice of the management .They should discover why bank staff do not think  it safe to share their problems with their leaders. 

They should try to allay all doubts and confusion of aggrieved bankers by frequent meetings, local debates and discussion, state level meetings  and written circular .

I once again salute the writer of above mentioned article and I hope many others who have better idea and better knowledge about wage settlement will submit their views in the interest of bank staff  and to maintain rock strong unity of bank staff.

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