Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Dream of 5 Days Week In Banks

I am unable to understand why people are focusing on introduction of five days week in public sector bank   whereas most of them are actually working 7 days a week.

Many officers have to work 12 hours a day and do not have time to spare for family. Still officers and staff in general are dreaming of 5 days week which is nothing but daydream. 

Need of the hour is first to ensure that officers are not humiliated, abused and misused . 

Officers in general will be more happy if they are at least allowed to go home after 6 pm and not disturbed in Sundays, holidays and during late night.

Most of the members of this group think that a few lines written here on facebook will achieve their goal of five days week. They are perhaps not aware of attitude of their union leaders who talk the language of management and are least bothered of demand and aspiration of bank staff .

  • I think they , bank staff will have to come forward first to stop reign of injustice and reign of terror let loose by top bankers and second they will have to assess the honesty and integrity of their union leaders who pretend to be well wisher of banking staff community but are mostly concerned for their own friends, relatives and a few colleagues of their caste and community or their state or their towns . they more less work in nexus with top bank executives and enjoy hotels and spend lavishly by fund created for union activities by bank staff.

  • They have to resist whimsical transfers and whimsical rejection in promotion processes because such arbitrary attitude results in frustration and depression among existing work force.

  • Management and union leaders jointly and strategically  decide to give promotion to a few members of their choice, to manage choice transfers for a few officers and  by reducing the punishment of few officers .              And in turn these favoured officers take the task of dividing the officers community and diluting the intensity of officer's movement for 5 days week or their movement against injustice.                                                                                BY this divisive approach only, management in nexus with union leaders could succeed in cheating lacs of bank staff who had to pay for buying 2nd option of pension during 9th Bipartite settlement.

  • They have to stop campus hiring which is directly affecting adversely the career of existing staff. 

  • They have to resist recruitment in higher scale at the cost of promotion opportunities of existing staff. 

  • They have to resist bad lending because when major chunk of bank assets goes bad, there will be sharp fall in profit of each bank, and hence hope of higher wage hike will be non-achievable. 

  • They have to expose their colleagues who are most corrupt and who use to sanction loan to unscrupulous loan seekers by taking bribe and thus cause rise in volume of bad assets and erosion in bank profit and finally who tarnished the image of bank staff as a whole.They have to motivate those few staff who do not work devotedly during working hours and thus earn bad name of bank staff.

  • They have to resist political exploitation. Lending on the verbal or telephonic recommendation of top bankers , government officials and ministers have contributed bad assets and spoilt the work culture in banks.This culture has to be changed to keep banks healthy .

  • They have to resist opening of new and new branches without adequate manpower in existing branches.They have to force bank management and the government of India to stop non banking business like insurance, mutual fund selling of gold etc  due to which quality of reabl banking is moving from bad to worse.
  • and so on ----------------------

Of course I too like there should be 5 days week in bank .Many private companies, private banks, RBI, Central government offices and many public sector undertakings , educational institutes , regulating and investigating agencies , Constitutional institutes, judiciary have already adopted 5 days week in their organisation. 

Still government willfully treat bank staff step motherly. This is only due to the fact intensity of fighting attitude of bank staff union or officers association has declined to a great extent. Union leaders are no more as militant as they used to be before nineties.Many union leaders are working in collusion with top bankers . Union leaders appear to be protector of bank staff but they are in fact protector of corrupt bankers only.

Keeping this bitter ground reality I think the concept of 5 days week is nothing but wondering in dreamland.

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