Sunday, June 1, 2014

Honesty in Examination, Recruitment, Promotions And Postings

It is a matter of immense pleasure that our PM has extended his good wishes to successful students of CBSE board exams. I however like to request PM of India to order CBI inquiry into marking system prevalent in such exams. I doubt there is hidden scam. Examiners do not examine the copy seriously and put marks as per whims. It is not possible for a student to get 100 out of 100 marks in all subjects. It is not possible for students to get even 90 percent marks. 

It is known to all that students who do not possess enough knowledge also get more than 90 percent marks in CBSE or ICSE board exams whereas students of state boards are not in a position to get even 60 percent marks. This enable students of CBSE or ICSE board associated school student to get preferred admission in schools of higher education whereas students of government run schools and colleges are rejected. It is not true that all students of state run schools getting  60 percent marks are inferior to students of CBSE boards getting more than 90 percent marks.

This discrimination is totally unjustified and I have no doubt that students of CBSE and ICSE exams are fraudulently and with malicious intention of teachers of these schools are given higher marks even though students are weak and do not deserve such higher marks. This discrimination and decade long scams must be stopped and teachers who sell the marks must be brought to task. It is true that some of students are really brilliant and deserve higher marks but in general all students getting more than 90 percent marks are eligible for it.

Government should order checking of 100 copies of each district or each state by unbiased examiner of other government run schools and if it is proved that marks given to a student of CBSE or ICSE exam has got no linkage with what has been written by students in their copies, such examiner and .school teachers must be punished without delay in larger interest of standard of exams.

I hope Modi sarkar will look into ongoing fraud in recruitment and promotion processes in mostly all banks, departments associated with various ministries, PSUs, and all schools and colleges associated directly or indirectly with government, court, police stations etc. Candidates who pay bribe or who are linked with some higher bosses and top officials are getting recruitment even if he or she is weak and incompetent. Similarly officers and employees who are number one flatterers and bribe earners get quicker promotions in comparison to real performing employees and officers. 

Government of India will therefore have to make efforts to ensure justice with Human Work Force right from their beginning of life and ensure same in their career in different capacities of job.Honesty and transparency in admission in schools,marking in various examinations,  recruitment in job, promotions in service career and transfers and posting is urgently needed to make strong and growing India.Government will have to stop politicians and VIPs misusing their status in school admission, recruitment, promotions,posting and transfers.

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