Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I Fully Endorse Views of Kiren Bedi

I fully endorse the opinion of Kiran Bedi. The Prime target of Team Anna was to have strong Lokpal Bill in place to fight out Corruption or to reduce the level of corruption. If ruling party does not exhibit its willingness to pass the bill, it proves its malicious intention. Ruling Party UPA has absolute majority and it can pass any bill in Parliament, it can pass strong Lokpal too . Despite all protest it passed Nuclear Bill though no benefit has accrued out of it till now. But it does not like to do so. It uses CBI to torture those who oppose the arbitrary, dictatorial and corrupt activity of the Congress Party.

 So far as BJP or NDA are concerned, this group of parties are  undoubtedly better than Congress party and its group UPA.At least common men were happy during the rule of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. People of states like Gujarat,Bihar and Madhya Pradesh are happier than that of other Congress Party ruled states 

It is only media which has projected BJP as communal. In fact it is congress party which is the worst kind of communal party. Several Hindu Muslim riots took place  during rule of Congress Party and the most devastating was Sikh Riot which erupted after the sad demise of Indira Gandhi in 1984. latest is the riot which took place in ASSAM and which disturbed other states too.

On the issue of price rise too, prices of all commodities start rising as soon as Congress Party comes to rule .School Fee , college fee, medical charges , cost of house all have become so mush costly that common men cannot imagine of these for their children and family. Pain of common men has assumed its unbearable proportion.

In the matter of corruption too, congress party has broken all past records of corruption. BJP run state government are performing better than all state governments. I need not enlighten elaborately on this issue because even children now talk of wide spread corruption in the system and they too abuse present ruling government. Elders may have some biased or some love for Congress Party due to many prejudices with BJP or other parties or due to their traditional association with Congress Party but the mind of children is normally unpolluted, unbiased, innocent and honest.

And the most important is that without the support of political party any movement cannot get the desired success. Any individual or any group or any political party cannot be expected fully and perfectly free of corruption. We have to choose a better option among available options. We have to distinguish between Khira Chor and Hira Chor. Keeping in view the bitter truth of all political parties , we may find BJP or NDA better.

Last but not the least , it will take decades for Team Anna to form a all pervasive political party which all India network of devoted honest workers and then win the general election. It is not easy to mobilise required fund to run a political party and to ensure that all workers associated with it are truly honest and disciplined.

As such to achieve the goal of strong Lokpal at the earliest Team Anna has therefore to seek the support of BJP led NDA and then only ruling UPA have a fear in mind of getting defeated. As soon as fear of defeats is created, ruling party will start giving weightage to Team Anna as also other political parties supporting the movement against corruption or price rise.

Since Congress Party knows very well that all opposition parties are divided into various small groups on false ground of secularism or socialism or something else the leaders of Congress Party do not give desired important to pious fight launched by Team Anna or Ramdeo team against Corruption and Balck Money. 

Congress Party has adopted the policy of ‘Divide and Rule ‘and hence Team Anna should also learn lesson from them and try to safeguard their followers from the divisive statements of current ruling party .It is therefore prudent for Team Anna or Team Ramdeo not to make all politicians their enemy.

It is not necessary for Team Anna to take direct support of BJP or any opposition party, it is not necessary for them to merge with any party but it is the very much necessary to have indirect support to change the attitude and response of ruling government on movement launched by Team Anna against Corruption. It is very much necessary for Team Anna not to Dissipate and Waste their energy and time in formation of separate political entity and dilute their fight against Corruption.

It is necessary for Team Anna to target the key enemy first which is Congress Party and which party has been ruling this free India for decades .It is need of the hour to  teach a lesson to present ruling party by adopting the policy of  tit for tat. Team Anna has to focus on one and only one agenda , that is Corruption , corruption and corruption only and nothing more. 

All Problems like that of price rise, black money, unemployment , terrorism will automatically be solved when Indian politics and Indian administration get rid of  the devil of  CORRUPTION

Further as soon as Strong Lokpal is passed and it becomes effective, it will create a fear in minds of all evil doers, all persons and all groups equally , they may  belong to BJP or Congress Party or any other party. Corruption will end or reduce to minimum level as soon as fear of punishment is created in the mind of law breakers is created. It is seen , as soon as a strong IPS officer or strong dry honest Deputy Commissioner join any district , criminal fly away from the district and all departments start functioning for the comfort of dwellers of the district.

We have seen how T. N Seshan created change in the system in the capacity of Election Commissioner and We have seen how dare devil Vinod Roy as CAG has been consistently exposing the bitter truth hidden in the corrupt system. 

If the leader of any country is honest and effective, he ensures others to follow the suit. If the system is strong and is without any loopholes, it will invariably function effectively and honestly.

It is unfortunate in India that criminals do not fear Judiciary and police; rather they use them for their self interest and in trapping persons who oppose their evil acts.

Media men and advocates of democracy and Parliamentary system  who consider them and Congress Party as the only protector of democracy should remember the days of emergency under the misrule of Late Indira Gandhi .

Persons who accuse BJP of disrupting Parliament must read an article given below written by Yashwant Sinha MP BJP and published in Economic Times Today on 29th August 2012

Kiran Bedi fires salvo at Arvind Kejriwal, wants Anna Hazare to step in

Kiran Bedi seeks Anna Hazare's direction in faction-ridden anti-graft crusade


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