Saturday, February 8, 2014

Role of LG Delhi And Arvind Kejriwal On Jan Lokpal

Leaders of traditional political parties are trying to fool person like Arvind Kejriwal, Chief Minister of Delhi by hook or by crook. They are trying their best to destabilize Delhi government and not ready to wait even for a few months to assess and ascertain the working capacity of Aam Admi Party in Delhi.  They all are jointly trying to tarnish the image of Aam Admi Party by their fabricated, concocted and false allegations and by their illogical statements. 

On the contrary Arvind Kejriwal and his ministers are rightly and sincerely adamant on their line of action, it may be on Jan Lokpal Bill or other issues. Kejriwal will definitely get success because he is doing for common men, because he and his supporters are working day and night for the welfare of voters. 

Leaders of BJP and Congress Party are fighting war of words , playing on ground of history or preaching sermons or promising to give some freebees from the treasury of the government whereas leaders of AAP are truly and honestly doing all possible works in the interest of common men. Language and line of action adopted by leaders of AAP may be different and may be sometimes abnormal and intolerable but intention of them is good and is in the interest of common men. There is no doubt in it that common men like such lines of action, such attitude and such language.

As such leaders of AAP will win the race sooner or later and those leaders of old parties who are plying Kabaddi to dethrone AAP on flimsy ground will be rejected by intelligent voters. Some clever and shrewd leaders of Congress Party may have expertise in media management or in exploitation of administrative machinery for self interest but they may not win the hearts of common men by fraud and falsehood.

Debate on TV should be on issues and on problems of common men but unfortunately promoters and media men are also agents of some or the other political parties. They are also not unbiased and not truly realistic as they are supposed to be. 

When Arvind Kejriwal or for that matter Ashutosh says that LG Of Delhi Mr. Nawab Jung is working as agent of Congress Party. I am not at all astonished by such statement and I do not find any fault in it. It is well established culture of Governors appointed by ruling party like Congress Party. Head of CBI or CVC or even judges in High courts more often than not act as per whims of leaders who are in power. This is why CBI head is termed as parrot by Supreme Court.

It is open secret that majority of Governors and majority of all VIPs who are sitting on key posts or who are working as Constitutional heads in some office or the other are appointed by Congress Party from among loyalists of Congress Party only and it is but natural that these dignitaries will work as agent of Congress Party. 

When Mr. Shiv Raj Patil lost the confidence of people of India due to his failure in handling terror attack, Congress Party removed Mr. Patil from the Post of Home Minister and after time posted him as Governor.If a leaders is defeated in Lok Sabha election, Congress Party oblige such person by giving them Ticket for Rajya sabha or given attractive post in public sector undertakings.

When Mr.Pranab Mukherjee served Congress Party for more than five decades and was a fit candidate for the post of PM of the country, High Command of Congress Party picked him for the post of President of India with a motive to pave the way for Rahul Gandhi for the post of Prime Minister. It is well known that the President of India which is a constitutional post and which is reserved for unbiased and non political person. But how can a person like Pranab Mukherjee remain unbiased when every drop of his blood is made of Congress culture. 

Similar is the attitude of Mr. LG of Delhi and he is undoubtedly working as agent of his mentor party. There is no exaggeration in Kejriwal or Ashutosh terming LG as agent of Congress Party.

It is the culture of congress party to appoint their party loyalists who fail to win the election for the post of directors of PSUs or Banks or as head of some other departments. Congress Party gives respect to flatterers and not performers and not who serves in his or her constituencies devotedly. Congress Party gives ticket to them who are rich and who can afford the huge expenses in election even if he is with criminal background. It will therefore be foolish to expect logical good stand on any issue. They do not believe in democracy or secularism, they believe in Gandhi family and Yesman culture only. They do not believe in Mahatma Gandhi or Sardar Patel, they worship person who worship Sonia or Rahul blindly. Followers of Congress Party do not like person like Arvind Kejriwal or Ashok Khemka or Ramdeo who talk of honesty and who are bent upon fighting against corruption and black money.

I salute Kejriwal and his followers in AAP and I salute Mr. Narendra Modi and his party BJP ,Bhartiya Janta Party who are trying their best to remove Congress Party from power and remove all corrupt persons from top post. They are making all best possible efforts to expose the hollowness of secularism propagated by Congress Party. They are trying to puncture and deactivate traditional cards like caste card, quota card, loan waiver card etc used by Congress Party to win the election. In the past too, Mr. Jai Prakash Narayan had tried to oust the Congress Party from and got success in empowering Janta Party to rule the country and there s no doubt that BJP and AAP will get success in their line of action.

Sooner or the later voters of this country will understand the deceptive and divisive attitude of Congress Party and think for person who think for growth , real growth and growth of common men not only corporate.

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