Friday, April 17, 2015

Opposition Parties And Media Should Restrain Them On Foreign Matters

Anti India and Pro-Pakistan slogans by Masarat and Hurriat people and hoisting of Pakistani flag on Indian land must be condemned by every Indian. It is very much disheartening and disappointing that leaders of Congress Party in particular and all Anti-BJP parties are busy in criticising BJP without taking care of image of the country.
Opposition parties make hue and cry on domestic issues , it may be healthy sign of democracy but if they indulge in dirty politics on even issues related to foreign affairs and specially issues related to Pakistan,it  is not at all good for the country. There is no example available in the history of world that political parties of a country favours act of enemy country . It is in India only that political parties for their vested interest do not hesitate even in supporting enemy country to malign domestic ruling party.

Even media men do not hesitate in criticising all acts of BJP even if the news and debate on their TV goes against the interest of the country. They do not hesitate even in disclosing secrets of defence or sharing any intelligence input  with enemy country. Whenever IB gives inputs of threat of terror attack on any corner of the country, media men invariably explain all details on TV and helps terrorist to change their plan. They are concerned for their TRP only. This is the reason that terror attack always occurs at place not known to IB or any intelligence agency. Terrorist are never caught alive only due to the fact that media men make them safe by telecasting all plans of our country and informing all steps of army to enemy by enlightening elaborately all plans of the police and armed forces formulated to counter terror attack..

 There is no doubt that  PDP is working  hand in glove with these separatists called as Masarat or Hurriat conference. . Congress Party and NC indirectly promoted anti-national activities during their rule and failed to create love in the minds of Kashmiris for India. Pakistan took advantage of it and promoted anti-India culture in India. There are many others who are supporting separatist forces from remote sitting in the country itself. Govt. must keep eye on all activities of these anti-national folks and stern action without any delay must be taken to save country from anti -national forces and to save the image of party BJP as also to sustain the  trust of Lovers of the country.

Congress Party which spoilt the culture of the country and which made the country unsafe by vote banks policies cannot be trusted . Other parties like RJD, JDU, SP or BSP can go to any extent to tarnish the image of the country. Please save the country from such selfish politicians. Any delay in action may reduce popularity of BJP and Mr. Modi. There are many persons like Musarat in Jammu and Kashmir who are inclined towards Pakistan and who are closely associated with hard core terrorists like Hafiz Sayeed. Love for Pakistan in the minds of Musarat like persons  is not the creation of a few months , it is the result of long drawn conspiracy hatched by enemy country like Pakistan and hidden support extended by Indian politicians who are working in disguise.

Politicians like Digvijay Singh who was abusing BJP for  release of Musarat from jail, for not arresting or delaying  arrest of Musarat for his anti-national activities is now shamelessly asking PDP led government why and under what section Mr. Musarat 'Saheb' has been arrested. Mean mind and selfish politicians like Digvijay Singh can seek the support of even Pakistani leaders to malign Mr. Narendra Modi or to dethrone Modi  from power. They tried their best to malign Modi on secular ground for twelve years after Gujarat riot and even misguided USA government to prevent issue of Visa to Mr. Modi.
Now they are  very much perturbed when Mr. Modi is being appreciated and praised by world leaders like  USA president or Chinese President. These leaders have been rejected by Indian voters . Still they have not learnt lesson from their defeat. Similarly persons like Lalu or Mulayam who have been totally rejected by voters are bent upon tarnishing the image of Mr. Modi or BJP rightly or wrongly. These leaders have no love for the country, they love Chair, power , money and post only.

Leaders of Congress Party and National Conference tried their best to form government in the state of Jammu and Kashmir . But when they failed and BJP got success in forming government in coalition with PDP, they are abusing BJP of forming government with PDP. Dirty leaders of these parties have double edged sword in their hand to kill BJP for all its actions. They are putting all possible  hurdles in passing of Land bill only because they have majority in upper house. All defeated political parties have one and only agenda and that is to defeat Mr. Modi by hook or by crook , even by sacrificing the interest of the country.  
                                                          I reiterate that delay in taking stern action against Masarat and his followers who are involved in anti national activities may prove very harmful and may slowly spread to other parts of the country.

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