Friday, April 24, 2015

Dirty Politics On Farmer's Suicide

Mr. Kejriwal Today accepted his mistake of not stopping rally after tragic death of Gajendra Singh. But he repeatedly tried  to put blame on Mr. Modi and others for rise in suicidal case of farmers. He suggested Media to stop hair splitting of this Gajendra Singh episode and focus on how to reduce instances of farmers committing suicide. Zee media suggested him to present his party view in Parliament through four MPs of AAP and stop politics of rally , Dharna and that of putting blame on others . Mr. Kejriwal did not like to respond questions related to his insensitiveness on death of a farmer during his party rally and in front of his party men.

If Mr. Kejriwal is really serious on issue of pain of farmers who have been  suffering for decades  due to natural calamities or due to damage of crops, or due to wrong policies ,he should focus on this issue only and not try to put carpet on his mistake or on wrong stand taken by his party men on the issue of Gajendra Singh death. and not try to divert the attention of the country from fault of his party to BJP promoted  Land bill for political advantage.

The issue of land bill for acquisition of land is entirely different from cases of suicides committed by farmers during last few years. Majority of suicide reported in news during last few years are not due to Land Bill of  BJP. Mr. Modi has just submitted Land Bill and his government has not acquired any portion of land during last one year. If Mr. Kejriwal is having any case of farmer committing suicide due to snatching of his land by any government , he should come forward with details and then find out who are those politicians, government officers and which are theose political parties who are responsible for such torture and inhumane act on farmers. The habit of Mr kejriwal to point out accusing finger always towards BJP and Mr. modi is no at all justified and proper.

Unfortunately Mr. Kejriwal and his party is doing dirty politics as other Non-BJP parties are doing in the name of farmers . If he is really serious on Land bill he should present his party's opinion in Parliament where all MPs of all parties duly elected by Indian voters are available for discussion and debate.  He should ask his party MP to prepare for it and try to sit together with others in Parliament to make appropriate laws for welfare of farmers. All Parties who consider them as well wishers of farmers should honestly present their ideas in Parliament. It is praiseworthy that Prime Minister Mr. Modi has openly Invited suggestion from all parties on the floor of Parliament.

I think Mr. Kejriwal and his party men will stop blaming police men or media men or BJP leaders or Mr. Modi for tragic death of Gajndra Singh in Delhi during his party rally. Mr.Kejriwal his supreme boss in his party and he is supposed to tell his associates and colleagues to stop blaming others. AAP should prove by action that his party is really borne to eliminate corruption. His party took birth to punish Congress men who were involved in various scams. He had joined team Anna and movement against corruption. He has cleverly forgot all stories of scams which he used to narrate before formation of his party AAP last year.

I hope Mr. Kejriwal will not behave like Lalu Mulayam,Mayawati, Rahul Gandhi or Diggy Baba.  He should first teach discipline to Mr. Ashutosh, Mr Khaitan and Mr  Sanjay whose improper behaviour caused split in the party and who badly tarnished the shining image of AAP.  For all pains of party ,real blame goes to its leader and none else. It is Mr Kejriwal who failed to eliminate corruption from his own party and hence he should stop preaching sermon for others.

Decision to commit suicide may be taken by farmers, students, public servants ,bankers , politicians,  male, female , lower caste or upper caste and person of all walks of life. It will be totally improper and ill-motivated to blame Land Bill of BJP for rising number of suicide by farmers. Rather well wishers of farmers or students or public servants should think why after all a person decide to end his life.

Why farmers in good number have committed suicide during last few years is a question to be answered before making of any law which is targeted to give comfort to farmers. Suicide may be because of loss of crop caused by unfavourable weather or due to draught or heavy rain or attack by worms and ants or may be due to critical disease.  A farmer invests his entire money and also  loan availed by bank and if his crop is damaged due to some reason or the other , he is totally shocked and unable to imagine a way to earn his livelihood. Government with the cooperation of all parties have to do some exercise to invent way and means to dilute or end the pain of such farmers . Only making noises or staging Dharna or stalling the proceedings of Parliament is not going to serve any purpose of farmers.

Similarly many students who fear failure in an examination or who fail to get job even after having good qualification, decide to end his life. Government has to ponder over it sincerely and try to create job opportunities and make farming a safe and profitable venture . And for all such works , government want land and capital .  All parties have to think how they can provide land and capital to business men who are interested to produce any goods or services. Land bill placed by BJP is a good step in this direction ,all parties have to cooperate BJP to frame the best Land acquisition Act.

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