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Modi Must Focus On Growth And Ensure Others To Follow

BJP under leadership of Sri Narendra Modi PM has promised for growth, targeted growth and has been moving in right direction for growth . It has Gained image all over the world. But few fundamentalists are using religion or using Hindu card or indulged in conversion of non-Hindu to Hindu .

I feel such acts should not be under pressure or under temptation of any help in cash or in kind but only by doing unprecedented work for downtrodden so that they are tempted to become true Indian and start follow you (BJP ). Otherwise debate on such religious issues will spoil future of BJP , the country and that of Mr. Modi.

Please avoid , rather ban caste or community based debates on TV. All Indians are simply Indians. Debate on TV or in Parliament on issue of converting based on religion tarnishes the image of the country . It dilutes the faith of NRIs and foreigners in our country . Mr L K Advani and BJP lost election in 2004 only due to Hindu card played by VHP and Bajrang dal. Please do not repeat the same blunder again.

BJP should try to convert caste or community centric persons to become true Indians. Only growth and development can give a true retort to so called secularists of previous regime and to so called secularists of Non-BJP politicians.
Indians and NRIs have great expectations from Mr. Narndra Modi PM and I hope Mr. Modi will prevail upon fundamentalists and stop all acts which indirectly or directly hurts the sentiments of one group or the other. Modi has earned good name and fame , has improved the image of the country in world forums, and have raised hope for all Indians. An environment conducive for flow of foreign money and for growth has been created by Mr. Modi during six months of his rule. Please not allow the atmosphere to be vitiated and polluted by persons like Giriraj, Adityanath or Sadhwi, Sakchi Maharaj, Togaria, Kataria, Ashok Singhal

Image gained in six months time of BJP rule has to be sustained and consolidated in such a way that unity and harmonic relation among Indians is not disturbed . Please do not give Congress Party like Non-BJP parties again to exploit voters in the name of secularism or quota or subsidy. Please do not create such position which will restore the rule of corrupt Congress Party or that of RJD or BSP or SP .

India wants development and only by this tool all segments of India will come together to support BJP rule this country.

Lastly I would like to say that a bad man is better than bad name. News appearing in newspaper or discussion going on in TV today on religious conversion in Agra may be false or true or fabricated or wilfully concocted by some conspirators against BJP. But such unwarranted discussion will surely spoil the image of BJP and create differences between different segments of society and widen the gulf between two communities. Such acts will prove dangerous and disastrous in long run.

Government must act on religion of humanity and not that of Hindu or Muslim or Sikh or Christianity. Religion is purely a personal matter and should be left fully on whims of individual . After all, all religions teach only service to humanity.Persons who do not understand the real teachings of religion only feel pride for his religion and hate for other's religion.

Constitution permits all to worship as per his or her choice. Secularism says that government has to be away from such matters.Let all individuals decide their God and place of worship .Individual may change it every day or worship all God or any God and adopt any or all religions. It is not the duty or right of any political party or media men to interfere in such matters.

Media should stop dirty politics of dividing the society on the disputed matters of caste and community. Media men should focus whether GOI is working or not. They should not change the growth agenda of the country .If media men stop debates on such disputed topics, it will not spread like epidemic. Similarly political leaders of opposition parties should discuss and debate on vital issues shedding all their personal ego and only then Parliament will be able to do some positive work, will pass important bills and do welfare work for poor and downtrodden.

I am unable to understand why some fundamentalists or self declared contractor of a religion , it may be that of Hindu or Muslim or Christian or Sikh, consider them as agent of God or franchisee holder of any religion. God is above all and not these agents are above God.
Further by framing an anti -conversion act, Government of India or an state government also do not have any right to curtail the freedom of any individual to worship any God of his or her choice which is given by Constitution.

BSP, Cong attack Centre on religious conversion in Agra-Times of India

10th December 2014
NEW DELHI: Opposition BSP and Congress on Wednesday sought to corner the government over the reported conversion of Muslims to Hinduism in Agra, saying changing religion by force and by allurement was illegal.
The government, however, washed its hand-off the issue saying law and order is a state subject.

Raising the issue, Mayawati (BSP) said RSS-affiliate Bajrang Dal converted some Muslim families to Hinduism in Agra by force and by allurement.

"This is a serious matter as allurement was given to poor to get them converted," she said, adding a similar exercise is planned in Aligarh by the month-end where Christians will be converted to Hinduism.

The Constitution, she said, guarantees religious freedom and it was responsibility of both the Centre and the state government to ensure safety of life, property and religion of all.
"The government should take serious note of the Agra incident ... strict action should be taken," she said, warning that such forced conversions will create and breed communal tension in the country.

Forced conversions should be stopped, she demanded as members from Congress, Left, TMC and SP joined her.

Deputy chairman PJ Kurien said the Chairman has admitted 15 zero hour notices.

"What can I do if all of you stand up and shout. There are zero hour notices with me, what do I do?" he said as Opposition members shouted 'Pradhan Mantri jawab do (Prime Minister reply)'.

Mayawati said the government should respond. Anand Sharma (Cong) said the government should be directed to give a clarification on the issue.

Minister of state for parliamentary affairs Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said FIR has been filed by the Uttar Pradesh government on the issue.

"Action has to be taken by state government. Law and order is a state issue and the state government has to deal with it. Centre has no role in that," he said.

He objected to RSS name being mentioned in the case saying it was not appropriate to take name of the organisation for "political reasons" and the Chair should expunge the same.

Misled into conversion, say Muslim families in Agra-India today

The 57 Muslim families in Uttar Pradesh's Agra district, who the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) on Monday claimed to have 'converted' to Hinduism, have said that they were misled by Dharma Jagran Samanvay Vibhag and Bajrang Dal activists into believing that the event was for BPL cards and not for religious conversion.

"We did not know anything about it. We were forced to convert our religion. We were promised that our IDs will be made. We were just asked to dress properly. The men were asked to wear skull caps," a woman at Madhunagar slum area of the city said.

The Bajrang Dal and the Dharma Jagran Samanvay Vibhag, an RSS offshoot, on Monday claimed to have converted the families into Hinduism at a 'Purkhon ki ghar vapsi' (Coming home of the ancestors) ceremony, where the right-wing groups said they were able to bring more than 200 Muslims "back to Hinduism".

The RSS and Bajrang Dal members had prepared a list of all the 'converts' to get their voter IDs and Aadhaar cards made with their new names, an event later defended by the BJP. "People shouldd be free to choose their own religion. If they have again adopted Hinduism, there is no harm," senior party leader Vinay Katiyar said on Tuesday.

What happened in Parliament over forced conversion issue?

The issue rocked Parliament on Wednesday with Bahujan Samaj Party supremo Mayawati hitting out at the NDA government over the issue. "Forced conversions will trigger communal tension in the country. The central government is responsible for this. The central and Uttar Pradesh governments must take this issue seriously. Communal forces must be stopped from doing such things," she said.

"If in a secular nation, focible religion conversion is taking place, the government must take action against the people doing this," senior Congress leader Manish Tewari said.
Minister of State for Minority Affairs, Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, denied the accusation of the RSS being involved, saying, "In my knowledge, an FIR has been registered over the issue. It is wrong to drag any organization into this due to political reasons." The RSS is the ideological mentor of the ruling BJP at the Centre.

Senior BJP leader Kalraj Mishra said, "This is not at all forcible if someone wants to change his or her religion on her own. Our constitution gives them that right, so what's wrong in it? It shows a deliberate attempt on the part of state government to make it an issue."

Reports also said the RSS is planning a larger conversion ceremony in Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh on Christmas, when it plans to convert nearly 4000 Muslims and Christians from the area into Hinduism.

Views of Mahatma gandhi On Religious Conversion
If Indian leaders pay any attention to what Gandhi ji said, they would implement strict policies against Conversions.  Gandhi ji was vehemently against Christian conversions, against any conversions.   In just last 8 years in Andhra alone, about 15% of people are converted to Christianity.    Smallest town that do not have a single church has hundreds today.  Tirupathi alone has 350 churches and almost all of them illegal!!!

Here is excellent compilation of Gandhi ji on conversions.

Compilation of Gandhi ji on Religions Conversions 

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