Thursday, August 2, 2012

Political Alternative Is Better Option

Decision or even idea of forming a political party by Team Anna will be a suicidal act. It is not easy to form a political party with national presence and afford expenses which are required for contesting general election. And if at all it is decided that Team Anna form a party they will have to collect donations in hundreds of crores of rupees and for this they will repeat the same corrupt practices as other parties are indulged in since long. 

Root cause of rising and widespread corruption in India is that political parties promote corruption for their vested interest, they give undue benefit to corporate and collect donations in lieu of that. Similarly service men purchase political support to continue their evil deeds. As such it is desirable for Team Anna to discard the idea of forming a party and instead they should seek support of existing political parties which are assessed by them as better than ruling party.

Best option is to search political alternative in the line of what Jai Prakash Narayan did in the past. Non_ congress party or Non-UPA political parties have to adopt a common agenda to fight out corruption and concentrate on the same at least for five years .

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